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Clapham, Hannah E


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12020Estimates of the global burden of japanese encephalitis and the impact of vaccination from 2000-2015Quan, T.M.; Thao, T.T.N.; Duy, N.M.; Nhat, T.M.; Clapham, H.E. 
22020Importations of COVID-19 into African countries and risk of onward spreadSun, H.; Dickens, B.L. ; Cook, A.R. ; Clapham, H.E. 
32020Incidence of Infection of Enterovirus 71 and Coxsackieviruses A6 and A16 among Household Contacts of Index Cases in Dong Thap Province, Southern VietnamHoang, C.Q.; Nguyen, H.D.; Ho, N.X.; Vu, T.H.T.; Pham, T.T.M.; Nguyen, K.T.; Nguyen, H.T.; Hoang, L.T.; Clapham, H. ; Nguyen, T.T.T.; Phan, L.T.
42020Pathogenic escherichia coli possess elevated growth rates under exposure to sub-inhibitory concentrations of azithromycinTuan-Anh, T.; Tuyen, H.T.; Chau, N.N.M.; Toan, N.D.; Triet, T.H.; Triet, L.M.; Trang, N.H.T.; To, N.T.N.; Scott, J.B.; The, H.C.; Thanh, D.P.; Clapham, H. ; Baker, S.
52020Plans for nationwide serosurveillance network in VietnamAnh, D.D.; Choisy, M.; Clapham, H.E. ; Cuong, H.Q.; Dung, V.T.V.; Duong, T.N.; Hang, N.L.K.; Ha, H.T.T.; Hien, N.T.; Hoa, T.T.N.; Hung, T.T.M.; Huong, V.T.L.; Huyen, D.T.T.; Khanh, N.C.; Lewycka, S.O.; Linley, E.; Mai, L.T.Q.; Nadjm, B.; Nghia, N.D.; Pebody, R.; Phuong, H.V.M.; Tan, L.M.; Van Tan, L.; Thai, P.Q.; Thanh, L.V.; Thanh, N.T.L.; Thuy, N.T.T.; Thuong, N.T.; Thanh, L.T.; Thao, N.T.T.; Tuan, N.A.; Uyen, P.T.N.; Van Doorn, H.R.
62020Productivity costs from a dengue episode in Asia: A systematic literature reviewHung, T.M.; Shepard, D.S.; Bettis, A.A.; Nguyen, H.A.; McBride, A.; Clapham, H.E. ; Turner, H.C.
71-Apr-2022SARS-CoV-2 transmission in opposition-controlled Northwest Syria: modeling pandemic responses during political conflictMarzouk, M; Alhiraki, OA; Aguas, R; Gao, B; Clapham, H ; Obaid, W; Altaleb, H; Almhawish, N; Rihawi, H; Abbara, A; Douedari, Y; Hariri, M; Howard, N 
82020Seroepidemiologic study designs for determining SARS-COV-2 transmission and immunityClapham, H. ; Hay, J.; Routledge, I.; Takahashi, S.; Choisy, M.; Cummings, D.; Grenfell, B.; Metcalf, C.J.E.; Mina, M.; Rodriguez-Barraquer, I.; Salje, H.; Tam, C.C.
91-Dec-2020Strategies at points of entry to reduce importation risk of COVID-19 cases and reopen travelDickens, Borame L ; Koo, Joel R ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Sun, Haoyang ; Clapham, Hannah E ; Wilder-Smith, Annelies ; Cook, Alex R 
102020Towards better contact-tracing in the UKCook, A.R.; Clapham, H.E. 
1116-Nov-2021Widely heterogeneous humoral and cellular immunity after mild SARS-CoV-2 infection in a homogeneous population of healthy young menNina Le Bert ; WanNi Chia ; Wei Yee Wan; Alvin Teo ; Samuel Chong; Nicole Tan ; Doreen Tan; Adeline Chia ; Iain Beehuat Tan; Kamini Kunasegaran ; Xin Xuan Chua; Mohammad Abdad; Aven Ng; Shawn Vasoo; Julian Ang; Mao Sheng Lee; Louisa Jin; Jinyan Zhang ; Feng Zhu ; Alex Cook ; Tar Choon Aw; Jingxiang Huang; Clarence Tam ; Fong Sin Lee; Hannah Clapham ; Enan Goh; Monica Peou; Shiow Pin Tan; Siew Kim Ong; Antonio Bertoletti ; Li Yang Hsu ; Biauw Chi Ong; Lin-Fa Wang