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Li Hsian Christopher Chen
Chen, C.L.H.
Chen C.P.
Chen, L.
Chen, C.
Li-Hsian Chen, C.
Chen, C.P.
Chen, C.P.L.H.
Chen, C.L.-H.
Chen, C.P.L.-H.
Chen, C.P.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2009A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized phase II pilot study to investigate the potential efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine neuroaid (MLC 601) in enhancing recovery after stroke (TIERS)Kong, K.H.; Wee, S.K.; Ng, C.Y.; Chua, K.; Chan, K.F.; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Chen, C. 
22019A genome-wide association study identifies genetic loci associated with specific lobar brain volumesvan der Lee, S.J.; Knol, M.J.; Chauhan, G.; Satizabal, C.L.; Smith, A.V.; Hofer, E.; Bis, J.C.; Hibar, D.P.; Hilal, S. ; van den Akker, E.B.; Arfanakis, K.; Bernard, M.; Yanek, L.R.; Amin, N.; Crivello, F.; Cheung, J.W.; Harris, T.B.; Saba, Y.; Lopez, O.L.; Li, S.; van der Grond, J.; Yu, L.; Paus, T.; Roshchupkin, G.V.; Amouyel, P.; Jahanshad, N.; Taylor, K.D.; Yang, Q.; Mathias, R.A.; Boehringer, S.; Mazoyer, B.; Rice, K.; Cheng, C.Y. ; Maillard, P.; van Heemst, D.; Wong, T.Y. ; Niessen, W.J.; Beiser, A.S.; Beekman, M.; Zhao, W. ; Nyquist, P.A.; Chen, C. ; Launer, L.J.; Psaty, B.M.; Ikram, M.K.; Vernooij, M.W.; Schmidt, H.; Pausova, Z.; Becker, D.M.; De Jager, P.L.; Thompson, P.M.; van Duijn, C.M.; Bennett, D.A.; Slagboom, P.E.; Schmidt, R.; Longstreth, W.T.; Ikram, M.A.; Seshadri, S.; Debette, S.; Gudnason, V.; Adams, H.H.H.; DeCarli, C.
31-Jan-2023A Machine Learning Approach for Early Diagnosis of Cognitive Impairment Using Population-Based DataTan, Wei Ying ; Hargreaves, Carol ; Chen, Christopher ; Hilal, Saima 
410-Mar-2022A multi-regression framework to improve diagnostic ability of optical coherence tomography retinal biomarkers to discriminate mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseChua, Jacqueline ; Li, Chi; Ho, Lucius Kang Hua; Wong, Damon; Tan, Bingyao; Yao, Xinwen; Gan, Alfred; Schwarzhans, Florian; Garhoefer, Gerhard; Sng, Chelvin CA ; Hilal, Saima ; Venketasubramanian, Narayanaswamy ; Cheung, Carol Y ; Fischer, Georg; Vass, Clemens; Wong, Tien Yin ; Chen, Christopher Li-Hsian ; Schmetterer, Leopold 
52014A pilot study to examine the correlation between cognition and blood biomarkers in a Singapore Chinese male cohort with type 2 diabetes mellitusGoh D.A.; Dong Y.; Lee W.Y.; Koay W.I.; Tay S.Z.; Soon D.; Chen C. ; Brittain C.F.; Lowe S.L.; Wong B.-S.
615-Jan-2010A serotoninergic basis for hyperphagic eating changes in Alzheimer's diseaseTsang, Shirley W ; Keene, Janet; Hope, Tony; Spence, Ian; Francis, Paul T; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell K 
72009Allantoin in human plasma, serum, and nasal-lining fluids as a biomarker of oxidative stress: Avoiding artifacts and establishing real in vivo concentrationsGruber, J. ; Tang, S.Y. ; Jenner, A.M. ; Lee, C.-Y.J.; Zhang, W. ; Halliwell, B. ; Kasiman, K. ; Chen, C. ; Mudway, I.; Kelly, F.J.; Blomberg, A.; Behndig, A.; Seet, R.C.S. 
