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Joshua J Gooley
Gooley, Joshua J.
J. J. Gooley
Gooley, J.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Apr-2021A targeted e-learning approach for keeping universities open during the COVID-19 pandemic while reducing student physical interactionsYeo, Sing Chen ; Lai, Clin K. Y. ; Tan, Jacinda ; Gooley, Joshua J. 
2Feb-2013Antenatal Mental Health and Retinal Vascular Caliber in Pregnant WomenLi LJ ; Ikram MK ; Broekman BF; Cheung CY ; Chen H; Gooley JJ ; Soh SE ; Gluckman P; Kwek K ; Chong YS ; Meaney M; Wong TY ; Saw SM. 
31-Nov-2015Changes in Plasma Lipids during Exposure to Total Sleep DeprivationChua, Eric Chern-Pin; Shui, Guanghou ; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury ; Wenk, Markus R ; Gooley, Joshua J 
412-Feb-2019Chromatic Pupillometry Methods for Assessing Photoreceptor Health in Retinal and Optic Nerve DiseasesRUKMINI, AV ; MILEA, DAN ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J 
55-May-2023Chronotype and time-of-day effects on spatial working memory in preschool childrenJafar NKA; Tham EKH; Eng DZH; Rifkin-Graboi A; Gooley JJ ; Goh DYT ; Teoh OH ; Lee YS ; Shek LP ; Yap F ; Gluckman PD ; Chong YS ; Meaney MJ ; Cai S ; Broekman BFP 
618-Apr-2016Circadian gene variants influence sleep and the sleep electroencephalogram in humansChang, Annemarie; Bjonnes, Andrew C.; Aeschbach, Daniel; Buxton, O. M.; Gooley, Joshua J. ; Anderson, Clare; Van Reen, Eliza; Cain, Sean W.; Czeisler, Charles Andrew; Duffy, Jeanne F.; Lockley, Steven W.; Shea, Steven; Scheer, Frank A.J.L.; Saxena, Richa
71-Dec-2020Cognitive effects of split and continuous sleep schedules in adolescents differ according to total sleep opportunityLo, June C; Leong, Ruth LF ; Ng, Alyssa SC ; Jamaluddin, S Azrin ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Ghorbani, Shohreh ; Lau, TeYang ; Chee, Nicholas IYN ; Gooley, Joshua J ; Chee, Michael WL 
82016Cognitive performance, sleepiness, and mood in partially sleep deprived adolescents: The need for sleep StudyLo J.C. ; Ong J.L. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Gooley J.J. ; Chee M.W.L. 
92014Cohort profile: Growing up in Singapore towards healthy outcomes (GUSTO) birth cohort studySoh S.-E. ; Saw S.M. ; Tint M.T. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Stünkel W.; Holbrook J.D. ; Godfrey K.M.; Chan Y.H. ; Kwek K. ; Sheppard A.; Chinnadurai A.; Ferguson-Smith A.; Biswas A. ; Chia U.; Leutscher-Broekman B. ; Shuter B.; Cai S. ; Ngo C. ; Chng C.K. ; Chong S.C. ; Henry C.J. ; Chu M.C.; Chee C.Y.I. ; Goh Y.T.D. ; Bier D.; Ding C.M.; Fok D.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Peng Yap F.K. ; Yeo G.S.H. ; Meng Han W. ; Chen H. ; Van Bever H.P.S. ; Inskip H.; Magiati I. ; Kapur J. ; Richmond J.L.; Gooley J.J. ; Niduvaje K. ; Lee B.W. ; Lee Y.S. ; Singh L. ; Lim S.B. ; Daniel L.M. ; Loh S.F.; Low Y.-L.; Fortier M. ; Hanson M.; Chong M.F.-F. ; Meaney M. ; Morton S.; Pang W.W. ; Agarwal P. ; Qiu A. ; Quah B.L.; van Dam R.M. ; Stringer D. ; Rebello S.A. ; So W.C.; Hsu C.-Y.; Su L.L. ; Tang J. ; Tan K.H. ; Tan S.H.; Teoh O.H. ; Rajadurai V.S. ; Wong P.C.; Venkatesh S.K. ; The GUSTO Study Group; Anne Eng Neo Goh ; Jerry Kok Yen Chan ; Inez Bik Yun Wong ; Pei-Chi Lynette Shek 
101-May-2013Dietary disinhibition modulates neural valuation of food in the fed and fasted statesLee, Y. ; Chong, M.F.-F. ; Liu, J.C.J. ; Libedinsky, C. ; Gooley, J.J. ; Chen, S. ; Wu, T.; Tan, V.; Zhou, M. ; Meaney, M.J ; Lee, Y.S. ; Chee, M.W.L. 
