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Siang Jin Terrance Chua
Chua, T.S.J.
Chua, Siang Jin Terrance
Chua, Siang Jin Terence
Chua, T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2005Bridging the gap between physician specialists: A role for the college of physicians, SingaporeChua, T.S.J. ; Lim, S.H.; Oh, V.M.S. 
21-Jun-2021Comparing conventional and high sensitivity troponin T measurements in identifying adverse cardiac events in patients admitted to an Asian emergency department chest pain observation unitLin, Z; Lim, SH ; Yap, QV ; Tan, CHC; Chan, YH ; Wong, HC ; Tai, ES ; Richards, AM ; Chua, TSJ 
31-Aug-2016Comparison of Long-Term Mortality of Patients Aged >= 40 Versus > 40 Years With Acute Myocardial InfarctionJing, Mingxue; Gao, Fei ; Chen, Qifeng; de Carvalho, Leonardo P ; Sim, Ling-Ling; Koh, Tian-Hai ; Foo, David ; Ong, Hean-Yee ; Tong, Khim-Leng ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Roe, Matthew T; Chua, Terrance ; Chan, Mark Y 
414-Apr-2022Comparison of Mortality Outcomes in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients With or Without Standard Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk FactorsSia, Ching-Hui ; Ko, Junsuk; Zheng, Huili ; Ho, Andrew Fu-Wah ; Foo, David ; Foo, Ling-Li; Lim, Patrick Zhan-Yun; Liew, Boon Wah ; Chai, Ping ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Yip, James WL ; Chua, Terrance ; Chan, Mark Yan-Yee ; Tan, Jack Wei Chieh ; Figtree, Gemma; Bulluck, Heerajnarain; Hausenloy, Derek J 
522-Aug-2022Comparison of the modified Singapore myocardial infarction registry risk score with GRACE 2.0 in predicting 1-year acute myocardial infarction outcomesSia, Ching-Hui ; Zheng, Huili ; Ko, Junsuk; Ho, Andrew Fu-Wah ; Foo, David ; Foo, Ling-Li; Lim, Patrick Zhan-Yun; Liew, Boon Wah ; Chai, Ping ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Chua, Terrance ; Chan, Mark Yan-Yee ; Tan, Jack Wei Chieh ; Fox, Keith AA; Bulluck, Heerajnarain; Hausenloy, Derek J 
67-Sep-2021Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography and Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Fractional Flow Reserve Before and After Percutaneous Coronary InterventionChandola, Gaurav; Zhang, Jun-Mei; Tan, Ru-San; Chai, Ping ; Teo, Lynette ; Allen, John C ; Low, Ris; Huang, Weimin; Leng, Shuang ; Fam, Jiang Ming ; Chin, Chee Yang ; Kassab, Ghassan S; Low, Adrian Fatt Hoe ; Tan, Swee Yaw ; Chua, Terrance ; Lim, Soo Teik ; Zhong, Liang 
7Sep-2012Diagnosis of anomalous origin and course of coronary arteries using non-contrast cardiac CT scan and detection featuresJappar, I.A. ; Chua, T. ; Htoo, M.M.A.; Cheah, F.K. ; Allen, J.C. ; Tan, S.Y. 
81-Aug-2018First Medical Contact-to-Device Time and Heart Failure Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Primary Percutaneous Coronary InterventionLoh, Joshua P ; Tan, Li-Ling ; Zheng, Huili ; Lau, Yee-How; Chan, Siew-Pang ; Tan, Kelvin-Bryan; Chua, Terrance ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Foo, David ; Lee, Chee-Wan ; Tong, Khim-Leng ; Foo, Ling-Li; Hausenloy, Derek ; Sahlen, Anders ; Yeo, Khung-Keong ; Fox, Keith AA; Wang, Tracy Y; Richards, A Mark ; Chan, Mark Y 
92015Impact of the joint association between sex, age and diabetes on long-term mortality after acute myocardial infarction Disease epidemiology - ChronicGao, Fei ; Lam, Su Ping Carolyn ; Sim, Lingling; Koh, Tian Hai ; Foo, David; Ong, Hean Yee; Tong, Khimleng; Tan, Huay Cheem ; MacHin., David G.; Wong, Kokseng; Chan, Mark ; Chua, Siang Jin Terrance 
102015Long-term prognosis and risk heterogeneity of heart failure complicating acute myocardial infarctionDe Carvalho, Leonardo Pinto ; Gao, Fei ; Chen, Qifeng; Sim, Lingling; Koh, Tianhai; Foo, David; Ong, Heanyee; Tong, Khimleng; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Yeo, Tiong Cheng ; Chow, Khuanyew; Richards, Authur Mark; Peterson, Eric David; Chua, Siang Jin Terence ; Chan, Mark Y.
1110-Jun-2022Multifactorial influences underpinning a decision on COVID-19 vaccination among healthcare workers: a qualitative analysisSungwon Yoon; Hendra Goh; David Matchar ; Sharon Sung ; Elaine Lum; Sean Shao Wei Lam ; Jenny Low ; Terrance Chua ; Nicholas Graves ; Marcus Eng Hock Ong 
123-Oct-2013Myocardial contractile dysfunction associated with increased 3-month and 1-year mortality in hospitalized patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fractionZhong, L.; Ng, K.K.C.; Sim, L.L.; Allen, J.C. ; Lau, Y.H.; Sim, D.K.L.; Lee, R.K.K.; Poh, K.K.; Chua, T.S.J. ; Kassab, G.S.; Kwok, B.W.K.; Tan, R.S. 
1319-Oct-2021Optimal glucose, HbA1c, glucose-HbA1c ratio and stress-hyperglycaemia ratio cut-off values for predicting 1-year mortality in diabetic and non-diabetic acute myocardial infarction patientsSia, Ching-Hui ; Chan, Mervyn Huan-Hao ; Zheng, Huili ; Ko, Junsuk; Ho, Andrew Fu-Wah ; Chong, Jun; Foo, David; Foo, Ling-Li; Lim, Patrick Zhan-Yun; Liew, Boon Wah ; Chai, Ping ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Chua, Terrance ; Chan, Mark Yan-Yee ; Tan, Jack Wei Chieh ; Bulluck, Heerajnarain; Hausenloy, Derek J 
142011Percutaneous coronary intervention in asians- are there differences in clinical outcome?Koh, A.S ; Khin, L.W; Choi, L.M; Sim, L.L; Chua, T.S ; Koh, T.H ; Tan, J.W ; Chia, S
152016Simplified models of Non-Invasive fractional flow reserve based on CT imagesZhang J.-M. ; Zhong L. ; Luo T.; Lomarda A.M.; Huo Y.; Yap J.; Lim S.T. ; Tan R.S. ; Wong A.S.L. ; Tan J.W.C. ; Yeo K.K. ; Fam J.M. ; Keng F.Y.J. ; Wan M. ; Su B. ; Zhao X.; Allen J.C. ; Kassab G.S.; Chua T.S.J. ; Tan S.Y. 
162015Standardized Outcome Measurement for Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: Consensus From the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM)McNamara, R.L; Spatz, E.S; Kelley, T.A; Stowell, C.J; Beltrame, J; Heidenreich, P; Tresserras, R; Jernberg, T; Chua, T ; Morgan, L; Panigrahi, B; Rosas Ruiz, A; Rumsfeld, J.S; Sadwin, L; Schoeberl, M; Shahian, D; Weston, C; Yeh, R; Lewin, J