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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2015A mitochondria-targeted ratiometric fluorescent probe to monitor endogenously generated sulfur dioxide derivatives in living cellsXu, Wang; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Peng, Juanjuan ; Su, Dongdong ; Yuan, Lin ; Chang, Young-Tae 
228-Oct-2015Chemical Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Aβ OligomersTeoh, Chai Lean ; Su, Dongdong ; Srikanta, Sahu ; Yun, Seok Wook; Drummond, Eleanor; Prelli, Frances C.; Lim, Sulgi; Cho, Sunhee; Ham, Sihyun; Wiśniewski, Thomas M.; Chang, Young-Tae 
3Sep-2015NeuO for Neuronal Labeling in ZebrafishTeoh, Chai Lean ; Er, Jun Cheng; Parag, Mukherjee ; Chang, Young-Tae 
416-Feb-2015NeuO: A fluorescent chemical probe for live neuron labelingEr, Jun Cheng; Leong, Cheryl; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Yuan, Qiang ; Merchant, Paolomi; Dunn, Matthew; Sulzer, David; Sames, Dalibor; Bhinge, Akkshay; Kim, Dongyoon; Kim, Seong-Min; Yoon, Myung-Han; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Hyunsoo, Shawn Je ; Yun, Seong-Wook; Chang, Young-Tae 
5Mar-2015Synthesis and systematic evaluation of dark resonance energy transfer (DRET)-based library and its application in cell imagingSu, Dongdong; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Kang, Nam-Young ; Yu, Xiaotong; Srikanta Sahu ; Chang, Young Tae 
625-Apr-2022The lateral entorhinal cortex is a hub for local and global dysfunction in early Alzheimer's disease statesMandino, Francesca; Yeow, Ling Yun; Bi, Renzhe; Sejin, Lee; Bae, Han Gyu; Baek, Seung Hyun; Lee, Chun-Yao; Mohammad, Hasan; Horien, Corey; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Jung, Sangyong; Fu, Yu; Olivo, Malini; Gigg, John; Grandjean, Joanes
72015The small molecule probe PT-Yellow labels the renal proximal tubules in zebrafishSander V.; Patke S.; Sahu, Srikanta ; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Peng Z.; Chang, Young-Tae ; Davidson A.J.
87-Mar-2015The development of a highly photostable and chemically stable zwitterionic near-infrared dye for imaging applicationsSu, Dongdong; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Animesh Samanta ; Kang, Nam-Young ; Park, Sung-Jin ; Chang, Young Tae