Full Name
Krishnan,K Ranga Rama
(not current staff)
Krishnan, R.K.
Krishnan, R.R.
Krishnan, K.R.
Krishnan K. Rangan
Krishnan, R.
Krishnan, R.K.R.
Krishnan,K. Ranga Rama
Krishnan, K Ranga R
Krishnan, K Ranga Rama
Krishnan, K.R.R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-20117th college of physicians lecture - the changing face of medicine, medicine -past, present and futureKrishnan, K.R.R. 
224-Oct-2012A Brain-Computer Interface Based Attention Training Program for Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderLim, C.G.; Lee, T.S. ; Guan, C.; Fung, D.S.S.; Zhao, Y.; Teng, S.S.W.; Zhang, H.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
318-Nov-2013A brain-computer interface based cognitive training system for healthy elderly: A randomized control pilot study for usability and preliminary efficacyLee, T.-S. ; Goh, S.J.A.; Quek, S.Y.; Phillips, R.; Guan, C.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Feng, L.; Teng, S.S.W.; Wang, C.C.; Chin, Z.Y.; Zhang, H.; Ng, T.P.; Lee, J.; Keefe, R.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
4Feb-2008A global partnership in medical education between Duke University and the National University of SingaporeWilliams, R.S.; Casey, P.J. ; Kamei, R.K.; Buckley, E.G.; Soo, K.C.; Merson, M.H.; Krishnan, R.K. ; Dzau, V.J.
52015A pilot randomized controlled trial using EEG-based brain�computer interface training for a Chinese-speaking group of healthy elderlyLee, Tih-Shih ; Quek, Shin Yi ; Goh, Siau Juinn ; Rachel Phillips ; Guan C.; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Feng Lei ; Wang C.C.; Chin Z.Y.; Zhang H.; Lee J.; NG TZE PIN ; Krishnan, K Ranga Rama 
62019A randomized controlled trial of a brain-computer interface based attention training program for ADHDLim, C.G.; Poh, X.W.W.; Fung, S.S.D.; Guan, C.; Bautista, D. ; Cheung, Y.B. ; Zhang, H.; Yeo, S.N. ; Krishnan, R. ; Lee, T.S. 
7Jan-2013Academic medicine: Vision to realityKrishnan, R.R. ; Ng, I.
831-May-2012AGTR1 gene variation: Association with depression and frontotemporal morphologyTaylor, W.D.; Benjamin, S.; McQuoid, D.R.; Payne, M.E.; Krishnan, R.R. ; MacFall, J.R.; Ashley-Koch, A.
92009Alterations in tryptophan and purine metabolism in cocaine addiction: A metabolomic studyPatkar, A.A.; Rozen, S. ; Mannelli, P.; Matson, W.; Pae, C.-U.; Krishnan, K.R. ; Kaddurah-Daouk, R.
102010Alzheimer's disease-The inexorable epidemicLee, T.-S. ; Krishnan, K.R. 
11Sep-2011Amygdala volume in late-life depression: Relationship with age of onsetBurke, J.; McQuoid, D.R.; Payne, M.E.; Steffens, D.C.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Taylor, W.D.
12Aug-2010Angiotensin receptor gene polymorphisms and 2-year change in hyperintense lesion volume in menTaylor, W.D.; Steffens, D.C.; Ashley-Koch, A.; Payne, M.E.; MacFall, J.R.; Potocky, C.F.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
131-Feb-2009APOE related hippocampal shape alteration in geriatric depressionQiu, A. ; Taylor, W.D.; Zhao, Z.; MacFall, J.R.; Miller, M.I.; Key, C.R.; Payne, M.E.; Steffens, D.C.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
14Jul-2012Association of Depression and Survival in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure over 12 YearsAdams, J.; Kuchibhatla, M.; Christopher, E.J.; Alexander, J.D.; Clary, G.L.; Cuffe, M.S.; Califf, R.M.; Krishnan, R.R. ; O'Connor, C.M.; Jiang, W.
15Feb-2013Associations between elevated homocysteine, cognitive impairment, and reduced white matter volume in healthy old adultsFeng, Lei ; Isaac, Vivian ; Sim, Sam ; Ng, Tze-Pin ; Krishnan, K Ranga R ; Chee, Michael W L 
16Apr-2011BDNF Val66Met genotype and 6-month remission rates in late-life depressionTaylor, W.D.; McQuoid, D.R.; Ashley-Koch, A.; MacFall, J.R.; Bridgers, J.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Steffens, D.C.
1730-Apr-2009Biochemical abnormalities of the medial temporal lobe and medial prefrontal cortex in late-life depressionVenkatraman, T.N.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Steffens, D.C.; Song, A.W.; Taylor, W.D.
1830-Jul-2012Bipolar disorder, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Val66Met polymorphism and brain morphologyTeh, C.A.; Lee, T.-S.; Kuchibhatla, M.; Ashley-Koch, A.; MacFall, J.; Krishnan, R. ; Beyer, J.
192018Brain-computer-interface-based intervention re-normalizes brain functional network topology in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorderQian, X ; Loo, B.R.Y ; Castellanos, F.X; Liu, S ; Koh, H.L ; Poh, X.W.W; Krishnan, R ; Fung, D; Chee, M.W ; Guan, C ; Lee, T.-S ; Lim, C.G; Zhou, J 
202012Cerebrospinal fluid metabolome in mood disorders-remission state has a unique metabolic profileKaddurah-Daouk, R.; Yuan, P.; Boyle, S.H.; Matson, W.; Wang, Z.; Zeng, Z.B.; Zhu, H.; Dougherty, G.G.; Yao, J.K.; Chen, G.; Guitart, X.; Carlson, P.J.; Neumeister, A.; Zarate, C.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Manji, H.K.; Drevets, W.