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Chee Tang Chin


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11-Jan-20212021 Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Consensus Recommendations on the Use of P2Y12 Receptor Antagonists in the Asia-Pacific Region: Special PopulationsTan, JWC ; Chew, DP; Tsui, KL; Tan, D ; Duplyakov, D; Hammoudeh, A; Zhang, B; Li, Y; Xu, K; Ong, PJ; Firman, D; Gamra, H; Almahmeed, W; Dalal, J; Tam, LW; Steg, G; Nguyen, QN; Ako, J; Al Suwaidi, J; Chan, M ; Sobhy, M; Shehab, A; Buddhari, W; Wang, Z; Fong, AYY; Karadag, B; Kim, BK; Baber, U; Chin, CT ; Han, YL
21-Apr-2018Plasma Ceramides as Prognostic Biomarkers and Their Arterial and Myocardial Tissue Correlates in Acute Myocardial Infarctionde Carvalho, Leonardo P ; Tan, Sock Hwee ; Ow, Ghim-Siong; Tang, Zhiqun; Ching, Jianhong ; Kovalik, Jean-Paul; Poh, Sock Cheng; Chin, Chee-Tang ; Richards, A Mark ; Martinez, Eliana C ; Troughton, Richard W; Fong, Alan Yean-Yip; Yan, Bryan P; Seneviratna, Aruni; Sorokin, Vitaly; Summers, Scott A; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A; Chan, Mark Y 
32018Predictors of high-cost hospitalization in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome in Asia: Findings from EPICOR AsiaJan, S; Lee, S.W.-L; Sawhney, J.P.S; Ong, T.K; Chin, C.T ; Kim, H.-S; Krittayaphong, R; Nhan, V.T; Pocock, S.J; Vega, A.M; Hayashi, N; Huo, Y
430-Dec-2020Remote Postdischarge Treatment of Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction by Allied Health Care Practitioners vs Standard Care The IMMACULATE Randomized Clinical TrialChan, Mark Y ; Koh, Karen WL; Poh, Sock-Cheng; Marchesseau, Stephanie ; Singh, Devinder; Han, Yiying ; Ng, Faclin; Lim, Eleanor; Prabath, Joseph F; Lee, Chi-Hang ; Sim, Hui-Wen; Chen, Ruth; Carvalho, Leonardo ; Tan, Sock-Hwee ; Loh, Joshua PY; Tan, Jack WC; Kuwelker, Karishma; Amanullah, RM ; Chin, Chee-Tang ; Yip, James WL; Lee, Choy-Yee; Gan, Juvena; Lo, Chew-Yong ; Ho, Hee-Hwa; Hausenloy, Derek J; Tai, Bee-Choo ; Richards, A Mark 
53-Feb-2020The application of exercise stress cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients with suspected dilated cardiomyopathyThu-Thao, Le ; Bryant, Jennifer Ann ; Ang, Briana Wei Yin; Pua, Chee Jian ; Su, Boyang ; Ho, Pei Yi; Lim, Shiqi; Huang, Weiting ; Lee, Phong Teck ; Tang, Hak Chiaw ; Chin, Chee Tang ; Tan, Boon Yew ; Cook, Stuart Alexander; Chin, Calvin Woon-Loong 
62016Warfarin related nephropathy: A case report and review of the literature Case ReportsNg, C.Y; Tan, C.S ; Chin, C.T ; Lim, S.L ; Zhu, L; Woo, K.T; Tan, P.H