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Han Nian, Marcus Ang


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113-Jan-2021A pilot study investigating anterior segment optical coherence tomography angiography as a non-invasive tool in evaluating corneal vascularisationOng, Hon Shing ; Tey, Kai Yuan; Ke, Mengyuan; Tan, Bingyao; Chua, Jacqueline ; Schmetterer, Leopold ; Mehta, Jodhbir S. ; Ang, Marcus 
22012Aqueous Cytokine Changes Associated with Posner-Schlossman Syndrome with and without Human CytomegalovirusLi J.; Ang M. ; Cheung C.M.G. ; Vania M.; Chan A.S.Y. ; Waduthantri S.; Yang H. ; Chee S.P. 
317-May-2021Assessment of the Macular Microvasculature in High Myopes With Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomographic AngiographyWong, Chee-Wai ; Matsumura, Saiko; Htoon, Hla Myint ; Tan, Shoun; Tan, Colin S. ; Ang, Marcus ; Wong, Yee-Ling; Agrawal, Rupesh ; Sabanayagam, Charumati ; Saw, Seang-Mei 
42011Biocompatibility and biodegradation studies of subconjunctival implants in rabbit eyesPeng Y.; Ang M. ; Foo S.; Lee W.S.; Ma Z.; Venkatraman S.S.; Wong T.T. 
52019Case of isolated Rhizobium radiobacter contact lens-related infectious keratitis: A plant microbe now emerging as a human pathogenFenner, B.J.; Kumar, A.; Tan, N.Y.Q.; Ang, M. 
62019Clinical applications of optical coherence angiography imaging in ocular vascular diseasesWong, C.L.; Ang, M. ; Tan, A.C.S. 
73-Dec-2021Cost of Myopia Correction: A Systematic ReviewFoo, Li Lian ; Lanca, Carla; Wong, Chee Wai ; Ting, Daniel ; Lamoureux, Ecosse ; Saw, Seang-Mei ; Ang, Marcus 
82019Differential epithelial and stromal protein profiles in cone and non-cone regions of keratoconus corneasYam, G.H.-F. ; Fuest, M.; Zhou, L.; Liu, Y.-C. ; Deng, L.; Chan, A.S.-Y. ; Ong, H.S.; Khor, W.-B.; Ang, M. ; Mehta, J.S. 
914-Jun-2022"Endothelium-Out" and "Endothelium-In" Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) Graft Insertion Techniques: A Systematic Review With Meta-AnalysisOng, Hon Shing ; Htoon, Hla M ; Ang, Marcus ; Mehta, Jodhbir S 
102014Erratum: Evaluation of a prednisolone acetate-loaded subconjunctival implant for the treatment of recurrent uveitis in a rabbit model (PLoS ONE (2014) 9, 5 (e97555) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097555)Ang M. ; Ng X.W.; Wong C.; Yan P.; Chee S.-P. 
112016Evaluation of a Micro-Optical Coherence Tomography for the Corneal Endothelium in an Animal ModelAng, M ; Konstantopoulos, A; Goh, G; Htoon, H.M ; Seah, X; Lwin, N.C; Liu, X; Chen, S; Liu, L; Mehta, J.S 
122014Evaluation of a prednisolone acetate-loaded subconjunctival implant for the treatment of recurrent uveitis in a rabbit modelAng M. ; Ng X.; Wong C.; Yan P.; Chee S.-P. ; Venkatraman S.S.; Wong T.T. 
1319-Jul-2021Framework for quantitative three-dimensional choroidal vasculature analysis using optical coherence tomographySaxena, Ashish; Yao, Xinwen; Wong, Damon; Chua, Jacqueline ; Ang, Marcus ; Hoang, Quan, V ; Agrawal, Rupesh ; Girard, Michael ; Cheung, Gemmy; Schmetterer, Leopold ; Tan, Bingyao
147-Jun-2021Full circumferential morphological analysis of Schlemm’s canal in human eyes using megahertz swept source OCTYao, Xinwen; Tan, Bingyao; Ho, Yijie; Liu, Xinyu; Wong, Damon; Chua, Jacqueline ; Wong, Tina T. ; Perera, Shamira ; Ang, Marcus ; Werkmeister, Rene M.; Schmetterer, Leopold 
15Dec-2020Modified manual small incision cataract surgery technique for phacoemulsification-trained surgeonsTing, Darren SJ; Chua, Daniel; May, Khin Oo; Aung, Mya; Kumar, Ashish; Farook, Mohamed; Htoon, Hla M ; Sng, Chelvin CA ; Ang, Marcus 
162016Optical coherence tomography angiography in dural carotid-cavernous sinus fistulaAng, M ; Sng, C ; Milea, D 
17Aug-2023Posterior scleral birefringence measured by triple-input polarization-sensitive imaging as a biomarker of myopia progressionLiu, Xinyu ; Jiang, Liqin ; Ke, Mengyuan; Sigal, Ian A; Chua, Jacqueline ; Hoang, Quan V ; Chia, Audrey WI ; Najjar, Raymond P ; Tan, Bingyao; Cheong, Jocelyn; Bellemo, Valentina; Chong, Rachel S ; Girard, Michael JA ; Ang, Marcus ; Liu, Mengyang; Garhoefer, Gerhard; Barathi, Veluchamy A ; Saw, Seang-Mei ; Villiger, Martin; Schmetterer, Leopold 
181-Sep-2018Quantification of the Posterior Cornea Using Swept Source Optical Coherence TomographyWahlig, Stephen; Yam, Gary Hin-Fai; Chong, Wesley; Seah, Xin-Yi; Kocaba, Viridiana; Ang, Marcus ; Htoon, Hla Myint ; Tun, Tin A; Ong, Hon Shing; Mehta, Jodhbir S 
191-Apr-2021Rapid Myopic Progression in Childhood Is Associated With Teenage High MyopiaLanca, Carla; Foo, Li-Lian; Ang, Marcus ; Tan, Chuen-Seng ; Kathrani, Biten; Htoon, Hla Myint ; Tan, Donald ; Hoang, Quan; Brennan, Noel; Saw, Seang-Mei ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi 
201-May-2021Retinal photograph-based deep learning algorithms for myopia and a blockchain platform to facilitate artificial intelligence medical research: a retrospective multicohort studyTan, T.-E. ; Anees, A.; Chen, C.; Li, S.; Xu, X.; Li, Z.; Xiao, Z.; Yang, Y.; Lei, X.; Ang, Marcus ; Chia, A.; Lee, S.Y. ; Wong, E.Y.M. ; Yeo, I.Y.S. ; Wong, Y.L.; Hoang, Q.V. ; Wang, Y.X.; Bikbov, M.M.; Nangia, V.; Jonas, J.B.; Chen, Y.-P.; Wu, W.-C.; Ohno-Matsui, K.; Rim, T.H. ; Tham, Y.-C. ; Goh, R.S.M.; Lin, H.; Liu, H.; Wang, N.; Yu, W.; Tan, D.T.H. ; Schmetterer, L. ; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Chen, Y.; Wong, C.W. ; Cheung, G.C.M. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Liu, Y.; Ting, D.S.W.