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1Apr-2021291 Impact of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) on postnatal growth and cognition of very low birthweight infantsLee, Le Ye; Lim, Tammy SH ; Tan, Michelle LN; Aw, Marion Margaret ; Najduvae, Krishnamoorthy; Law, Evelyn C 
217-May-2022Are There Bidirectional Influences Between Screen Time Exposure and Social Behavioral Traits in Young Children?Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Magiati, Iliana ; Phua, Desiree; Daniel, Lourdes M ; Shek, Lynette P ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Gluckman, Peter D; Meaney, Michael J ; Law, Evelyn C 
31-Jun-2022Associations of maternal periconceptional alcohol consumption with offspring prehypertension/hypertension at age 6 years: the Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes prospective mother-offspring cohort studySadananthan, Suresh Anand ; Michael, Navin; Tint, Mya Thway ; Thirumurugan, Kashthuri; Yuan, Wen Lun ; Ong, Yi Ying ; Law, Evelyn ; Choo, Jonathan ; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Shek, Lynette ; Fabian, Yap ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Vickers, Mark; Godfrey, Keith M; Gluckman, Peter D; Chong, Yap Seng ; Fortier, Marielle ; Lee, Yung Seng ; Eriksson, Johan G; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Moritz, Karen; Velan, S Sendhil; Wlodek, Mary E
41-Apr-2014Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Young Children: Predictors of Diagnostic StabilityLaw, Evelyn C ; Sideridis, Georgios D; Prock, Lisa Albers; Sheridan, Margaret A
51-Nov-2015Child maltreatment syndrome: demographics and developmental issues of inpatient casesNgiam, Xin Ying; Kang, Ying Qi ; Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Kiing, Jennifer; Law, Evelyn Chung Ning 
61-Jun-2006The complexity of antisense transcription revealed by the study of developing male germ cellsChan, Wai-Yee; Wu, Shao-Ming; Ruszczyk, Lisa; Law, Evelyn ; Lee, Tin-Lap; Baxendale, Vanessa; Pang, Alan Lap-Yin; Rennert, Owen M
724-Jan-2022COVID-19-Related Life Experiences, Outdoor Play, and Long-term Adiposity Changes Among Preschool- and School-Aged Children in Singapore 1 Year After LockdownSum, Ka Kei; Cai, Shirong ; Law, Evelyn ; Cheon, Bobby; Tan, Geoffrey; Loo, Evelyn; Lee, Yung Seng ; Yap, Fabian ; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen ; Daniel, Mary ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Meaney, Michael; Eriksson, Johan ; Huang, Jonathan
824-Dec-2021Development of a Supportive Parenting App to Improve Parent and Infant Outcomes in the Perinatal Period: Development StudyShorey, Shefaly ; Tan, Thiam Chye ; Thilagamangai ; Mathews, Jancy; Yu, Chun Yan; Lim, Siew Hoon ; Shi, Luming ; Ng, Esperanza Debby ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Law, Evelyn ; Chee, Cornelia ; Chong, Yap Seng 
930-Jan-2004EGF-like growth factors as mediators of LH action in the ovulatory folliclePark, JY; Su, YQ; Ariga, M; Law, E ; Jin, SLC; Conti, M
102021From Alien Zoo to Spy School: A Preregistered Study of Linguistic Sound Symbolism and its Links to Reading in 8-year-oldsLaw, Evelyn Chung Ning 
112020Gut microbiota changes in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic reviewHo L.K.H.; Tong V.J.W.; Syn N.; Nagarajan N. ; Tham E.H. ; Tay S.K. ; Shorey S. ; Tambyah P.A. ; Law E.C.N. 
122019Identifying positive adaptive pathways in low-income families in Singapore: Protocol for sequential, longitudinal mixed-methods designGoh, E.C.L ; Chong, W.H; Mohanty, J; Law, E.C.N ; Hsu, C.-Y.S ; De Mol, J; Kuczynski, L
131-Feb-2019Identifying Positive Adaptive Pathways in Low-Income Families in Singapore: Protocol for Sequential, Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Design (Preprint)Goh, Esther Chor Leng; Chong, Wan Har; Mohanty, Jayashree ; Law, Evelyn Chung Ning ; Hsu, Chin-Ying Stephen ; De Mol, Jan; Kuczynski, Leon
141-May-2005Inactivation of the mouse adenylyl cyclase 3 gene disrupts male fertility and spermatozoon functionLivera, G; Xie, F; Garcia, MA; Jaiswal, B; Chen, J; Law, E ; Storm, DR; Conti, M
158-Jan-2021Income disparity in school readiness and the mediating role of perinatal maternal mental health: a longitudinal birth cohort studyLaw, EC ; Aishworiya, R; Cai, S; Bouvette-Turcot, A-A; Broekman, BFP; Chen, H ; Daniel, LM ; Gluckman, PD; Shek, LPC ; Tay, SKH ; Chong, YS ; Koh, GC-H ; Meaney, MJ 
161-Jan-2021Infant EEG Band Power Analysis at 6 Months and 18 MonthsZhang, H; Wang, C; Yang, T; Phua, KS; Ng, VSH; Law, ECN 
171-Jul-2022Investigation of metabolomic biomarkers for childhood executive function and the role of genetic and dietary factors: The GUSTO cohortHuang, Jian; Law, Evelyn ; Karaman, Ibrahim; McCrickerd, Keri; Fogel, Anna ; Chong, Mary FF ; Daniel, Lourdes Mary ; Silveira, Patricia Pelufo; Chong, Yap Seng ; Eriksson, Johan G ; Meaney, Michael J ; Huang, Jonathan 
1813-Nov-2019The parenting experiences and needs of Asian primary caregivers of children with autism: A meta-synthesisShorey, Shefaly ; Ng, Esperanza D ; Haugan, Gorill; Law, Evelyn 
191-Oct-2003PDE4D plays a critical role in the control of airway smooth muscle contractionMehats, C; Jin, SLC; Wahlstrom, J; Law, E ; Umetsu, DT; Conti, M
2030-Jun-2022Perinatal support for couples during COVID-19: A descriptive qualitative studyShorey, Shefaly ; Tan, Thiam Chye ; Thilagamangai ; Mathews, Jancy; Lim, Siew Hoon ; Shi, Luming ; Chua, Jing Shi ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Law, Evelyn ; Chee, Cornelia ; Chong, Yap Seng