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Lieng Hsi Ling
|Ling, Lieng H.
Ling, Lieng Hsi
Ling, Lieng H.
Ling, L.
Ling, Lien Hsi
Ling, L.H.
Ling, Lieng His
Ling, L.-H.
Lieng Hsi Ling
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12015An autologous platelet-rich plasma hydrogel compound restores left ventricular structure, function and ameliorates adverse remodeling in a minimally invasive large animal myocardial restoration model: A translational approach. Vu and Pal "Myocardial Repair: PRP, Hydrogel and Supplements"Vu, Thangduc; Pal, Shripad Nagesh ; Ti, Lian Kah ; Martinez, Eliana Cecilia; Rufaihah, Abdul Jalil Alil; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Lee, Chuen Neng ; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Kofidis, Theodoros 
21-Jan-2023An integrated signature of extracellular matrix proteins and a diastolic function imaging parameter predicts post-MI long-term outcomesKoh, HWL ; Pilbrow, AP; Tan, SH ; Zhao, Q; Benke, PI ; Burla, B ; Torta, F ; Pickering, JW; Troughton, R; Pemberton, C; Soo, WM ; Ling, LH ; Doughty, RN; Choi, H ; Wenk, MR ; Richards, AM ; Chan, MY 
32003Angiomyogenesis using human myoblast carrying human VEGF165 for injured heart.Ye, L.; Haider, K.H.; Jiang, S.J.; Ling, L.H. ; Niagara, M.I.; Rufaihah, A.J.; Law, P.K.; Sim, E.K.
41-Nov-2022Associations of maternal and foetoplacental factors with prehypertension/hypertension in early childhoodMichael N; Sadananthan SA ; Yuan WL ; Ong YY ; Loy SL ; Huang JY ; Tint MT ; Padmapriya N ; Choo J ; Ling LH ; Kramer MS ; Godfrey KM; Gluckman PD ; Tan KH ; Eriksson JG ; Chong YS ; Lee YS ; Karnani N ; Yap F ; Shek LP ; Fortier MV ; Moritz KM; Chan SY ; Velan SS ; Wlodek ME 
51-Jun-2022Associations of maternal periconceptional alcohol consumption with offspring prehypertension/hypertension at age 6 years: the Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes prospective mother-offspring cohort studySadananthan, Suresh Anand ; Michael, Navin; Tint, Mya Thway ; Thirumurugan, Kashthuri; Yuan, Wen Lun ; Ong, Yi Ying ; Law, Evelyn ; Choo, Jonathan ; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Shek, Lynette ; Fabian, Yap ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Vickers, Mark; Godfrey, Keith M; Gluckman, Peter D; Chong, Yap Seng ; Fortier, Marielle ; Lee, Yung Seng ; Eriksson, Johan G; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Moritz, Karen; Velan, S Sendhil; Wlodek, Mary E
62006Automated beat-to-beat heart sound analyzer for distributed diagnosis and home healthcare applicationWang, P.; Soh, C.B.; Ling, L.H. ; Kim, Y.
76-Feb-2022Breastfeeding may benefit cardiometabolic health of children exposed to increased gestational glycemia in uteroOng, Yi Ying ; Pang, Wei Wei ; Huang, Jonathan Y; Aris, Izzuddin M; Sadananthan, Suresh Anand ; Tint, Mya-Thway ; Yuan, Wen Lun ; Chen, Ling-Wei ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Karnani, Neerja ; Velan, S Sendhil; Fortier, Marielle; Choo, Jonathan; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Shek, Lynette ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Gluckman, Peter D ; Yap, Fabian ; Chong, Yap-Seng ; Godfrey, Keith M; Chong, Mary F-F ; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Eriksson, Johan G ; Wlodek, Mary E; Lee, Yung Seng ; Michael, Navin
82018Central Aortic Blood Pressure as an Indica tor of Prognosis: An Asian PerspectiveNGOH LEE YING, CLARA (WU LIYING) ; WONG WENG KIN ; LING LIENG HSI 
95-May-2022Circulating levels and prognostic cut-offs of sST2, hs-cTnT, and NT-proBNP in women vs. men with chronic heart failureVergaro, Giuseppe; Gentile, Francesco; Aimo, Alberto; Januzzi, James L; Richards, A Mark ; Lam, Carolyn SP ; Boer, Rudolf A; Meems, Laura MG; Latini, Roberto; Staszewsky, Lidia; Anand, Inder S; Cohn, Jay N; Ueland, Thor; Gullestad, Lars; Aukrust, Pal; Rocca, Hans-Peter Brunner-La; Bayes-Genis, Antoni; Lupon, Josep; Yoshihisa, Akiomi; Takeishi, Yasuchika; Egstrup, Michael; Gustafsson, Ida; Gaggin, Hanna K; Eggers, Kai M; Huber, Kurt; Gamble, Greg D; Ling, Lieng H ; Leong, Kui Toh Gerard; Yeo, Poh Shuah Daniel; Ong, Hean Yee ; Jaufeerally, Fazlur ; Ng, Tze P ; Troughton, Richard; Doughty, Robert N; Devlin, Gerry; Lund, Mayanna; Giannoni, Alberto; Passino, Claudio; Emdin, Michele
1011-Nov-2016Circulating Thymosin Beta-4 is Elevated in Women With Heart FailureTan, Warren K; Chan, Siew Pang ; Pakkiri, Leroy S; Chong, Jenny P; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Sim, David K; Leong, Gerard K; Yeo, Daniel P; Ong, Hean-Yee ; Jaufeerally, Fazlur R ; Wong, Raymond C; Chai, Ping ; Low, Adrian F ; Davidsson, Pia; Gan, Li-Ming; Ratan, Bhat; Purnamawati, Kristy; Lam, Carolyn S ; Richards, Arthur M ; Drum, Chester L 
11Aug-2007Clinically compressed digital echocardiography: A patient-safe alternative to videotape reviewPoh, K.-K.; Yang, H.; Omar, A.R.; Yip, J.W.L.; Chan, Y.-H.; Ling, L.-H. 
