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Goh, E.C.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Agency and power of single children in multi-generational families in urban Xiamen, ChinaGoh, E.C.L. ; Kuczynski, L.
2Jan-2013Bilateral parent-child interactions in school-age children's tooth-brushing behaviorsGoh, E.C.L. ; Hsu, S.C.-Y. 
3Jan-2009Grandparents as childcare providers: An in-depth analysis of the case of Xiamen, ChinaGoh, E.C.L. 
420-May-2017How HIV patients construct liveable identities in a shame based culture - The case of SingaporeLai Peng Ho; Esther Goh 
521-Aug-2019"I have HIV but I'm not the HIV" - the Experiences of Heterosexual Chinese Men Living with HIV in SingaporeLai Peng Ho; Esther Goh 
6Dec-2010Only children' and their coalition of parents: Considering grandparents and parents as joint caregivers in urban Xiamen, ChinaGoh, E.C.L. ; Kuczynski, L.
72012'She is Too Young for These Chores' - Is Housework Taking a Back Seat in Urban Chinese Childhood?Goh, E.C.L. ; Kuczynski, L.
829-Jan-2019Social work theory and methods - The essentialEsther Goh 
911-Sep-2016The family exclusion order as a harm-minimisation measure for casino gambling: the case of SingaporeEsther Goh ; Vincent Ng; Brenda Yeoh 
1029-Jan-2019Why some children from poor families do well ? An in-depth analysis of positive deviance cases in SingaporeEsther Goh 
112013"You must finish your dinner": Meal time dynamics between grandparents, parents and grandchildren in urban ChinaGoh, E.C.L.