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Nijhuis, C.A.
Nijhuis C.A.
Nijhuis, Christian Albertus
Nijhuis Christian Albertus
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2011A molecular half-wave rectifierNijhuis, C.A. ; Reus, W.F.; Siegel, A.C.; Whitesides, G.M.
25-Jul-2012Comparison of SAM-based junctions with Ga 2O 3/EGaIn top electrodes to other large-area tunneling junctionsNijhuis, C.A. ; Reus, W.F.; Barber, J.R.; Whitesides, G.M.
327-Dec-2010Control over rectification in supramolecular tunneling junctionsWimbush, K.S.; Reus, W.F.; Van Der Wiel, W.G.; Reinhoudt, D.N.; Whitesides, G.M.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Velders, A.H.
45-Feb-2014Controlling leakage currents: The role of the binding group and purity of the precursors for self-assembled monolayers in the performance of molecular diodesJiang, L.; Yuan, L.; Cao, L.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
52015Controlling the direction of rectification in a molecular diodeYuan L. ; Nerngchamnong N.; Cao L. ; Hamoudi H.; Del Barco E.; Roemer M. ; Sriramula R.K. ; Thompson D.; Nijhuis C.A. 
62015Defect scaling with contact area in EGaIn-based junctions: Impact on quality, Joule heating, and apparent injection currentJiang Le; Sangeeth C.S.S.; Wan Albert ; Vilan Ayelet; Nijhuis Christian Albertus 
724-Mar-2014Dependency of the tunneling decay coefficient in molecular tunneling junctions on the topography of the bottom electrodesYuan, L.; Jiang, L.; Zhang, B.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
82015Electrically-excited surface plasmon polaritons with directionality controlDong, Zhaogang; Chu, Hongson; Zhu, Di; Du, Wei; Akimov, Yu A.; Goh, , Weipeng; Wang, Tao ; Goh, Kuan Eng J; Troadec, Cedric; Nijhuis, Christian Albertus ; Yang, Joel
929-Dec-2010Mechanism of rectification in tunneling junctions based on molecules with asymmetric potential dropsNijhuis, C.A. ; Reus, W.F.; Whitesides, G.M.
1018-Jun-2013Nanoscale dynamics and protein adhesivity of alkylamine self-assembled monolayers on grapheneO'Mahony, S.; O'Dwyer, C.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Greer, J.C.; Quinn, A.J.; Thompson, D.
119-Mar-2011Odd-even effects in charge transport across self-assembled monolayersThuo, M.M.; Reus, W.F.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Barber, J.R.; Kim, C.; Schulz, M.D.; Whitesides, G.M.
122015Odd-even effects in charge transport through self-assembled monolayer of alkanethiolatesArgo Nurbawono ; Liu Shuanglong; Nijhuis Christian Albertus ; Zhang Chun 
137-May-2014On the remarkable role of surface topography of the bottom electrodes in blocking leakage currents in molecular diodesYuan, L.; Jiang, L.; Thompson, D.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
142014Quantum plasmon resonances controlled by molecular tunnel junctionsTan, S.F.; Wu, L.; Yang, J.K.W.; Bai, P.; Bosman, M.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
1522-Mar-2012Statistical tools for analyzing measurements of charge transportReus, W.F.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Barber, J.R.; Thuo, M.M.; Tricard, S.; Whitesides, G.M.
162013Surface plasmon damping quantified with an electron nanoprobeBosman, M.; Ye, E.; Tan, S.F.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Yang, J.K.W.; Marty, R.; Mlayah, A.; Arbouet, A.; Girard, C.; Han, M.-Y.
17Feb-2013The role of van der Waals forces in the performance of molecular diodesNerngchamnong, N.; Yuan, L.; Qi, D.-C. ; Li, J.; Thompson, D.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
1826-Jun-2012The SAM, not the electrodes, dominates charge transport in metal-monolayer//Ga 2O 3/gallium-indium eutectic junctionsReus, W.F.; Thuo, M.M.; Shapiro, N.D.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Whitesides, G.M.