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Wen Bing, Brandon Chua
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Chua, Brandon Wen Bing


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2020Are migrant workers in Singapore receiving adequate healthcare? A survey of doctors working in public tertiary healthcare institutionsAng, Jia Wei; Koh, Calvin J ; Chua, Brandon WB ; Narayanaswamy, Shyamala; Wijaya, Limin ; Chan, Lai Gwen; Soh, Ling Ling ; Goh, Wei Leong ; Vasoo, Shawn
21-Jul-2021Avoiding Trouble Ahead: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Economic Evaluations of COVID-19 VaccinesPainter, Chris; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Chua, Brandon Wen Bing ; Huynh, Vinh Anh ; Lou, Jing ; Goh, Fang Ting; Luangasanatip, Nantasit; Pan-Ngum, Wirichada; Yi, Wang ; Clapham, Hannah ; Teerawattananon, Yot 
326-Apr-2021Barriers to and facilitators of cervical cancer screening among women in Southeast Asia: A systematic reviewChua, Brandon ; Ma, Viva; Asjes, Caitlin; Lim, Ashley; Mohseni, Mahsa; Wee, Hwee Lin 
4Sep-2023Chua et al. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of HPV Extended versus Partial Genotyping for Cervical Cancer Screening in Singapore. <i>Cancers</i> (vol <i>15</i>, 1812, 2023)Chua, Brandon ; Lim, Li Min; Ng, Joseph Soon Yau ; Ma, Yan; Wee, Hwee Lin; Caro, J Jaime
526-Jul-2022Health care provider's experience and perspective of cervical cancer screening in Singapore: A qualitative studyChua, BWB ; Neo, P ; Ma, VY; Lim, LM; Ng, JSY ; Wee, HL 
61-Sep-2021Protocol for the economic evaluation of COVID-19 pandemic response policiesChua, Brandon Wen Bing ; Vinh Anh Huynh ; Lou, Jing ; Goh, Fang Ting ; Clapham, Hannah ; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Wee, Hwee Lin