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Shamira Asith Perera
Perera S.A
Perera, Shamira A


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A comparison of two approaches to managing acute primary angle closure in Asian eyesHo H.; Chew P.T. ; Sng C. ; Huang H.; Aung T. ; Perera S.A. 
22017A Rabbit Model Study to Determine the Efficacy of a Prototype Corneal Endothelium Protector during Cataract SurgeryChew, A.C.Y ; Chan, A ; Nongpiur, M.E ; Peh, G ; Barathi, V.A ; Lwin, N.C; Ong, C; Perera, S 
31-Jan-2019Aqueous shunts withmitomycin C versus aqueous shunts alone for glaucomaFoo, Valencia Hui Xian; Htoon, Hla M ; Welsbie, Derek S; Perera, Shamira A 
42016Bleb related infections: Clinical characteristics,risk factors,and outcomes in an Asian populationYap Z.L.; Chin Y.C.; Ku J.Y.-F.; Chan T.K. ; Teh G.; Nongpiur M.E. ; Aung T. ; Perera S.A. 
52015Clinical effectiveness of brinzolamide 1%–brimonidine 0.2% fixed combination for primary open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertensionSharma S.; Trikha S.; Perera S.A. ; Aung T. 
61-Nov-2016Distinct iris gene expression profiles of primary angle closure glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma and their interaction with ocular biometric parametersSeet, Li-Fong ; Narayanaswamy, Arun; Finger, Sharon N; Htoon, Hla M ; Nongpiur, Monisha E ; Toh, Li Zhen; Ho, Henrietta; Perera, Shamira A ; Wong, Tina T
72020Evaluation of intraocular pressure after water drinking test in patients with unilateral hemifacial spasmLow, J.R.; Wong, C.W. ; Loo, J.L. ; Milea, D. ; Perera, S.A. ; Lee, Y.F.; Ng, S.R.; Baskaran, M. ; Nongpiur, M.E. ; Tow, S.L.C. 
82016Feasibility study of sustained-release travoprost punctum plug for intraocular pressure reduction in an Asian populationPerera S.A. ; Ting D.S.W.; Nongpiur M.E. ; Chew P.T. ; Aquino M.C.D.; Sng C.C.A. ; Ho S.-W.; Aung T. 
97-Jun-2021Full circumferential morphological analysis of Schlemm’s canal in human eyes using megahertz swept source OCTYao, Xinwen; Tan, Bingyao; Ho, Yijie; Liu, Xinyu; Wong, Damon; Chua, Jacqueline ; Wong, Tina T. ; Perera, Shamira ; Ang, Marcus ; Werkmeister, Rene M.; Schmetterer, Leopold 
102021Handheld chromatic pupillometry can accurately and rapidly reveal functional loss in glaucomaNajjar Raymond ; Rukmini, AV; Finkelstein, Maxwell T; Nusinovici, Simon ; Mani, Baskaran ; Nongpiur, Monisha Esther; Perera, Shamira ; Husain, Rahat ; Aung, Tin ; Milea, D. 
112016Inter-eye comparison of retinal oximetry and vessel caliber between eyes with asymmetrical glaucoma severity in different glaucoma subtypesCheng C.S.M.; Lee Y.F.; Ong C.; Yap Z.L.; Tsai A. ; Mohla A.; Nongpiur M.E.; Aung T. ; Perera S.A. 
122-Nov-2014Local patch reconstruction framework for optic cup localization in glaucoma detectionXu, Yanwu; Quan, Ying; Huang, Yi; Tan, Nganmeng; Li, Ruoying; Duan, Lixin; Chen, Lin; Liu, Huiying; Chen, Xiangyu; Wong, Damon; Baskaran, Mani ; Perera, Shamira A ; Aung, Tin ; Wong, Tien Yin ; Liu, Jiang
132018Numerical stress analysis of the iris tissue induced by pupil expansion: Comparison of commercial devicesTan R.K.Y. ; Wang X. ; Perera S.A. ; Girard M.J.A. 
141-Sep-2018Pupillary Responses to Full-Field Chromatic Stimuli Are Reduced in Patients with Early-Stage Primary Open-Angle GlaucomaNAJJAR, RAYMOND P ; SHARMA, SOURABH; ATALAY, ERAY; RUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; SUN, CHRISTOPHER; LOCK, JING ZHAN; BASKARAN, MANI ; PERERA, SHAMIRA A ; HUSAIN, RAHAT ; LAMOUREUX, ECOSSE ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN 
151-Sep-2015Pupillary Responses to High-Irradiance Blue Light Correlate with Glaucoma SeverityRUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; MILEA, DAN ; BASKARAN, MANI ; HOW, ALICIA C ; PERERA, SHAMIRA A ; AUNG, TIN ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J 
162021Steady-State Pattern Electroretinography in Eyes with Glaucoma and High Myopia.Lim, Xian Hui; Nongpiur, Monisha Esther; Najjar, Raymond P ; Hoang, Quan V ; Milea, Dan ; Wong, Chee Wai; Husain, Rahat ; Htoon, Hla Myint ; Aung, Tin ; Perera, Shamira ; Wong, Tina Tzee Ling
172015The role of lens extraction in the current management of primary angle-closure glaucomaTrikha S; Perera S.A ; Husain R; Aung T