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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
131-Mar-2020A Systematic Review of COVID-19 Epidemiology Based on Current Evidence.Park, Minah ; Cook, Alex R ; Lim, Jue Tao; Sun, Yinxiaohe ; Dickens, Borame L 
21-Jul-2022Advancing understanding of dietary and movement behaviours in an Asian population through real-time monitoring: Protocol of the Continuous Observations of Behavioural Risk Factors in Asia study (COBRA)Edney, Sarah Martine; Park, Su Hyun ; Tan, Linda ; Chua, Xin Hui ; Dickens, Borame Sue Lee ; Rebello, Salome A ; Petrunoff, Nick; Muller, Andre Matthias; Tan, Cheun Seng; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk ; van Dam, Rob M 
31-Apr-2021Assessing the impact of salt reduction initiatives on the chronic disease burden of SingaporeTan, Ken Wei ; Quaye, Sharon Esi Duoduwa ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Cook, Alex R. ; Dickens, Borame L. 
4Dec-2021Associations of park access, park use and physical activity in parks with wellbeing in an Asian urban environment: a cross-sectional studyPetrunoff, Nicholas A ; Yi, Ng Xian ; Dickens, Borame ; Sia, Angelia; Koo, Joel; Cook, Alex R ; Lin, Wee Hwee ; Ying, Lu; Hsing, Ann W; van Dam, Rob M ; Muller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
51-May-2022Associations of park features with park use and park-based physical activity in an urban environment in Asia: A cross-sectional studyPetrunoff, Nicholas A ; Edney, Sarah; Yi, Ng Xian; Dickens, Borame L ; Joel, Koo Ruihan; Xin, Wang Nan; Sia, Angelia; Leong, Duncan; van Dam, Rob M ; Cook, Alex R ; Sallis, James F; Chandrabose, Manoj; Owen, Neville; Muller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
623-Feb-2021Decreased dengue transmission in migrant worker populations in Singapore attributable to SARS-CoV-2 quarantine measuresLIM JUE TAO ; DICKENS, BORAME SUE LEE ; Ong, J; Aik, J; VERNON LEE JIAN MING ; COOK,ALEXANDER RICHARD ; Ng, LC
72018Determining environmental and anthropogenic factors which explain the global distribution of aedes aegypti and Ae. AlbopictusSun, H. ; Jit, M.; Cook, A.R. ; Carrasco, L.R. ; Dickens, B.L. 
88-Jun-2021Determining quarantine length and testing frequency for international border opening during the COVID-19 pandemicDickens, Borame L ; Koo, Joel R ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Park, Minah ; Sun, Haoyang ; Sun, Yinxiaohe ; Zeng, Zitong ; Quaye, Sharon Esi Duoduwa ; Clapham, Hannah E ; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Cook, Alex R 
911-Dec-2020Differential household attack rates mirror the ability to control Covid-19.COOK,ALEXANDER RICHARD ; DICKENS, BORAME SUE LEE ; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
102018Dramatic cropland expansion in Myanmar following political reforms threatens biodiversityZhang, Y ; Prescott, G.W ; Tay, R.E; Dickens, B.L ; Webb, E.L ; Htun, S; Tizard, R.J; Rao, M ; Carrasco, L.R 
111-Jan-2021Effectiveness of Containment Measures Against COVID-19 in Singapore Implications for Other National Containment EffortsPung, Rachael; COOK,ALEXANDER RICHARD ; Chiew, Calvin J; Clapham, Hannah E; SUN YINXIAOHE ; Li, Zongbin; DICKENS, BORAME SUE LEE ; MA SZE LOK STEFAN ; Mak, Kenneth; TAN CHORH CHUAN ; Heng, Derrick; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; VERNON LEE JIAN MING 
121-Jul-2022EpiRegress: A Method to Estimate and Predict the Time-Varying Effective Reproduction NumberJin, Shihui ; Dickens, Borame Lee ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Cook, Alex R 
1327-May-2021Estimating direct and spill-over impacts of political elections on COVID-19 transmission using synthetic control methodsLim, Jue Tao ; Maung, Kenwin; Tan, Sok Teng ; Ong, Suan Ee ; Lim, Jane Mingjie ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Sun, Haoyang ; Park, Minah ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Yoong, Joanne ; Cook, Alex R. ; Dickens, Borame Sue Lee 
14Oct-2022Exploring how socioeconomic status affects neighbourhood environments’ effects on obesity risks: A longitudinal study in SingaporeShin Bin Tan ; Borame L. Dickens ; Andres Sevtsuk; Siqi Zheng; Kangwei Zeng; Yung Seng Lee ; Fabian Yap ; Shiao-Yng Chan ; Jerry Kok Yen Chan ; Kok Hian Tan ; Yap-Seng Chong ; Johan G. Eriksson ; Mary F.-F. Chong ; Mariana C. Arcaya
151-Jan-2022Fine-scale estimation of effective reproduction numbers for dengue surveillanceOng, Janet; Soh, Stacy; Ho, Soon Hoe; Seah, Annabel; Dickens, Borame Sue ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Cook, Alex R ; Richards, Daniel R; Gaw, Leon Yan-Feng ; Ng, Lee Ching; Lim, Jue Tao 
161-Feb-2021Global hotspots of conversion risk from multiple crop expansionZhang, Y; Pang, M; DICKENS, BORAME SUE LEE ; Edwards, DP; CARRASCO TORRECILLA,LUIS R 
1715-Sep-2021Hyperendemicity associated with increased dengue burdenLim, Jue Tao ; Dickens, Borame Sue ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Seah, Annabel; Ho, Soon Hoe ; Ong, Janet; Rajarethinam, Jayanthi; Soh, Stacy; Cook, Alex R ; Ng, Lee Ching
185-Apr-2021Identifying COVID-19 cases in outpatient settingsMao, Yinan ; Tan, Yi-Roe; Thein, Tun Linn; Chai, Yi Ann Louis ; Cook, Alex R ; Dickens, Borame L ; Lew, Yii Jen ; Lim, Fong Seng ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Sun, Yinxiaohe ; Sundaram, Meena; Soh, Alexius ; Tan, Glorijoy Shi En; Wong, Franco Pey Gein; Young, Barnaby; Zeng, Kangwei; Chen, Mark ; Ong, Desmond Luan Seng 
1929-Oct-2020Impact of SARS-CoV-2 interventions on dengue transmissionLim, J.T.; Dickens, B.S.L. ; Chew, L.Z.X.; Choo, E.L.W.; Koo, J.R. ; Aik, J.; Ng, L.C.; Cook, A.R. 
201-May-2021Importance of Geospatial Heterogeneity in Chronic Disease Burden for Policy Planning in an Urban Setting Using a Case Study of SingaporeTan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel R ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Cook, Alex R ; Dickens, Borame L