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Bee Choo Tai
Tai, Bee Choo
Tai, Bee-Choo
Tai, BC
Tai, B.C.
Tai, B.-C
Tai, Bee Choo
Tai, B.-C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A cross-sectional study of knowledge, attitude and barriers to colorectal cancer screening among cancer survivorsHuang, Y.; Soon, Y.Y.; Ngo, L.P.; Dina Ee, Y.H.; Tai, B.C. ; Wong, H.C.; Lee, S.-C. 
22020A meta-analysis on immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer between East Asians versus non-East AsiansPeng, S.; Ying, A.F. ; Tai, B.C. ; Soo, R.A. 
32018A mixed methods study of non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis at an STI clinic in Singapore: Five-year retrospective analysis and providers? perspectivesTeo A.K.J. ; Tai B.C. ; Chio M.T.-W. ; La H.H. 
41-Aug-2020A multicenter phase II randomized trial of durvalumab (MEDI-4736) versus physician's choice chemotherapy in recurrent ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (MOCCA)Ngoi, Natalie YL; Heong, Valerie; Ow, Samuel ; Chay, Wen Yee ; Kim, Hee Seung; Choi, Chel Hun; Goss, Geraldine; Goh, Jeffrey C; Tai, Bee Choo ; Lim, Diana G ; Kaliaperumal, Nivashini; Au, Veonice B; Connolly, John E ; Kim, Jae-Weon; Friedlander, Michael; Kim, Kidong; Tan, David SP 
55-Oct-2021A Multiethnic Asian Perspective of Presumed Consent for Organ Donation: A Population-Based Perception StudyMuthiah, Mark D ; Chua, Melissa Sin Hui; Griva, Konstadina ; Low, Ivan ; Lim, Wen Hui; Ng, Cheng Han; Hwang, Jeff YF ; Yap, Jason CH ; Iyer, Shridhar G ; Bonney, Glenn K; Anantharaman, Vathsala ; Huang, Daniel Q ; Tan, Eunice Xiang-Xuan; Lee, Guan-Huei; Kow, Alfred WC; Tai, Bee Choo 
62010A New Set of Intravascular Ultrasound-Derived Anatomical Criteria for Defining Functionally Significant Stenoses in Small Coronary Arteries: Results from Intravascular ultrasound Diagnostic Evaluation of Atherosclerosis in Singapore (IDEAS) studyLee, C.-H. ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Soon, Chao Yang; Low, Fatt Hoe Adrian ; Poh, Kian Keong ; Yeo, Tiong Cheng; Lim, Gek Hsiang ; Yip, Wei Luen James; Abdul Razakjr Omar; Teo, Swee Guan; Tan, Huay Cheem 
72020A randomized phase II trial evaluating the addition of low dose, short course sunitinib to docetaxel in advanced solid tumoursAng, Y.L.E.; Ho, G.F.; Soo, R.A. ; Sundar, R. ; Tan, S.H.; Yong, W.P. ; Ow, S.G.W. ; Lim, J.S.J. ; Chong, W.Q.; Soe, P.P.; Tai, B.C. ; Wang, L. ; Goh, B.C. ; Lee, S.-C. 
82020A Small Group Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Daily Pentoxifylline in the Management of Patients With Erectile Dysfunction with Suboptimal Treatment Response to SildenafilLaw, Y.X.T.; Tai, B.C. ; Tan, Y.Q.; Lata, R.N.M.; Lee, K.C.J.
95-Mar-2021A Smartphone App to Restore Optimal Weight (SPAROW) in Women With Recent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Randomized Controlled TrialLim, Karen ; Chan, Shiao-Yng ; Lim, Su Lin; Tai, Bee Choo ; Tsai, Cammy; Wong, Su Ren; Ang, Siew Min; Yew, Tong Wei ; Tai, E Shyong ; Yong, Eu Leong 
109-Jun-2021A web-based, time-use application to assess children’s movement behaviours: a validation study of My E-Diary for Activities and Lifestyle (MEDAL) (Preprint)Tan, Sarah Yi Xuan; Chia, Airu ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Natarajan, Padmapriya ; Goh, Claire Marie Jie Lin; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong ; Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
1122-Jan-2021Activity in nature mediates a park prescription intervention's effects on physical activity, park use and quality of life: a mixed-methods process evaluation.Petrunoff, Nicholas ; Yao, Jiali ; Sia, Angelia; Ng, Alwyn; Ramiah, Anbumalar; Wong, Michael; Han, Jane; Tai, Bee Choo ; Uijtdewilligen, Léonie ; Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
122012Adiponectin Profile and Coronary Plaque Vulnerability: A Virtual Histology Intravascular Ultrasound StudyLee, C.-H. ; Hau, W.K.; Tai, B.C. ; Chan, M.Y.; Saw, B; Phua, Q.H. ; Low, A.F.; Yeo, T.C. ; Richards, A.M. ; Tan, H.C. 
132017Age related inverse dose relation of sedatives and analgesics in the intensive care unitMukhopadhyay A. ; Tai B.C. ; Remani D.; Phua J. ; Cove M.E. ; Kowitlawakul Y. 
142008An intravascular ultrasound study of cypher, taxus, and endeavor stents on relation between neointimal proliferation and residual plaque burdenLee, Chi-Hang ; Zhang, Junjie; Anand Kailasam; Tai, Bee-Choo ; Ye, Fei; Low, Fatt Hoe Adrian ; Hou, Xumin; Hay, Edourdo Tin; Teo, Swee-Guan; Lim, Yean-Teng ; Chen, Shaoliang; Tan, Huay-Cheem 
152008An intravascular ultrasound study of cypher, taxus, and endeavor stents on relation between neointimal proliferation and residual plaque burdenLee, C.-H. ; Low, A.F. ; Lim, Y.-T. ; Kailasam, A.; Hou, X.; Hay, E.T.; Teo, S.-G.; Tan, H.-C.; Zhang, J.; Ye, F.; Chen, S.; Tai, B.-C. 
162010Angiographic no-reflow and six-month mortality in elderly (≥ 75 years old) Asian patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention: A single center experience from 1998 to 2007Lee, C.-H. ; Low, A.F. ; Lim, Y.-T. ; Teo, S.-G.; Tan, H.-C. ; Tai, B.-C. 
172005Angiotensin-I converting enzyme insertion/deletion polymorphism and its association with diabetic nephropathy: A meta-analysis of studies reported between 1994 and 2004 and comprising 14,727 subjectsNg, D.P.K. ; Tai, B.C. ; Koh, D. ; Chia, K.S. ; Tan, K.W. 
18May-2020Assessment of Proficiency of N95 Mask Donning Among the General Public in SingaporeYeung, W.; Ng, K. ; Fong, J.M.N.; Sng, J. ; Tai, B.C. ; Chia, S.E. 
1921-Jan-2021Chemotherapy and adverse cardiovascular events in colorectal cancer patients undergoing surgical resectionKoo, Chieh Yang ; Tai, Bee-Choo ; Chan, Dedrick Kok Hong; Tan, Li Ling ; Tan, Ker Kan ; Lee, Chi-Hang 
2016-Feb-2023Clinical outcome and prognostic factors for Asian patients in Phase I clinical trialsLoh, Jerold; Wu, Jiaxuan; Chieng, Jenny; Chan, Aurora; Yong, Wei-Peng ; Sundar, Raghav ; Lee, Soo-Chin ; Wong, Andrea; Lim, Joline SJ ; Tan, David SP ; Soo, Ross ; Goh, Boon-Cher ; Tai, Bee-Choo ; Chee, Cheng E