Full Name
Tze Pin Ng
Ng, T.P.
Ng Tze Pin
Pin, N.T.
Ng, Tze Pin Ng
Ng, Tze-Pin
Tze, P.N.
Ng, Tze Pin
Ng, T.-P.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A bio-psycho-social approach for frailty amongst Singaporean Chinese community-dwelling older adults-evidence from the Singapore Longitudinal Aging StudyTeo, N.; Yeo, P.S. ; Gao, Q. ; Nyunt, M.S.Z. ; Foo, J.J.; Wee, S.L. ; Ng, T.P. 
22018A novel language-neutral Visual Cognitive Assessment Test (VCAT): Validation in four Southeast Asian countriesLim, L; Ng, T.P ; Ong, A.P; Tan, M.P; Cenina, A.R; Gao, Q ; Ng, A; Kandiah, N
32015A pilot randomized controlled trial using EEG-based brain–computer interface training for a Chinese-speaking group of healthy elderlyLee, Tih-Shih ; Quek, Shin Yi ; Goh, Siau Juinn ; Rachel Phillips ; Guan C.; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Feng Lei ; Wang C.C.; Chin Z.Y.; Zhang H.; Lee J.; NG TZE PIN ; Krishnan, K Ranga Rama 
42014A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial of Multifaceted Educational Intervention for Mild Cognitive Impairment Among Elderly Malays in Kuala LumpurJohari, S.M.; Shahar, S.; Ng, T.P. ; Rajikan, R.
51992A prevalence study of dysmenorrhoea in female residents aged 15-54 years in Clementi Town, Singapore.Ng, T.P. ; Tan, N.C.; Wansaicheong, G.K.
62020A single-arm feasibility study of community-delivered Baduanjin (Qigong practice of the eight Brocades) training for frail older adultsLiu, X.; Seah, J.W.T.; Pang, B.W.J.; Tsao, M.A.; Gu, F.; Ng, W.C.; Tay, J.Y.R.; Ng, T.P. ; Wee, S.L.
71992A study of silica nephrotoxicity in exposed silicotic and non-silicotic workersNg, T.P. ; Ng, Y.L.; Lee, H.S. ; Chia, K.S. ; Ong, H.Y.
81997Accurate intraocular pressure measurement in contact lens wearers with normal pressuresLim, L.; Tan, D.T.H.; Ng, T.P. 
9Jan-2010Adequacy of psychiatric training: A Singaporean perspectiveTor, P.-C. ; Ng, T.-P. ; Kua, E.-H. 
10Jul-2011Adjunctive benzodiazepine treatment of hospitalized schizophrenia patients in Asia from 2001 to 2008Tor, Phern-Chern; Ng, Tze Pin ; Yong, Kian-Hui; Kang Sima; Xiang, Yu-Tao; Wang, Chuan-Yue; Ho, Ming Lee Edwin; Fujii, Senta; Yang, Shu-yu; Chong, Mian-Yoon; Ungvari, Gabor S.; Si, Tianmei; He, Yan Ling; Chung, Eun Kee; Chee, Kok-Yoon; Trivedi, Jintendra; Udomratn, Pichet; Shinfuku, Naotaka; Kua, Ee Heok; Tan, Chay Hoon; Sartorius, Norman; Baldessarini, Ross J.
111999Adult asthma prevalence, morbidity and mortality and their relationships with environmental and medical care factors in SingaporeNg, T.P. 
122017Age-dependent relationships between body mass index and mortality: Singapore longitudinal ageing studyNg T.P. ; Jin A.; Chow K.Y.; Feng L. ; Nyunt M.S.Z. ; Yap K.B. 
132017Age-related cognitive decline and associations with sex, education and apolipoprotein E genotype across ethnocultural groups and geographic regions: a collaborative cohort studyLipnicki D.M.; Crawford J.D.; Dutta R.; Thalamuthu A.; Kochan N.A.; Andrews G.; Lima-Costa M.F.; Castro-Costa E.; Brayne C.; Matthews F.E.; Stephan B.C.M.; Lipton R.B.; Katz M.J.; Ritchie K.; Scali J.; Ancelin M.-L.; Scarmeas N.; Yannakoulia M.; Dardiotis E.; Lam L.C.W.; Wong C.H.Y.; Fung A.W.T.; Guaita A.; Vaccaro R.; Davin A.; Kim K.W.; Han J.W.; Kim T.H.; Anstey K.J.; Cherbuin N.; Butterworth P.; Scazufca M.; Kumagai S.; Chen S.; Narazaki K.; Ng T.P. ; Gao Q. ; Reppermund S.; Brodaty H.; Lobo A.; Lopez-Anton R.; Santabárbara J.; Sachdev P.S.
142009Albumin, Apolipoprotein e-ε4 and cognitive decline in community-dwelling chinese older adultsNg, T.-P. ; Niti, M. ; Feng, L. ; Kua, E.-H. ; Yap, K.-B. 
152008Albumin, haemoglobin, BMI and cognitive performance in older adultsNg, T.-P. ; Feng, L. ; Niti, M. ; Yap, K.B. 
161992An epidemiological survey of respiratory morbidity among granite quarry workers in Singapore: chronic bronchitis and lung function impairment.Ng, T.P. ; Phoon, W.H.; Lee, H.S. ; Ng, Y.L.; Tan, K.T.
171992An epidemiological survey of respiratory morbidity among granite quarry workers in Singapore: radiological abnormalities.Ng, T.P. ; Phoon, W.H.; Lee, H.S.; Ng, Y.L.; Tan, K.T.
181992An investigation of solvent-induced neuro-psychiatric disorders in spray painters.Ng, T.P. ; Lim, L.C.; Win, K.K.
191-Jul-2012Anxiety and depression, chronic physical conditions, and quality of life in an urban population sample studyLim, Leslie; Jin, Ai-Zhen; Ng, Tze-Pin 
202009APOE-ε4, depressive symptoms, and cognitive decline in Chinese older adults: Singapore longitudinal aging studiesNiti, M. ; Yap, K.-B. ; Kua, E.-H. ; Ng, T.-P.