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Eliana C Martinez Valencia
(not current staff)
Martinez, E.C.
Valencia, Eliana C. Martinez
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Consequences of incomplete repair of acute type A aortic dissectionSorokin, V.A.; Kofidis, T. ; Woitek, F.; Martinez, E.C. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Klima, U. 
22008Determinants of Bioartificial Myocardial Graft Survival and Engraftment In VivoMueller-Stahl, K.; Kofidis, T. ; Akhyari, P.; Lenz, A.; Haverich, A.; Lee, D.H.L.; Martinez, E.C. ; Woitek, F.
32009First paediatric left ventricular assist device implantation as bridge-to-recovery in SingaporeKofidis, T. ; Klima, U. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Woitek, F.; Swee, C.Q. ; Bee, L.A.; Martinez, E.C. 
49-Mar-2015Incorporation of a prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor into scaffolds: A strategy for stimulating vascularizationSham, Adeline ; Valencia, Eliana C. Martinez ; Beyer, Sebastian; Trau, Dieter Wilhelm ; Raghunath, Michael 
52009Myocardial tissue engineering: The quest for the ideal myocardial substituteMartinez, E.C. ; Kofidis, T. 
61-May-2015Natriuretic peptide receptor 3 (NPR3) is regulated by microRNA-100Wong, Lee Lee ; Wee, Abby S.Y.; Lim, Jia Yuen ; Ng, Yan Xia, Jessica ; Chong, Jenny P.C.; Lew, Oi Wah ; LILYANNA SHERA ; Valencia, Eliana C. Martinez ; Ackers-Johnson, Matthew Andrew ; Vardy, Leah A.; Arunmozhiarasi, Armugam ; Kandiah, Jeyaseelan ; Ng, Tze Pin ; Lam, Su Ping, Carolyn ; Foo, Roger S.Y.; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Chen, Yei-Tsung 
72009Off-pump coronary bypass grafting is safe and efficient in patients with left main disease and higher EuroScoreThomas, G.N.; Sakaguchi, H.; Muecke, S.; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. ; Martinez, E.C. ; Woitek, F.; Emmert, M.Y.
82010Off-pump coronary bypass surgery is safe in patients with a low ejection fraction (≤25%)Emmert, M.Y.; Emmert, L.S.; Martinez, E.C. ; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. 
92010Off-pump versus on-pump coronary artery bypass procedures: Postoperative renal complications in an asian populationLoganathan, S.; Nieh, C.C.; Emmert, M.Y.; Woitek, F.; Martinez, E.C. ; Muecke, S.; Lee, C.N. ; Kofidis, T. 
101-Apr-2018Plasma Ceramides as Prognostic Biomarkers and Their Arterial and Myocardial Tissue Correlates in Acute Myocardial Infarctionde Carvalho, Leonardo P ; Tan, Sock Hwee ; Ow, Ghim-Siong; Tang, Zhiqun; Ching, Jianhong ; Kovalik, Jean-Paul; Poh, Sock Cheng; Chin, Chee-Tang ; Richards, A Mark ; Martinez, Eliana C ; Troughton, Richard W; Fong, Alan Yean-Yip; Yan, Bryan P; Seneviratna, Aruni; Sorokin, Vitaly; Summers, Scott A; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A; Chan, Mark Y