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Mary Daniel Lourdes
Daniel, M.
Lourdes Mary Daniel


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12010Academy of medicine, Singapore-Ministry of health clinical practice guidelines: Management of food allergyLee, B.W. ; Aw, M. ; Chiang, W.C. ; Daniel, M. ; George, G.M.; Goh, E.N.A. ; Han, W.M.; Lee, M.L.L.J.; Leong, K.P.; Liew, W.K. ; Phuah, K.Y.; Shek, L. ; Van Bever, H. 
217-May-2022Are There Bidirectional Influences Between Screen Time Exposure and Social Behavioral Traits in Young Children?Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Magiati, Iliana ; Phua, Desiree; Daniel, Lourdes M ; Shek, Lynette P ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Gluckman, Peter D; Meaney, Michael J ; Law, Evelyn C 
326-Oct-2016Characteristics and influence of home literacy environment in early childhood-centered literacy orientationSandra Sylvia Mascarenhas ; Rajesh Moorakonda; Pratibha Agarwal; Sok Bee Lim ; Sonoko Sensaki; Yap Seng Chong ; John Carson Allen ; Lourdes Mary Daniel 
42014Cohort profile: Growing up in Singapore towards healthy outcomes (GUSTO) birth cohort studySoh S.-E. ; Saw S.M. ; Tint M.T. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Stünkel W.; Holbrook J.D. ; Godfrey K.M.; Chan Y.H. ; Kwek K. ; Sheppard A.; Chinnadurai A.; Ferguson-Smith A.; Biswas A. ; Chia U.; Leutscher-Broekman B. ; Shuter B.; Cai S. ; Ngo C. ; Chng C.K. ; Chong S.C. ; Henry C.J. ; Chu M.C.; Chee C.Y.I. ; Goh Y.T.D. ; Bier D.; Ding C.M.; Fok D.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Peng Yap F.K. ; Yeo G.S.H. ; Meng Han W. ; Chen H. ; Van Bever H.P.S. ; Inskip H.; Magiati I. ; Kapur J. ; Richmond J.L.; Gooley J.J. ; Niduvaje K. ; Lee B.W. ; Lee Y.S. ; Singh L. ; Lim S.B. ; Daniel L.M. ; Loh S.F.; Low Y.-L.; Fortier M. ; Hanson M.; Chong M.F.-F. ; Meaney M. ; Morton S.; Pang W.W. ; Agarwal P. ; Qiu A. ; Quah B.L.; van Dam R.M. ; Stringer D. ; Rebello S.A. ; So W.C.; Hsu C.-Y.; Su L.L. ; Tang J. ; Tan K.H. ; Tan S.H.; Teoh O.H. ; Rajadurai V.S. ; Wong P.C.; Venkatesh S.K. ; The GUSTO Study Group; Anne Eng Neo Goh ; Jerry Kok Yen Chan ; Inez Bik Yun Wong ; Pei-Chi Lynette Shek 
517-Jul-2023Concurrent validity of the ages and stages questionnaires with Bayley Scales of Infant Development-III at 2 years - Singapore cohort studyAgarwal PK ; Xie H; Sathyapalan Rema AS; Meaney MJ ; Godfrey KM; Rajadurai VS ; Daniel LM 
624-Jan-2022COVID-19-Related Life Experiences, Outdoor Play, and Long-term Adiposity Changes Among Preschool- and School-Aged Children in Singapore 1 Year After LockdownSum, Ka Kei; Cai, Shirong ; Law, Evelyn ; Cheon, Bobby; Tan, Geoffrey; Loo, Evelyn; Lee, Yung Seng ; Yap, Fabian ; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen ; Daniel, Mary ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Meaney, Michael; Eriksson, Johan ; Huang, Jonathan
73-Aug-2022Fetal sex-specific epigenetic associations with prenatal maternal depressive symptomsKee M.Z.L. ; Teh A.L.; Clappison A.; Pokhvisneva I.; MacIssac J.L.; Lin D.T.S.; Ramadori K.E.; Broekman B.F.P. ; Chen H. ; Daniel M.L. ; Karnani N. ; Kobor M.S.; Gluckman P.D. ; Chong Y.S. ; Huang J.Y. ; Meaney M.J. 
88-Jan-2021Income disparity in school readiness and the mediating role of perinatal maternal mental health: a longitudinal birth cohort studyLaw, EC ; Aishworiya, R; Cai, S; Bouvette-Turcot, A-A; Broekman, BFP; Chen, H ; Daniel, LM ; Gluckman, PD; Shek, LPC ; Tay, SKH ; Chong, YS ; Koh, GC-H ; Meaney, MJ 
91-Jul-2022Investigation of metabolomic biomarkers for childhood executive function and the role of genetic and dietary factors: The GUSTO cohortHuang, Jian; Law, Evelyn ; Karaman, Ibrahim; McCrickerd, Keri; Fogel, Anna ; Chong, Mary FF ; Daniel, Lourdes Mary ; Silveira, Patricia Pelufo; Chong, Yap Seng ; Eriksson, Johan G ; Meaney, Michael J ; Huang, Jonathan 
103-Feb-2023Maternal preconception circulating blood biomarker mixtures, child behavioural symptom scores and the potential mediating role of neonatal brain microstructure: the S-PRESTO cohortHuang J ; Tan AP ; Law E ; Godfrey KM; Qiu A ; Daniel LM ; Fortier M ; Tan KH ; Chan JKY ; Cameron-Smith D; Chong YS ; Chan SY ; Eriksson JG ; Meaney MJ ; Huang J. 
1118-Jul-2023Multigenerational adversity impacts on human gut microbiome composition and socioemotional functioning in early childhoodQuerdasi FR; Enders C; Karnani N; Broekman B; Yap Seng C ; Gluckman PD ; Mary Daniel L ; Yap F ; Eriksson JG ; Cai S ; Chong MF ; Toh JY; Godfrey K; Meaney MJ ; Callaghan BL.
124-Jan-2024Parental and child genetic burden of glycaemic dysregulation and early-life cognitive development: an Asian and European prospective cohort studyHuang J; Kee MZL ; Law EC ; Sum KK; Silveira PP ; Godfrey KM; Daniel LM ; Tan KH ; Chong YS ; Chan SY ; Eriksson JG ; Meaney MJ ; Huang JY 
131-Dec-2017Positive maternal mental health during pregnancy associated with specific forms of adaptive development in early childhood: Evidence from a longitudinal studyPhua D.Y.; Kee M.K.Z.L.; Koh D.X.P.; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Daniels M. ; Chen H. ; Chong Y.S. ; Broekman B.F.P. ; Magiati I. ; Karnani N. ; Pluess M.; Meaney M.J. ; Agarwal P. ; Biswas A. ; Bong C.L. ; Cai S. ; Chan J.K.Y. ; Chan Y.H. ; Chee C.Y.I. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Chia A. ; Chinnadurai A. 
142020Severity of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and early childhood neurobehavioural outcomes: The Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes studySyn N.L.; Chan S.-Y. ; Chia E.W.Y.; Ong W.X.; Phua D.; Cai S.; Shek L.P.C. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Daniel L.M. ; Broekman B.F.P.; Godfrey K.M.; Meaney M.J.; Law E.C. 
1516-Aug-2019Television viewing and child cognition in a longitudinal birth cohort in Singapore: the role of maternal factorsAishworiya R ; Cai S ; Chen HY ; Phua DY; Broekman BFP ; Daniel LM ; Chong YS ; Shek LP ; Yap F ; Chan SY ; Meaney MJ ; Law EC