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12015Acute quadriplegia caused by necrotizing myopathy in a renal transplant recipient with severe pneumonia: Acute onset and complete recoveryTu, G.-W; Song, J.-Q; Ting, S.K.S ; Ju, M.-J; He, H.-Y; Dong, J.-H; Luo, Z
22017B vitamins and cognition in subjects with small vessel disease: A Substudy of VITATOPS, a randomized, placebo-controlled trialTing S.K.S. ; Earnest A. ; Li H. ; Hameed S. ; Chang H.M. ; Chen C.L.H. ; Tan E.-K. 
32018Case-control analysis of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 protective variants in Alzheimer's diseaseNg A.S.L. ; Ng E.Y.L.; Tan Y.J. ; Kandiah N. ; Zhou J. ; Hameed S. ; Ting S.K.S. ; Tan E.-K. 
42017Characteristics of Chinese-English bilingual dyslexia in right occipito-temporal lesionTing S.K.S. ; Chia P.S.; Chan Y.H. ; Kwek K.J.H.; Tan W.; Hameed S. ; Tan E.-K. 
52016Clinicopathological correlation of psychosis and brain vascular changes in Alzheimer's diseaseTing S.K.S. ; Hao Y.; Chia P.S.; Tan E.-K. ; Hameed S. 
62014Digit span: A comparison of Chinese versus alphabetic language speakers in dysexecutive dementia patientsTing S.K.S. ; Hameed S. ; Tan E.-K. ; Gabriel C.; Doshi K.
72018Targeted exome sequencing reveals homozygous TREM2 R47C mutation presenting with behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia without bone involvementNg A.S.L.; Tan Y.J. ; Yi Z.; Tandiono M.; Chew E.; Dominguez J.; Macas M.; Ng E.; Hameed S. ; Ting S. ; Tan E.K. ; Foo J.N.; Kandiah N.