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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2015A mitochondria-targeted ratiometric fluorescent probe to monitor endogenously generated sulfur dioxide derivatives in living cellsXu, Wang; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Peng, Juanjuan ; Su, Dongdong ; Yuan, Lin ; Chang, Young-Tae 
22015Controlling the direction of rectification in a molecular diodeYuan L. ; Nerngchamnong N.; Cao L. ; Hamoudi H.; Del Barco E.; Roemer M. ; Sriramula R.K. ; Thompson D.; Nijhuis C.A. 
32015Development of highly selective, sensitive and fast response upconversion luminescent platform for hydrogen sulfide detectionPeng, Juanjuan; Teoh, Chai Lean; Zeng, Xiao; Samanta, Animesh; Wang, Lu; Xu, Wang; Su, Dongdong; Yuan, Lin ; Liu, Xiaogang ; Chang, Young-Tae 
413-May-2015Development of targetable two-photon fluorescent probes to image hypochlorous acid in mitochondria and lysonsome in live cell and inflamed mouse modelYuan, Lin ; Wang, Lu; Bikram Keshari Agrawalla; Park, Sung-Jin ; Zhu, Hai; Sivaraman, Balasubramaniam; Peng, Juanjuan ; Xu, Qing-Hua ; Chang, Young Tae 
52015Development of Targetable Two-Photon Fluorescent Probes to Image Hypochlorous Acid in Mitochondria and Lysosome in Live Cell and Inflamed Mouse ModelYuan Lin ; Wang Lu; Bikram Keshari Agrawalla; Park Sung Jin ; Zhu Hai; Balabubramaniam Sivaraman; Peng Juanjuan ; Xu Qing Hua ; Chang Young Tae 
618-Feb-2015High-efficiency in vitro and in vivo detection of Zn2+ by dye-assembled upconversion nanoparticlesPeng, Juanjuan; Xu, Wang; Teoh, Chai Lean; Han, Sanyan ; Kim, Beomsue; Samanta, Animesh; Er, Jun Cheng; Wang, Lu; Yuan, Lin ; Liu, Xiaogang ; Chang, Young-Tae 
7Jan-2016Multisite-binding turn-on fluorescent probe for monitoring mitochondrial ATP levels fluctuation in live cellsWang, Lu; Yuan, Lin ; Zeng, Xian; Peng, Juanjuan ; Ni, Yong ; Er, Jun Cheng; Xu, Wang; Bikram Keshari Agrawalla; Su, Dongdong; Kim, Beomsue ; Chang, Young Tae