111-May-2019Differential effects of split and continuous sleep on neurobehavioral function and glucose tolerance in sleep-restricted adolescents.Lo, June C; Twan, Derek CK ; Karamchedu, Swathy ; Lee, Xuan Kai ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Van Rijn, Elaine ; Gooley, Joshua J ; Chee, Michael WL 
1220-May-2014Diurnal regulation of lipid metabolism and applications of circadian lipidomicsGooley, J.J. ; Chua, E.C.P. 
13Apr-2023Early morning university classes are associated with impaired sleep and academic performanceYeo, Sing Chen ; Lai, Clin KY ; Tan, Jacinda ; Lim, Samantha ; Chandramoghan, Yuvan; Tan, Teck Kiang ; Gooley, Joshua JJ 
1420-Mar-2019Effects of low and moderate refractive errors on chromatic pupillometryRUKMINI, AV ; CHEW, MILTON C; FINKELSTEIN, MAXWELL T; ATALAY, ERAY; BASKARAN, MANI ; NONGPIUR, MONISHA E ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN ; NAJJAR, RAYMOND P 
152-Oct-2014Ethnic differences translate to inadequacy of high-risk screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in an Asian population: A cohort studyChong Y.-S. ; Cai S. ; Lin H.; Soh S.E. ; Lee Y.-S. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Chan Y.-H. ; Chen L.; Holbrook J.D.; Tan K.-H.; Rajadurai V.S.; Yeo G.S.H.; Kramer M.S. ; Saw S.-M. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Godfrey K.M.; Kwek K.; Agarwal P.; Biswas A. ; Bong C.L.; Broekman B.F.P.; Yen Chan J.K. ; Chee C.Y.I.; Chen H.Y.H. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Chia A.; Chinnadurai A.; Chng C.K.; Chong M.-F.-F. ; Chong S.C. ; Chua M.C.; Ding C.M.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Fok D.; Fortier M.; Goh A.E.N.; Goh Y.T.D. ; Gooley J.J. ; Han W.M.; Hanson M.; Henry C.J. ; Hsu C.-Y. ; Inskip H.; Kapur J. ; Lau I.Y.-M.; Lee B.W. ; Lek N.; Lim S.K.; Low Y.-L.; Magiati I. ; Daniel L.M.; Meaney M.; Ngo C.; Naiduvaje K.; Pang W.W. ; Qiu A. ; Quah B.L.; Rauff M.; Rebello S.A. ; Richmond J.L.; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Shek L.P.-C. ; Sheppard A.; Shuter B.; Singh L. ; Stunkel W.; Su L.L. ; Teoh O.H.; Tint M.T. ; van Bever H.P.S. ; van Dam R.B. ; Wong I.B.Y. ; Wong P.C.; Yap F. 
162014Good sleep and good health are natural bed partnersGooley, J.J. 
172014Individual differences in physiologic measures are stable across repeated exposures to total sleep deprivationChua, E.C.-P; Yeo, S.-C ; Lee, I.T.-G ; Tan, L.-C ; Lau, P ; Tan, S.S; Mien, I.H; Gooley, J.J 
181-Sep-2018Pupillary Responses to Full-Field Chromatic Stimuli Are Reduced in Patients with Early-Stage Primary Open-Angle GlaucomaNAJJAR, RAYMOND P ; SHARMA, SOURABH; ATALAY, ERAY; RUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; SUN, CHRISTOPHER; LOCK, JING ZHAN; BASKARAN, MANI ; PERERA, SHAMIRA A ; HUSAIN, RAHAT ; LAMOUREUX, ECOSSE ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN 
191-Sep-2015Pupillary Responses to High-Irradiance Blue Light Correlate with Glaucoma SeverityRUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; MILEA, DAN ; BASKARAN, MANI ; HOW, ALICIA C ; PERERA, SHAMIRA A ; AUNG, TIN ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J 
2031-Aug-2017Pupillary responses to light are not affected by narrow irido-corneal anglesRUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; NAJJAR, RAYMOND P ; ATALAY, ERAY; SHARMA, SOURABH; LOCK, JING ZHAN; BASKARAN, MANI ; NONGPIUR, MONISHA ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN