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12020Gut microbiota changes in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic reviewHo L.K.H.; Tong V.J.W.; Syn N.; Nagarajan N. ; Tham E.H. ; Tay S.K. ; Shorey S. ; Tambyah P.A. ; Law E.C.N. 
22019Identifying positive adaptive pathways in low-income families in Singapore: Protocol for sequential, longitudinal mixed-methods designGoh, E.C.L ; Chong, W.H; Mohanty, J; Law, E.C.N ; Hsu, C.-Y.S ; De Mol, J; Kuczynski, L
31-Feb-2019Identifying Positive Adaptive Pathways in Low-Income Families in Singapore: Protocol for Sequential, Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Design (Preprint)Goh, Esther Chor Leng; Chong, Wan Har; Mohanty, Jayashree ; Law, Evelyn Chung Ning ; Hsu, Chin-Ying Stephen ; De Mol, Jan; Kuczynski, Leon
48-Jan-2021Income disparity in school readiness and the mediating role of perinatal maternal mental health: a longitudinal birth cohort studyLaw, EC ; Aishworiya, R; Cai, S; Bouvette-Turcot, A-A; Broekman, BFP; Chen, H ; Daniel, LM ; Gluckman, PD; Shek, LPC ; Tay, SKH ; Chong, YS ; Koh, GC-H ; Meaney, MJ 
513-Nov-2019The parenting experiences and needs of Asian primary caregivers of children with autism: A meta-synthesisShorey, Shefaly ; Ng, Esperanza D ; Haugan, Gorill; Law, Evelyn 
61-Aug-2018Screen time exposure and sleep among children with developmental disabilitiesAishworiya, Ramkumar; Kiing, Jennifer SH; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Tung, Serena SW ; Law, Evelyn 
720-Oct-2019Severity of Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Early Childhood Neurobehavioural OutcomesSyn, NL; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Chia, Elisha YW ; Ong, WX; Phua, D; Cai, S ; Shek, L ; Chong, YS ; Daniel, LM; Broekman, BFP ; Godfrey, K; Meaney, MJ ; Law, EC 
82020Severity of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and early childhood neurobehavioural outcomes: The Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes studySyn N.L.; Chan S.-Y. ; Chia E.W.Y.; Ong W.X.; Phua D.; Cai S.; Shek L.P.C. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Daniel L.M. ; Broekman B.F.P.; Godfrey K.M.; Meaney M.J.; Law E.C. 
916-Aug-2019Television viewing and child cognition in a longitudinal birth cohort in Singapore: the role of maternal factorsAishworiya R ; Cai S ; Chen HY ; Phua DY; Broekman BFP ; Daniel LM ; Chong YS ; Shek LP ; Yap F ; Chan SY ; Meaney MJ ; Law EC 
101-Apr-2016Toilet School for Children with Failure to Toilet Train: Comparing a Group Therapy Model with Individual TreatmentLaw, Evelyn ; Yang, Jeffrey H; Coit, Margaret H; Chan, Eugenia