1226-Mar-2019Combining Circulating MicroRNA and NT-proBNP to Detect and Categorize Heart Failure SubtypesWong, Lee Lee ; Zou, Ruiyang ; Zhou, Lihan ; Lim, Jia Yuen ; Phua, Dominic CY; Liu, Chengcheng; Chong, Jenny PC; Ng, Jessica YX ; Liew, Oi Wah ; Chan, Siew Pang ; Chen, Yei-Tsung ; Chan, Michelle MY; Yeo, Poh Shuan D; Ng, Tze Pin ; Ling, Lieng H ; Sim, David ; Leong, Kui Toh G; Ong, Hean Y ; Jaufeerally, Fazlur ; Wong, Raymond ; Chai, Ping ; Low, Adrian F ; Lund, Mayanna; Devlin, Gerry; Troughton, Richard; Cameron, Vicky A; Doughty, Robert N; Lam, Carolyn SP ; Too, Heng Phon ; Richards, Arthur Mark 
132012Comparison of toxin removal outcomes in online hemodiafiltration and intra-dialytic exercise in high-flux hemodialysis: a prospective randomized open-label clinical study protocol.Maheshwari V. ; Samavedham L. ; Rangaiah G.P. ; Loy Y.; Ling L.H. ; Sethi S. ; Leong T.L.
1428-Sep-1999Constrictive pericarditis in the modern era: Evolving clinical spectrum and impact on outcome after pericardiectomyLing, L.H. ; Oh, J.K.; Schaff, H.V.; Danielson, G.K.; Mahoney, D.W.; Seward, J.B.; Tajik, A.J.
15Feb-2019Cornell product is an ECG marker of heart failure with preserved ejection fractionTan, Eugene SJ; Chan, Siew Pang ; Xu, Chang Fen ; Yap, Jonathan; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Sim, David; Jaufeerally, Fazlur ; Yeo, Daniel; Loh, Seet Yoong; Ong, Hean Yee ; Leong, Kui Toh Gerard; Ng, Tze Pin ; Nyunt, Shwe Zin ; Feng, Liang ; Okin, Peter; Lam, Carolyn SP ; Lim, Toon Wei 
162000Diagnosis of Pacemaker Lead Infection Using Transoesophageal Echocardiography: A Case ReportLing, L.H. ; Tan, H.H.; Ng, W.L.; Cheng, A.
17May-2016Differential MicroRNA Expression Profile in Myxomatous Mitral Valve Prolapse and Fibroelastic Deficiency ValvesChen, Yei-Tsung ; Wang, Juan ; Wee, Abby SY; Yong, Quek-Wei; Tay, Edgar Lik-Wui ; Woo, Chin Cheng ; Sorokin, Vitaly ; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Ling, Lieng-His 
18Mar-1997Dobutamine stress echocardiography in the elderly Asian patientsYeo, T.C.; Ng, W.L.; Ling, L.H. ; Chai, P.; Yeoh, J.K.; Choo, M.H.H.
19Mar-1996Dobutamine stress echocardiography: Angiographic correlatesYeo, T.C.; Ling, L.H. ; Ng, W.L.; Cheng, G.K.L.; Lee, S.S.S.; Yeoh, J.K.; Choo, M.H.
2010-Nov-2021Echocardiographic Global Longitudinal Strain Is Associated With Myocardial Fibrosis and Predicts Outcomes in Aortic StenosisLe, Thu-Thao ; Huang, Weiting ; Singh, Gurpreet K; Toh, Desiree-Faye; Ewe, See Hooi ; Tang, Hak Chaw; Loo, Germaine; Bryant, Jennifer A ; Ang, Briana; Tay, Edgar Lik-Wui ; Soo, Wern Miin ; Yip, James Wei-Luen ; Oon, Yen Yee ; Gong, Lingli ; Lunaria, Josephien B; Yong, Quek Wei; Lee, Evelyn Min; Yeo, Poh Shuan Daniel; Chai, Siang Chew ; Goh, Ping Ping ; Ling, Lee Fong ; Ong, Hean Yee ; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Delgado, Victoria; Bax, Jeroen J; Ding, Zee Pin ; Ling, Lieng-Hsi ; Chin, Calvin WL