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Gao, Fei


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119-Nov-2012Assessing risk of breast cancer in an ethnically South-East Asia population (results of a multiple ethnic groups study)Gao, F. ; Machin, D.; Chow, K.-Y.; Sim, Y.-F.; Duffy, S.W.; Matchar, D.B. ; Goh, C.-H.; Chia, K.-S. 
22014Assessment of left ventricular preload by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging predicts exercise capacity in adult operated tetralogy of Fallot: A retrospective studyYap J.; Le Tan J. ; Le T.T. ; Gao F. ; Zhong L. ; Liew R. ; Tan S.Y. ; Tan R.S. 
32018Dissecting Clinical and Metabolomics Associations of Left Atrial Phasic Function by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Feature TrackingKoh A.S. ; Gao F. ; Leng S.; Kovalik J.-P. ; Zhao X.; Tan R.S. ; Fridianto K.T. ; Ching J. ; Chua S.J.M.; Yuan J.-M. ; Koh W.-P.; Zhong L. 
41-Nov-2016Ethnic differences in clinical outcome of patients presenting to the emergency department with chest painde Hoog, Vince C; Lim, Swee Han; Bank, Ingrid EM; Gijsberts, Crystel M; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Ooi, Shirley BS; Chua, Terrance; den Ruijter, Hester M; Pasterkamp, Gerard; E SHYONG TAI ; Gao, Fei ; Doevendans, Pieter A; Wildbergh, Thierry X; Mosterd, Arend; Richards, A Mark; de Kleijn, Dominique PV; Timmers, Leo
520-Aug-2013Fragmented QRS complexes predict right ventricular dysfunction and outflow tract aneurysms in patients with repaired tetralogy of FallotShanmugam, N.; Yap, J.; Tan, R.S.; Le, T.T.; Gao, F. ; Chan, J.X.; Chong, D.; Ho, K.L.; Tan, B.Y.; Ching, C.K.; Teo, W.S.; Tan, J.L.; Liew, R.
62002Genetic polymorphisms of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase in asians: UGT1A1*28 is a common allele in indiansBalram, C.; Sabapathy, K. ; Fei, G. ; Khoo, K.S.; Lee, E.J.D.
72015Impact of the joint association between sex, age and diabetes on long-term mortality after acute myocardial infarction Disease epidemiology - ChronicGao, Fei ; Lam, Su Ping Carolyn ; Sim, Lingling; Koh, Tian Hai ; Foo, David; Ong, Hean Yee; Tong, Khimleng; Tan, Huay Cheem ; MacHin., David G.; Wong, Kokseng; Chan, Mark ; Chua, Siang Jin Terrance 
82015Long-term prognosis and risk heterogeneity of heart failure complicating acute myocardial infarctionDe Carvalho, Leonardo Pinto ; Gao, Fei ; Chen, Qifeng; Sim, Lingling; Koh, Tianhai; Foo, David; Ong, Heanyee; Tong, Khimleng; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Yeo, Tiong Cheng ; Chow, Khuanyew; Richards, Authur Mark; Peterson, Eric David; Chua, Siang Jin Terence ; Chan, Mark Y.
92015Long-term prognosis and risk heterogeneity of heart failure complicating acute myocardial infarctionde Carvalho, Leonardo P; Gao, Fei ; Chen, Qifeng; Sim, Ling-Ling; Koh, Tian-Hai; Foo, David; Ong, Hean-Yee; Tong, Khim-Leng; Tan, Huay-Cheem; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng; Chow, Khuan-Yew; Richards, A. Mark; Peterson, Eric D.; Chua, Terrance; Chan, Mark Y.
101-Mar-2011Mammographic density and its interaction with other breast cancer risk factors in an Asian populationWong, C.S. ; Lim, G.H.; Gao, F. ; Jakes, R.W.; Offman, J.; Chia, K.S. ; Duffy, S.W.
112018N-Terminal pro C-Type Natriuretic Peptide (NTproCNP) and myocardial function in ageingKeng B.M.H.; Gao F. ; Tan R.S. ; Ewe S.H. ; Teo L.L.Y.; Xie B.Q.; Goh G.B.B. ; Koh W.-P. ; Koh A.S. 
12Aug-2013Pitfalls in statistical methodsGao, F. ; Machin, D.
131-Oct-2010Quality-of-life-adjusted survival analysis of concurrent chemo radiotherapy for locally advanced (nonmetastatic) nasopharyngeal cancerGao, F. ; Wee, J.; Wong, H.B.; MacHin, D.
14Aug-2011Recalibration of the Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events risk score in a multiethnic Asian populationChan, M.Y.; Shah, B.R. ; Gao, F. ; Sim, L.L.; Chua, T.; Tan, H.C.; Yeo, T.C.; Ong, H.Y.; Foo, D.; Goh, P.P.; Surrun, S.K.; Pieper, K.S.; Granger, C.B.; Koh, T.H.; Salim, A. ; Tai, E.S.
152017Value of soluble Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor over age as a biomarker of impaired myocardial relaxationKoh A.S. ; Velmurugan B. ; Gao F. ; Tan R.S. ; Wong J.-I.; Teo L.L.Y. ; Keng B.M.H.; Chua S.J.M.; Yuan J.-M.; Koh W.-P. ; Cheung C.