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Zee Pin Ding
Ding, Z.P.
Ding, Z.-P.
Zee Y.-K.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2014Age and gender - Specific changes in left ventricular systolic function in human volunteersZhong, L.; Huang, F.-Q.; Tan, L.-K.; Allen, J.C. ; Ding, Z.-P. ; Kassab, G.; Tan, R.-S. 
23-Apr-2020E/e' in relation to outcomes in ST-elevation myocardial infarctionTai, Sarah B ; Lau, Wei Ren; Gao, Fei ; Hamid, Nadira ; Amanullah, Mohammed Rizwan ; Fam, Jiang Ming ; Yap, Jonathan; Ewe, See Hooi ; Chan, Mark Y ; Yeo, Khung Keong ; Ding, Zee Pin ; Sahlen, Anders 
310-Nov-2021Echocardiographic Global Longitudinal Strain Is Associated With Myocardial Fibrosis and Predicts Outcomes in Aortic StenosisLe, Thu-Thao ; Huang, Weiting ; Singh, Gurpreet K; Toh, Desiree-Faye; Ewe, See Hooi ; Tang, Hak Chaw; Loo, Germaine; Bryant, Jennifer A ; Ang, Briana; Tay, Edgar Lik-Wui ; Soo, Wern Miin ; Yip, James Wei-Luen ; Oon, Yen Yee ; Gong, Lingli ; Lunaria, Josephien B; Yong, Quek Wei; Lee, Evelyn Min; Yeo, Poh Shuan Daniel; Chai, Siang Chew ; Goh, Ping Ping ; Ling, Lee Fong ; Ong, Hean Yee ; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Delgado, Victoria; Bax, Jeroen J; Ding, Zee Pin ; Ling, Lieng-Hsi ; Chin, Calvin WL 
42017Effects of Aortic Valve Replacement on Severe Aortic Stenosis and Preserved Systolic Function: Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis /692/4019/592/1540 /692/4019/592/75/591 articleZheng, Q; Djohan, A.H; Lim, E ; Ding, Z.P ; Ling, L.H ; Shi, L ; Chan, E.S.-Y ; Chin, C.W.L 
52013Left ventricular diastolic function assessment using the timing of mitral annular and transmitral flow velocitiesHuang, F.-Q.; Zhong, L.; Zhang, R.S.; Tan, L.K.; Chua, Y.L.H.; Ding, Z.P.