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12018Altered sensory insular connectivity in chronic postsurgical pain patientsChing, Y.Y; Wang, C; Tay, T ; Loke, Y.M ; Tang, P.H; Sng, B.L ; Zhou, J 
22016Better not to know? Emotion regulation fails to benefit from affective cueingLiu, S ; Vanderhasselt, M.-A; Zhou, J ; Schirmer, A ; Goh, J.O.S; Fareri, D.S; Thurm, F
32018Brain-computer-interface-based intervention re-normalizes brain functional network topology in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorderQian, X ; Loo, B.R.Y ; Castellanos, F.X; Liu, S ; Koh, H.L ; Poh, X.W.W; Krishnan, R ; Fung, D; Chee, M.W ; Guan, C ; Lee, T.-S ; Lim, C.G; Zhou, J 
42018Case-control analysis of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 protective variants in Alzheimer's diseaseNg A.S.L. ; Ng E.Y.L.; Tan Y.J. ; Kandiah N. ; Zhou J. ; Hameed S. ; Ting S.K.S. ; Tan E.-K. 
52018Cerebrovascular disease influences functional and structural network connectivity in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseVipin A. ; Loke Y.M. ; Liu S. ; Hilal S. ; Shim H.Y. ; Xu X. ; Tan B.Y. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Zhou J. 
62014Cognitive deficits in mild Parkinson's disease are associated with distinct areas of grey matter atrophyMak, E.; Zhou, J. ; Tan, L.C.S.; Au, W.L. ; Sitoh, Y.Y.; Kandiah, N. 
72020Corticolimbic brain anomalies are associated with cognitive subtypes in psychosis: A longitudinal studyHo, N.F.; Lee, B.J.H.; Tng, J.X.J.; Lam, M.Z.Y.; Chen, G.; Wang, M.; Zhou, J. ; Keefe, R.S.E.; Sim, Kang
82011Differential development of human brain white matter tractsImperati D.; Colcombe S.; Kelly C.; Martino A.; Zhou J. ; Castellanos F.X.; Milham M.P.
92020Distinct BOLD variability changes in the default mode and salience networks in Alzheimer’s disease spectrum and associations with cognitive declineZhang, L. ; Zuo, X.-N.; Ng, K.K. ; Chong, J.S.X. ; Shim, H.Y. ; Ong, M.Q.W. ; Loke, Y.M. ; Choo, B.L. ; Chong, E.J.Y. ; Wong, Z.X. ; Hilal, S. ; Venketasubramanian, N.; Tan, B.Y.; Chen, C.L.-H. ; Zhou, J.H. 
102017Distinct white matter microstructural abnormalities and extracellular water increases relate to cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease with and without cerebrovascular diseaseJi F. ; Pasternak O.; Liu S. ; Loke Y.M. ; Choo B.L. ; Hilal S. ; Xu X. ; Ikram M.K. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Zhou J. 
112016Early cerebral volume reductions and their associations with reduced lupus disease activity in patients with newly-diagnosed systemic lupus erythematosusMak, A ; Ho, R.C.-M ; Tng, H.-Y ; Koh, H.L ; Chong, J.S.X ; Zhou, J 
1213-Jun-2012Gender modulates the APOE ε4 effect in healthy older adults: Convergent evidence from functional brain connectivity and spinal fluid tau levelsDamoiseaux, J.S.; Seeley, W.W.; Zhou, J. ; Shirer, W.R.; Coppola, G.; Karydas, A.; Rosen, H.J.; Miller, B.L.; Kramer, J.H.; Greicius, M.D.
131-Apr-2019Individual-specific fMRI-Subspaces improve functional connectivity prediction of behaviorKashyap, Rajan ; Kong, Ru; Bhattacharjee, Sagarika; Li, Jingwei ; Zhou, Juan ; Yeo, BT Thomas 
142016Inter-hemispheric functional dysconnectivity mediates the association of corpus callosum degeneration with memory impairment in AD and amnestic MCIQiu, Y; Liu, S ; Hilal, S; Loke, Y.M ; Ikram, M.K ; Xu, X ; Yeow Tan, B; Venketasubramanian, N ; Chen, C.L.-H ; Zhou, J 
151-Dec-2017Interpreting temporal fluctuations in resting-state functional connectivity MRILiegeois, Raphael ; Laumann, Timothy O; Snyder, Abraham Z; Zhou, Juan ; Yeo, BT Thomas 
162015Intrinsic affective network is impaired in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHo N.-F.; Chong J.S.X.; Koh H.L. ; Koukouna E.; Lee T.-S. ; Fung D.; Lim C.G.; Zhou J. 
171-Apr-2014Network dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia: Implications for psychiatryZhou, J. ; Seeley, W.W.
182020Posterior Cingulate Cortex Network Predicts Alzheimer's Disease ProgressionLee, P.-L.; Chou, K.-H.; Chung, C.-P.; Lai, T.-H.; Zhou, J.H. ; Wang, P.-N.; Lin, C.-P.
192018Recognition of Schizophrenia with Regularized Support Vector Machine and Sequential Region of Interest Selection using Structural Magnetic Resonance ImagingChin, R; You, A.X; Meng, F; Zhou, J ; Sim, K 
202020Using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Augment the Effect of Motor Imagery-Assisted Brain-Computer Interface Training in Chronic Stroke Patients—Cortical Reorganization ConsiderationsChew, E.; Teo, W.-P.; Tang, N.; Ang, K.K.; Ng, Y.S.; Zhou, J.H. ; Teh, I.; Phua, K.S.; Zhao, L.; Guan, C.