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122-Jan-2021Activity in nature mediates a park prescription intervention's effects on physical activity, park use and quality of life: a mixed-methods process evaluation.Petrunoff, Nicholas ; Yao, Jiali ; Sia, Angelia; Ng, Alwyn; Ramiah, Anbumalar; Wong, Michael; Han, Jane; Tai, Bee Choo ; Uijtdewilligen, Léonie ; Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
2Mar-2021Commuter Choices: A clustered, quasi-experimental trial of a social cognitive approach to increasing active commuting among office workersWalsh, Anthony; Washington, Tracy; Petrunoff, Nick ; Heesch, Kristiann
32019Correlates of sedentary behaviour in Asian adults: A systematic reviewMueller, Andre Matthias ; Chen, Bozhi; Wang, Nan Xin ; Whitton, Clare ; Direito, Artur ; Petrunoff, Nick ; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
4Dec-2020Effectiveness of prescribing physical activity in parks to improve health and wellbeing - the park prescription randomized controlled trialMUELLER-RIEMENSCHNEIDER FALK ; Petrunoff, Nicholas ; Ng, Alwyn; Sia, Angelia; Ramiah, Anbumalar; Wong, Michael ; Han, Jane; Tai, Bee Choo ; LEONIE UIJTDEWILLIGEN 
52017"If you don't do parking management. Forget your behaviour change, it's not going to work.": Health and transport practitioner perspectives on workplace active travel promotionPetrunoff N. ; Rissel C.; Wen L.M.
62013Measuring workplace travel behaviour: Validity and reliability of survey questionsPetrunoff, N.A ; Xu, H; Rissel, C; Wen, L.M; Van Der Ploeg, H.P
72018Prescribing physical activity in parks to improve health and wellbeing: Protocol of the park prescription randomized controlled trialMüller-Riemenschneider, F; Petrunoff, N ; Sia, A; Ramiah, A; Ng, A; Han, J; Wong, M ; Choo, T.B ; Uijtdewilligen, L 
829-Oct-2019Understanding and Influencing Occupational Sedentary Behavior: A Mixed-Methods Approach in a Multiethnic Asian PopulationWang, Nan Xin ; Chen, Jiaxuan; Wagner, Norbert L ; Rebello, Salome A ; Petrunoff, Nicholas Alexander ; Owen, Neville; MUELLER-RIEMENSCHNEIDER FALK 
96-Apr-2020Understanding physical activity and sedentary behaviour among preschool-aged children in Singapore: a mixed-methods approachChen, Bozhi; Waters, Clarice ; Compier, Thomas; Uijtdewilligen, Leonie ; Petrunoff, Nicholas ; Lim, Yee Wei ; van Dam, Rob ; MUELLER-RIEMENSCHNEIDER FALK