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11-Feb-2014Asian study of clopidogrel (ASCLOP) responsiveness: The contributions of genetic and non-genetic factorsTan, D.S.Y. ; Yeo, A.H.L.; Ho, H.K. ; Wee, H.L. ; Ong, H.Y.
22014Association between number of doses per day, number of medications and patient's non-compliance, and frequency of readmissions in a multi-ethnic Asian populationMing Ren Toh; Vivien Teo; Yu Heng Kwan; Sreemanee Raaj; Doreen Su-Yin Tan ; Joyce Zhen Yin Tan
32015Association between total daily doses with duration of hospitalization among readmitted patients in a multi ethnic asian populationTeo V; Toh MR; Kwan YH; Raaj S; Tan DSY ; Tan JZY
41-Sep-2011Clopidogrel hyporesponsiveness: are we all the same?Tan DS 
52018Comparison of rivaroxaban concentrations between Asians and Caucasians and their correlation with PT/INRNg HOT; Goh JJN; Aw JWX; Lin YY; Fong AYY; Tiong LL; Tan D 
62017Cost-effectiveness of sacubitril/valsartan versus enalapril in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fractionLin L; Wu DBC; Abdul Aziz MI; Wong R; Sim D; Leong G; Yong QW; Tan D ; Kwong N
731-Oct-2019CYP2C19 phenotype in South?East Asian Acute Coronary Syndrome patients and impact on major adverse cardiovascular eventsTan DS ; Aw JWX; Winther M; Goh LL; Ong HY; Wee E; Liu J; Ho HK; J Clin Pharm Ther
82017Drug Class, Renal Elimination, and Outcomes of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Asian Patients: A Meta-AnalysisWang KL; Chiu CC; Guigliano R; Tan D ; Lin CY; Lai EY; Goto S; Chiang CE
922-Dec-2018Efficacy and safety of reduced-dose non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang KL; Lopes RD; Patel MR; Büller HR; Tan DS ; Chiang CE; Giugliano RP
10Mar-2014Erythema multiforme secondary to dimenhydrinate in a patient with previous similar reactions to pamabrom, Ann PharmacotherDoreen Su-Yin Tan 
112018Expert Opinion. Using Pharmacogenetic Testing or Platelet Reactivity Testing to Tailor Antiplatelet Therapy: Are Asians different from Caucasians?Tan DSY 
12Mar-2017Identifying Potentially Avoidable Readmissions: A Medication-Based 15-Day Readmission Risk Stratification AlgorithmDorajoo SR; See V; Chan CT; Tan JZ; Tan DS ; Abdul Razak SM; Ong TT; Koomanan N; Yap CW; Chan A
132015Incidence of bleeding in patients with left ventricular thrombi post-myocardial infarction on triple antithrombotic therapy with a lowered International Normalised Ratio (INR) range: a case seriesGXY Wong; GSW Chang; DSY Tan 
142017Incidence of thromboembolic and bleeding events in patients with newly diagnosed nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: An Asian multicenter retrospective cohort study in SingaporeWee XT; Ho LM; Ho HK; Lee JYC; Yap CW; William H; Chan LCE; Tay HC; Goh CEM; Tan D 
152018Letter regarding Article, "Clinical outcomes and sustainability of using CYP2C19 genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention"Aw JWX; Tan DSY ; Goh LL
16May-2017Non-Vitamin K Oral Anticoagulant dosing and use – Inappropriate dosing is rife!Tan D ; Wong SL; Chia J; Lim L
172017Once- or twice-daily non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants in Asian patients with atrial fibrillation: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang KL; Chiu CC; Tan D ; Lin CY; Lai EY; Goto S; Giugliano RP; Chiang CE
182020Patients' and Caregivers' Attitudes Towards Deprescribing in SingaporeKua; C.H.; E. Reeves; Tan DSY 
192017Platelet reactivity assay and CYP2B6 mutations predict clinically significant ticagrelor-related bleeding in AsiansLeong WQ; Kim JH; Aw WX; Tan D 
202015Prevalence of dysglycaemic events among inpatients with diabetes mellitus: a Singaporean perspectiveKY Ong; YH Kwan; HC Tay; DSY Tan ; JY Chang