82018Alterations in Brain Network Topology and Structural-Functional Connectome Coupling Relate to Cognitive ImpairmentWang, J. ; Khosrowabadi, R.; Ng, K.K. ; Hong, Z. ; Chong, J.S.X. ; Wang, Y. ; Chen, C.-Y. ; Hilal, S. ; Venketasubramanian, N.; Wong, T.Y.; Chen, C.L.-H. ; Ikram, M.K. ; Zhou, J. 
91-Oct-2008Alterations in NMDA receptor subunit densities and ligand binding to glycine recognition sites are associated with chronic anxiety in Alzheimer's diseaseTsang, Shirley WY ; Vinters, Harry V; Cummings, Jeffrey L; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher PL-H ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
101-Jan-2010Altered NCAM Expression Associated with the Cholinergic System in Alzheimer's DiseaseAisa, Barbara; Gil-Bea, Francisco J; Solas, Maite; Garcia-Alloza, Monica; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell K ; Francis, Paul T; Javier Ramirez, Maria
111-Feb-2016Altered relaxin family receptors RXFP1 and RXFP3 in the neocortex of depressed Alzheimer's disease patientsLee, Jasinda H ; Koh, Shu Qing; Guadagna, Simone; Francis, Paul T; Esiri, Margaret M; Chen, Christopher P ; Wong, Peter T-H ; Dawe, Gavin S ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
122017An iTRAQ-based proteomic analysis reveals dysregulation of neocortical synaptopodin in Lewy body dementiasDatta, A; Chai, Y.L; Tan, J.M; Lee, J.H ; Francis, P.T; Chen, C.P ; Sze, S.K; Lai, M.K.P 
1318-May-2016ApoE4 expression accelerates hippocampus-dependent cognitive deficits by enhancing A beta impairment of insulin signaling in an Alzheimer's disease mouse modelChan, Elizabeth S ; Shetty, Mahesh Shivarama ; Sajikumar, Sreedharan ; Chen, Christopher ; Soong, Tuck Wah ; Wong, Boon-Seng 
14Jul-2009Arterial stiffness is associated with intracranial large artery disease among ethnic Chinese and South Asian ischemic stroke patientsDe Silva, D.A.; Woon, F.-P.; Gan, H.-Y.; Chen, C.P. ; Chang, H.-M.; Koh, T.-H.; Kingwell, B.A.; Cameron, J.D.; Wong, M.-C.
15Dec-2008Arterial stiffness is associated with raised levels of the inflammatory marker erythrocyte sedimentation rate among ischaemic stroke patientsDe Silva, D.A.; Woon, F.-P.; Gan, H.-Y.; Chen, C. ; Chang, H.-M.; Cameron, J.; Kingwell, B.; Wong, M.-C.
1629-Jul-2022Association between Baseline NIHSS Limb Motor Score and Functional Recovery after Stroke: Analysis Based on a Multicountry DatasetChen C.L.H. ; Pokharkar Y.; Venketasubramanian N. ; for the CHIMES and CHIMES-E Investigators
172020Association Between Visual Impairment and Decline in Cognitive Function in a Multiethnic Asian PopulationLim, Z.W.; Chee, M.-L.; Soh, Z.D.; Cheung, N.; Dai, W.; Sahil, T.; Tao, Y.; Majithia, S.; Sabanayagam, C. ; Chen, C.L.-H. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Tham, Y.-C. 
18Jul-2012Associations of ankle-brachial index (ABI) with cerebral arterial disease and vascular events following ischemic strokeManzano, J.J.F.; De Silva, D.A.; Pascual, J.L.R.; Chang, H.-M.; Wong, M.-C.; Chen, C.P.L.H. 
191-Jan-2014Autoantibodies to GM1 and GQ1b alpha are not Biological Markers of Alzheimer's DiseaseMiura, Yumako ; Miyaji, Kazuki ; Chai, Yuek Ling ; Chen, Christopher LH ; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Yuki, Nobuhiro 
202017B vitamins and cognition in subjects with small vessel disease: A Substudy of VITATOPS, a randomized, placebo-controlled trialTing S.K.S. ; Earnest A. ; Li H. ; Hameed S. ; Chang H.M. ; Chen C.L.H. ; Tan E.-K.