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Hwee Lin Wee
Wee, H.L.
Wee, H.-L.
Wee, H-L.
Wee, HL
Wee, Hwee Lin

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12014A call for action to improve access to care and treatment for patients with rare diseases in the Asia-Pacific regionSoon S.-S.; Lopes G.; Lim H.-Y.; Wong-Rieger D.; Bahri S.; Hickinbotham L.; Jha A.; Ko B.-S.; MacDonell D.; Pwu J.R.-F.; Shih R.; Sirachainan E.; Suh D.-C.; Wale J.; Zhang X.; Wee H.-L. 
226-Dec-2013A community-based validation study of the short-form 36 version 2 philippines (tagalog) in two cities in the philippinesCastillo-Carandang, N.T.; Sison, O.T.; Grefal, M.L.; Sy, R.G.; Alix, O.C.; Llanes, E.J.B.; Reganit, P.F.M.; Gumatay, A.W.G.; Punzalan, F.E.R.; Velandria, F.V.; Shyong Tai, E.E.; Wee, H-L. 
328-Jun-2022A Data-Driven Analysis of the Economic Cost of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions: A Cross-Country Comparison of Kenya, Singapore, and ThailandBriones, Jamaica ; Wang, Yi; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Kairu, Angela; Orangi, Stacey; Barasa, Edwine; Teerawattananon, Yot 
41-Jan-2021A New Procedure to Assess When Estimates from the Cumulative Link Model Can Be Interpreted as Differences for Ordinal Scales in Quality of Life StudiesNing, Yilin ; Ho, Peh Joo; Stoer, Nathalie C; Lim, Ka Keat; Wee, Hwee-Lin ; Hartman, Mikael ; Reilly, Marie; Tan, Chuen Seng 
52017A qualitative study on Singaporean women's views towards breast cancer screening and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) gene testing to guide personalised screening strategiesWong, X.Y; Chong, K.J; van Til, J.A; Wee, H.L 
6Nov-2009A survey of knowledge on diabetes in the central region of ThailandPongmesa, T.; Li, S.-C. ; Wee, H.-L. 
7Jun-2009An update on cardiovascular disease epidemiology in South East Asia. Rationale and design of the LIFE course study in CARdiovascular disease Epidemiology (LIFECARE)Tai, E.S.; Poulton, R.; Thumboo, J.; Sy, R.; Castillo-Carandang, N.; Sritara, P.; Adam, J.M.F.; Sim, K.H.; Fong, A.; Wee, H.L. ; Woodward, M.
82-Oct-2008Are symbols useful and culturally acceptable in health-state valuation studies? An exploratory study in a multi-ethnic Asian populationWee, H.-L. ; Li, S.-C.; Zhang, X.-H.; Xie, F.; Feeny, D.; Luo, N. ; Cheung, Y.-B.; Machin, D.; Fong, K.-Y.; Thumboo, J.
91-Feb-2014Asian study of clopidogrel (ASCLOP) responsiveness: The contributions of genetic and non-genetic factorsTan, D.S.Y. ; Yeo, A.H.L.; Ho, H.K. ; Wee, H.L. ; Ong, H.Y.
102007Assessing differences in utility scores: A comparison of four widely used preference-based instrumentsWee, H.-L. ; Fong, K.-Y. ; Li, S.-C. ; Machin, D.; Loke, W.-C.; Cheung, Y.-B.; Luo, N. ; Feeny, D.; Thumboo, J. 
112016Association of anemia and mineral and bone disorder with health-related quality of life in Asian pre-dialysis patientsWee H.-L. ; Seng B.J.J.; Lee J.J. ; Chong K.J. ; Tyagi P. ; Vathsala A. ; How P. 
12May-2013Association of anthropometric measures with SF-36v2 PCS and MCS in a multi-ethnic Asian populationTan, M.L.S.; Wee, H.-L. ; Lee, J. ; Ma, S.; Heng, D.; Tai, E.-S.; Thumboo, J.
132010Association of body mass index with Short-Form 36 physical and mental component summary scores in a multiethnic Asian populationWee, H.-L. ; Thumboo, J. ; Wu, Y. ; Tai, E.S. ; Lee, J. 
14Jun-2013Associations between complications and health-related quality of life in individuals with diabetesVenkataraman K. ; Wee H.L. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Tai E.S. ; Lee J. ; Lim S.C. ; Tavintharan S.; Wong T.Y. ; Ma S. ; Heng D. ; Thumboo J. 
152014Associations between disease awareness and health-related quality of life in a multi-ethnic asian populationVenkataraman K. ; Khoo C. ; Wee H.L. ; Tan C.S. ; Ma S.; Heng D.; Lee J. ; Tai E.S. ; Thumboo J.
1626-Nov-2012Associations of Lifestyle Factors, Disease History and Awareness with Health-Related Quality of Life in a Thai PopulationVathesatogkit, P.; Sritara, P.; Kimman, M.; Hengprasith, B.; E-Shyong, T.; Wee, H.-L. ; Woodward, M.
17Dec-2021Associations of park access, park use and physical activity in parks with wellbeing in an Asian urban environment: a cross-sectional studyPetrunoff, Nicholas A ; Yi, Ng Xian ; Dickens, Borame ; Sia, Angelia; Koo, Joel; Cook, Alex R ; Lin, Wee Hwee ; Ying, Lu; Hsing, Ann W; van Dam, Rob M ; Muller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
182010Audit of diabetes-dependent quality of life (ADDQoL) Chinese version for Singapore questionnaire: Reliability and validity among Singaporeans with type 2 diabetes mellitusSoon, S.S.; Goh, S.Y.; Bee, Y.M.; Poon, J.L.; Li, S.C. ; Thumboo, J.; Wee, H.L. 
191-Jul-2021Avoiding Trouble Ahead: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Economic Evaluations of COVID-19 VaccinesPainter, Chris; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Prawjaeng, Juthamas; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Chua, Brandon Wen Bing ; Huynh, Vinh Anh ; Lou, Jing ; Goh, Fang Ting; Luangasanatip, Nantasit; Pan-Ngum, Wirichada; Yi, Wang ; Clapham, Hannah ; Teerawattananon, Yot 
2026-Apr-2021Barriers to and facilitators of cervical cancer screening among women in Southeast Asia: A systematic reviewChua, Brandon ; Ma, Viva; Asjes, Caitlin; Lim, Ashley; Mohseni, Mahsa; Wee, Hwee Lin