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12019Adherence to the iDSI reference case among published cost-per-DALY averted studiesEmerson, J.; Panzer, A.; Cohen, J.T.; Chalkidou, K.; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Sculpher, M.; Wilkinson, T.; Walker, D.; Neumann, P.J.; Kim, D.D.
22018An economic analysis of chromosome testing in couples with children who have structural chromosome abnormalitiesThiboonboon K.; Kulpeng W.; Teerawattananon Y. 
32015An economic evaluation of neonatal screening for inborn errors of metabolism using tandem mass spectrometry in ThailandThiboonboon K.; Leelahavarong P.; Wattanasirichaigoon D.; Vatanavicharn N.; Wasant P.; Shotelersuk V.; Pangkanon S.; Kuptanon C.; Chaisomchit S.; Teerawattananon Y. 
42014Assessing the accuracy and feasibility of a refractive error screening program conducted by school teachers in pre-primary and primary schools in ThailandTeerawattananon K.; Myint C.-Y.; Wongkittirux K.; Teerawattananon Y. ; Chinkulkitnivat B.; Orprayoon S.; Kusakul S.; Tengtrisorn S.; Jenchitr W.
51-Apr-2022Assessing the cost-effectiveness of precision medicine: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisChen, Wenjia ; Anothaisintawee, Thunyarat; Butani, Dimple; Wang, Yi; Zemlyanska, Yaroslava ; Wong, Chong Boon Nigel ; Virabhak, Suchin; Hrishikesh, MA; Teerawattananon, Yot 
61-Jul-2021Avoiding Trouble Ahead: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Economic Evaluations of COVID-19 VaccinesPainter, Chris; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Chua, Brandon Wen Bing ; Huynh, Vinh Anh ; Lou, Jing ; Goh, Fang Ting; Luangasanatip, Nantasit; Pan-Ngum, Wirichada; Yi, Wang ; Clapham, Hannah ; Teerawattananon, Yot 
72018Budgeting for a billion: Applying health technology assessment (HTA) for universal health coverage in IndiaDabak, S.V; Pilasant, S; Mehndiratta, A; Downey, L.E; Cluzeau, F; Chalkidou, K; Luz, A.C.G; Youngkong, S; Teerawattananon, Y 
8Oct-2020Comparing 3 approaches for making vaccine adoption decisions in ThailandRattanavipapong, W.; Kapoor, R. ; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Luttjeboer, J.; Botwright, S.; Archer, R.A.; Giersing, B.; Hutubessy, R.C.W.
92018Cost-utility analysis of the screening program for early oral cancer detection in ThailandKumdee C.; Kulpeng W.; Teerawattananon Y. 
1028-Jun-2022A Data-Driven Analysis of the Economic Cost of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions: A Cross-Country Comparison of Kenya, Singapore, and ThailandBriones, Jamaica ; Wang, Yi; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Kairu, Angela; Orangi, Stacey; Barasa, Edwine; Teerawattananon, Yot 
112020Diagnostic accuracy of tests for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysisKaur, G.; Lakshmi, P.V.M.; Rastogi, A.; Bhansali, A.; Jain, S.; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Bano, H.; Prinja, S.
122015Do pneumococcal conjugate vaccines represent good value for money in a lower-middle income country? A cost-utility analysis in the PhilippinesHaasis M.A.; Ceria J.A.; Kulpeng W.; Teerawattananon Y. ; Alejandria M.
132017Economic evaluation of policy options for dialysis in end-stage renal disease patients under the universal health coverage in IndonesiaAfiatin; Khoe L.C.; Kristin E.; Masytoh L.S.; Herlinawaty E.; Werayingyong P.; Nadjib M.; Sastroasmoro S.; Teerawattananon Y. 
142015Efficacy of second generation direct-acting antiviral agents for treatment naïve hepatitis C genotype 1: A systematic review and network meta-analysisSuwanthawornkul T.; Anothaisintawee T.; Sobhonslidsuk A.; Thakkinstian A.; Teerawattananon Y. 
15Jul-2022Factors associated with the opposition to COVID-19 vaccination certificates: A multi-country observational study from AsiaKC, Sarin; Faradiba, Dian; Sittimart, Manit; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Ananthakrishnan, Aparna; Rachatan, Chayapat; Dabak, Saudamini; Shafie, Asrul Akmal; Guerrero, Anna Melissa; Suwantika, Auliya; Kang, Gagandeep; Ahn, Jeonghoon; Hsu, Li Yang ; Mayxay, Mayfong; Howard, Natasha ; Wattanasri, Parinda; Nakamura, Ryota; George, Tarun K; Teerawattananon, Yot 
162012Health related quality of life among patients with tuberculosis and hiv in thailandKittikraisak W.; Kingkaew P.; Teerawattananon Y. ; Yothasamut J.; Natesuwan S.; Manosuthi W.; Chongsuvivatwong V.; Whitehead S.J.
172020Institutionalizing Evidence-Informed Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage: Lessons From IndonesiaSharma, M.; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Luz, A.; Li, R.; Rattanavipapong, W.; Dabak, S.
182020'It takes two to tango': Bridging the gap between country need and vaccine product innovationArcher, R.A.; Kapoor, R. ; Isaranuwatchai, W.; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Giersing, B.; Botwright, S.; Luttjeboer, J.; Hutubessy, R.C.W.
192015Methodological variation in economic evaluations conducted in low- and middle- income countries: Information for reference case developmentSantatiwongchai B.; Chantarastapornchit V.; Wilkinson T.; Thiboonboon K.; Rattanavipapong W.; Walker D.G.; Chalkidou K.; Teerawattananon Y. 
202018Revisiting policy on chronic HCV treatment under the Thai Universal Health Coverage: An economic evaluation and budget impact analysisRattanavipapong W.; Anothaisintawee T.; Teerawattananon Y.