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Hanqing Jasinda Lee
Lee, J.H.
Lee, J.H.-Q.


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11-Feb-2016Altered relaxin family receptors RXFP1 and RXFP3 in the neocortex of depressed Alzheimer's disease patientsLee, Jasinda H ; Koh, Shu Qing; Guadagna, Simone; Francis, Paul T; Esiri, Margaret M; Chen, Christopher P ; Wong, Peter T-H ; Dawe, Gavin S ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
22017An iTRAQ-based proteomic analysis reveals dysregulation of neocortical synaptopodin in Lewy body dementiasDatta, A; Chai, Y.L; Tan, J.M; Lee, J.H ; Francis, P.T; Chen, C.P ; Sze, S.K; Lai, M.K.P 
31-Jan-2014Decreased rabphilin 3A immunoreactivity in Alzheimer's disease is associated with A beta burdenTan, Michelle GK ; Lee, Chingli ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Francis, Paul T; Williams, Robert J; Ramirez, Maria J; Chen, Christopher P ; Wong, Peter T-H ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
41-Jan-2015Differential Alterations of Neocortical GluN Receptor Subunits in Patients with Mixed Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's DiseaseMohamed, Nur-Ezan ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Francis, Paul T; Esiri, Margaret M; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
51-Jan-2022Elevation of inactive cleaved annexin A1 in the neocortex is associated with amyloid, inflammatory and apoptotic markers in neurodegenerative dementiasChua, Xin Ying; Chong, Joyce R ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Ballard, Clive; Aarsland, Dag; Francis, Paul T; Cheng, Ai Ling; Lai, Mitchell KP 
62008Essential tremor and the common LRRK2 G2385R variantTan E.-K. ; Lee J.; Lim H.-Q. ; Yuen Y.; Zhao Y.
72009Ethnicity does not affect the homocysteine-lowering effect of b-vitamin therapy in singaporean stroke patientsKasiman, K.; Lee, J.H.-Q. ; Chen, C.P.L.-H. ; Eikelboom, J.W.; Hankey, G.J.; Lee, S.P.-K.; Lim, J.P.-Z.; Chang, H.-M.; Wong, M.-C.
82016Increased phosphorylation of collapsin response mediator protein-2 at Thr514 correlates with β-amyloid burden and synaptic deficits in Lewy body dementiasXing H.; Lim Y.-A. ; Chong J.R. ; Lee J.H. ; Aarsland D.; Ballard C.G.; Francis P.T.; Chen C.P. ; Lai M.K.P. 
98-May-2023Inflammatory panel cytokines are elevated in the neocortex of late-stage Alzheimer's disease but not Lewy body dementias.Chai, Yuek Ling ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Chong, Joyce R ; Ballard, Clive; Francis, Paul T; Kennedy, Brian K; Arumugam, Thiruma V ; Chen, Christopher P ; Aarsland, Dag; Lai, Mitchell KP 
101-Dec-2010Intact cannabinoid CB1 receptors in the Alzheimer's disease cortexLee, Jasinda H ; Agacinski, Grzegorz; Williams, Jonathan H; Wilcock, Gordon K; Esiri, Margaret M; Francis, Paul T; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell K 
1129-Jan-2021Isoform-specific upregulation of FynT kinase expression is associated with tauopathy and glial activation in Alzheimer's disease and Lewy body dementiasLow, Clara YB; Lee, Jasinda H ; Lim, Frances TW; Lee, Chingli ; Ballard, Clive; Francis, Paul T; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Tan, Michelle GK 
121-Jan-2019Lysosomal cathepsin D is upregulated in Alzheimer's disease neocortex and may be a marker for neurofibrillary degenerationChai, Yuek Ling ; Chong, Joyce R ; Weng, Jiaju; Howlett, David; Halsey, Andrea; Lee, Jasinda H ; Attems, Johannes; Aarsland, Dag; Francis, Paul T; Chet, Christopher P; Lai, Mitchell K 
131-Jan-2016Muscarinic M1 Receptor Coupling to G-protein is Intact in Parkinson's Disease DementiaLee, Jasinda H ; Francis, Paul T; Ballard, Clive G; Aarsland, Dag; Kalaria, Raj N; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
1415-Apr-2012Preservation of cortical histamine H-3 receptors in ischemic vascular and mixed dementiasSheng, Yuan; Lee, Jasinda H ; Medhurst, Andrew D; Wilcock, Gordon K; Esiri, Margaret; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
152015Regional Multiple Pathology Scores Are Associated with Cognitive Decline in Lewy Body DementiasHowlett, D.R; Whitfield, D; Johnson, M; Attems, J; O'Brien, J.T; Aarsland, D; Lai, M.K.P ; Lee, J.H ; Chen, C ; Ballard, C; Hortobágyi, T; Francis, P.T
161-Aug-2008Selective loss of P2Y(2) nucleotide receptor immunoreactivity is associated with Alzheimer's disease neuropathologyLai, Mitchell KP ; Tan, Michelle GK ; Kirvell, Sara; Hobbs, Carl; Lee, Jasinda ; Esiri, Margaret M; Chen, Christopher P ; Francis, Paul T
1725-Apr-2022The lateral entorhinal cortex is a hub for local and global dysfunction in early Alzheimer's disease statesMandino, Francesca; Yeow, Ling Yun; Bi, Renzhe; Sejin, Lee; Bae, Han Gyu; Baek, Seung Hyun; Lee, Chun-Yao; Mohammad, Hasan; Horien, Corey; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Jung, Sangyong; Fu, Yu; Olivo, Malini; Gigg, John; Grandjean, Joanes
181-Jun-2011Upregulation of AMPA receptor GluR2 (GluA2) subunits in subcortical ischemic vascular dementia is repressed in the presence of Alzheimer's diseaseMohamed, Nur-Ezan ; Zhao, Yi; Lee, Jasinda H ; Tan, Michelle G ; Esiri, Margaret M; Wilcock, Gordon K; Smith, A David; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell KP