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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A Deep Learning Approach to Denoise Optical Coherence Tomography Images of the Optic Nerve HeadDevalla, S.K.; Subramanian, G.; Pham, T.H. ; Wang, X. ; Perera, S.; Tun, T.A. ; Aung, T.; Schmetterer, L.; Thiéry, A.H. ; Girard, M.J.A.
22018Biomechanical properties of bruch’s membrane-choroid complex and their influence on optic nerve head biomechanicsWang, X. ; Teoh, C.K.G.; Chan, A.S.Y. ; Thangarajoo, S.; Jonas, J.B.; Girard, M.J.A. 
32019Changes in the Anterior Lamina Cribrosa Morphology with Glaucoma SeverityTan, N.Y.Q. ; Tham, Y.-C. ; Thakku, S.G.; Wang, X. ; Baskaran, M. ; Tan, M.C.L.; Mari, J.-M.; Strouthidis, N.G.; Aung, T. ; Girard, M.J.A. ; Cheng, C.-Y. 
42018In vivo three-dimensional lamina cribrosa strains in healthy, ocular hypertensive, and glaucoma eyes following acute intraocular pressure elevationBeotra, M.R.; Wang, X. ; Tun, T.A.; Zhang, L. ; Baskaran, M. ; Aung, T. ; Strouthidis, N.G.; Girard, M.J.A. 
52018Modeling the origin of the ocular pulse and its impact on the optic nerve headJin, Y.; Wang, X. ; Zhang, L. ; Jonas, J.B.; Aung, T. ; Schmetterer, L.; Girard, M.J.A. 
62018Numerical stress analysis of the iris tissue induced by pupil expansion: Comparison of commercial devicesTan R.K.Y. ; Wang X. ; Perera S.A. ; Girard M.J.A. 
72019Variation of peripapillary scleral shape with ageTun, T.A. ; Wang, X. ; Baskaran, M.; Nongpiur, M.E.; Tham, Y.-C.; Perera, S.A.; Strouthidis, N.G.; Aung, T. ; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Girard, M.J.A.