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128-Jun-2022A Data-Driven Analysis of the Economic Cost of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions: A Cross-Country Comparison of Kenya, Singapore, and ThailandBriones, Jamaica ; Wang, Yi; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Kairu, Angela; Orangi, Stacey; Barasa, Edwine; Teerawattananon, Yot 
211-Feb-2021A landscape analysis of health technology assessment capacity in the Association of South-East Asian Nations regionSharma, Manushi; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Dabak, Saudamini Vishwanath; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Pearce, Fiona; Pilasant, Songyot; Sabirin, Junainah; Mayxay, Mayfong; Guerrero, Melissa; Phuong, Nguyen Khanh; Sastroasmoro, Sudigdo; Htoo, Thant Sin
31-May-2021Addressing Challenges in Health Technology Assessment Institutionalization for Furtherance of Universal Health Coverage Through South-South Knowledge Exchange: Lessons From Bhutan, Kenya, Thailand, and ZambiaKim, T.; Sharma, M.; Teerawattananon Yot ; Oh, C.; Ong, L.; Hangoma, P.; Adhikari, D.; Pempa, P.; Kairu, A.; Orangi, S.; Dabak, S.V.
42019Adherence to the iDSI reference case among published cost-per-DALY averted studiesEmerson, J.; Panzer, A.; Cohen, J.T.; Chalkidou, K.; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Sculpher, M.; Wilkinson, T.; Walker, D.; Neumann, P.J.; Kim, D.D.
52018An economic analysis of chromosome testing in couples with children who have structural chromosome abnormalitiesThiboonboon K.; Kulpeng W.; Teerawattananon Y. 
62015An economic evaluation of neonatal screening for inborn errors of metabolism using tandem mass spectrometry in ThailandThiboonboon K.; Leelahavarong P.; Wattanasirichaigoon D.; Vatanavicharn N.; Wasant P.; Shotelersuk V.; Pangkanon S.; Kuptanon C.; Chaisomchit S.; Teerawattananon Y. 
725-Aug-2021An Introduction to the Main Types of Economic Evaluations Used for Informing Priority Setting and Resource Allocation in Healthcare: Key Features, Uses, and LimitationsTurner, Hugo C.; Archer, Rachel A.; Downey, Laura E.; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Jit, Mark; Teerawattananon, Yot 
82014Assessing the accuracy and feasibility of a refractive error screening program conducted by school teachers in pre-primary and primary schools in ThailandTeerawattananon K.; Myint C.-Y.; Wongkittirux K.; Teerawattananon Y. ; Chinkulkitnivat B.; Orprayoon S.; Kusakul S.; Tengtrisorn S.; Jenchitr W.
91-Apr-2022Assessing the cost-effectiveness of precision medicine: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisChen, Wenjia ; Anothaisintawee, Thunyarat; Butani, Dimple; Wang, Yi; Zemlyanska, Yaroslava ; Wong, Chong Boon Nigel ; Virabhak, Suchin; Hrishikesh, MA; Teerawattananon, Yot 
102-Jul-2021Assessing the performance of health technology assessment (HTA) agencies: developing a multi-country, multi-stakeholder, and multi-dimensional framework to explore mechanisms of impactMillar, Robyn; Morton, Alec; Bufali, Maria Vittoria; Engels, Sven; Dabak, Saudamini Vishwanath; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Teerawattananon, Yot 
112023The association of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional study from the physical activity at work (PAW) trialAkksilp, Katika; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk ; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Chen, Cynthia 
1222-Sep-2021Avoiding health technology assessment: a global survey of reasons for not using health technology assessment in decision makingTeerawattananon, Yot ; Painter, Chris; Dabak, Saudamini; Ottersen, Trygve; Gopinathan, Unni; Chola, Lumbwe; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Culyer, Anthony J.
131-Jul-2021Avoiding Trouble Ahead: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Economic Evaluations of COVID-19 VaccinesPainter, Chris; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Chua, Brandon Wen Bing ; Huynh, Vinh Anh ; Lou, Jing ; Goh, Fang Ting; Luangasanatip, Nantasit; Pan-Ngum, Wirichada; Yi, Wang ; Clapham, Hannah ; Teerawattananon, Yot 
142018Budgeting for a billion: Applying health technology assessment (HTA) for universal health coverage in IndiaDabak, S.V; Pilasant, S; Mehndiratta, A; Downey, L.E; Cluzeau, F; Chalkidou, K; Luz, A.C.G; Youngkong, S; Teerawattananon, Y 
15Oct-2020Comparing 3 approaches for making vaccine adoption decisions in ThailandRattanavipapong, W.; Kapoor, R. ; Teerawattananon, Y. ; Luttjeboer, J.; Botwright, S.; Archer, R.A.; Giersing, B.; Hutubessy, R.C.W.
16Dec-2019Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Influenza Vaccination Coverage and Timing in Tropical and Subtropical Climate Settings: A Modeling StudyYue, Mu; Dickens, Borame L ; Yoong, Joanne Su-yin; Chen, Mark I-Cheng ; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Cook, Alex R 
171-Mar-2021Cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses for the prioritisation of the four available rotavirus vaccines in the national immunisation programme in ThailandLuangasanatip, Nantasit; Mahikul, Wiriya; Poovorawan, Kittiyod; Cooper, Ben S.; Lubell, Yoel; White, Lisa J.; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Pan-Ngum, Wirichada
181-Feb-2021Cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis of facility-based screening and treatment of hepatitis C in Punjab state of IndiaChugh, Yashika; Premkumar, Madhumita; Grover, Gagandeep Singh; Dhiman, Radha K.; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Prinja, Shankar
192018Cost-utility analysis of the screening program for early oral cancer detection in ThailandKumdee C.; Kulpeng W.; Teerawattananon Y. 
2031-Mar-2021Developing a Thai national critical care allocation guideline during the COVID-19 pandemic: a rapid review and stakeholder consultationMarshall, Aniqa Islam; Archer, Rachel; Witthayapipopsakul, Woranan; Sirison, Kanchanok; Chotchoungchatchai, Somtanuek; Sriakkpokin, Pisit; Srisookwatana, Orapan; Teerawattananon, Yot ; Tangcharoensathien, Viroj