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Tan, S.Y.
Tan, S.Y.
Tan S.Y


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12014Assessment of left ventricular preload by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging predicts exercise capacity in adult operated tetralogy of Fallot: A retrospective studyYap J.; Le Tan J. ; Le T.T. ; Gao F. ; Zhong L. ; Liew R. ; Tan S.Y. ; Tan R.S. 
22015Coronary artery segmentation via Hessian filter and curve-skeleton extractionCui H; Wang D; Wan M; Zhang J.-M; Zhao X; Tan S.Y ; Wong A.S.L ; Tan R.S ; Huang W; Xiong W; Duan Y; Zhou J; Zhong L 
3Sep-2012Diagnosis of anomalous origin and course of coronary arteries using non-contrast cardiac CT scan and detection featuresJappar, I.A. ; Chua, T. ; Htoo, M.M.A.; Cheah, F.K. ; Allen, J.C. ; Tan, S.Y. 
42015Hemodynamic analysis of patient-specific coronary artery treeZhang, J.-M. ; Luo, T.; Tan, S.Y. ; Lomarda, A.M.; Wong, A.S.L. ; Keng, F.Y.J. ; Allen, J.C.; Huo, Y.; Su, B.; Zhao, X.; Wan, M.; Kassab, G.S.; Tan, R.S. ; Zhong, L. 
5Nov-2013Management of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Asia: Resource-stratified guidelinesTan, D.; Tan, S.Y. ; Lim, S.T. ; Kim, S.J.; Kim, W.-S.; Advani, R.; Kwong, Y.-L.
62014Numerical simulation and clinical implications of stenosis in coronary blood flowZhang J.-M.; Zhong L. ; Luo T.; Huo Y.; Tan S.Y. ; Wong A.S.L. ; Su B.; Wan M.; Zhao X.; Kassab G.S.; Lee H.P. ; Khoo B.C. ; Kang C.-W.; Ba T.; Tan R.S. 
72016Simplified models of Non-Invasive fractional flow reserve based on CT imagesZhang J.-M. ; Zhong L. ; Luo T.; Lomarda A.M.; Huo Y.; Yap J.; Lim S.T. ; Tan R.S. ; Wong A.S.L. ; Tan J.W.C. ; Yeo K.K. ; Fam J.M. ; Keng F.Y.J. ; Wan M. ; Su B. ; Zhao X.; Allen J.C. ; Kassab G.S.; Chua T.S.J. ; Tan S.Y. 
84-Sep-2020Treatment to reduce vascular calcification in hemodialysis patients using vitamin K (Trevasc-HDK)Haroon, Sabrina-Wong-Peixin; TAI BEE CHOO ; Ling, Lieng-Hsi; Teo, Lynette; Davenport, Andrew; Schurgers, Leon; TEO BOON WEE ; Khatri, Priyanka; Ong, Ching-Ching; Low, Sanmay; Yeo, Xi-Er; Tan, Jia-Neng; SUBRAMANIAN SRINIVAS ; CHUA HORNG RUEY ; TAN SWEE YAW ; WONG WENG KIN ; Lau, Titus-Wai-Leong