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Christian Albertus Nijhuis
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Nijhuis, C.A.
Nijhuis C.A.
Nijhuis, Christian Albertus
Nijhuis Christian Albertus
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Dec-2017A Black Phosphorus Carbide Infrared PhototransistorTan, Wee Chong ; Huang, Li ; Ng, Rui Jie; Wang, Lin ; Hasan, Dihan Md. Nuruddin ; Duffin, Thorin Jake ; Kumar, Karuppannan Senthil ; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
25-Oct-2011A molecular half-wave rectifierNijhuis, C.A. ; Reus, W.F.; Siegel, A.C.; Whitesides, G.M.
322-Mar-2021A Silicon-Based Quantum Mechanical Tunnel Junction for Plasmon Excitation from Low-Energy Electron TunnelingWang Fangwei; LIU YAN ; Thorin Jake Duffin; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; GAO SIPING ; Wenrui Hu; GUO YONGXIN ; CHUA SOO JIN ; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS 
48-Jun-2021A single atom change turns insulating saturated wires into molecular conductorsChen, Xiaoping ; Kretz, Bernhard; Adoah, Francis; Nickle, Cameron; Chi, Xiao ; Yu, Xiaojiang ; del Barco, Enrique; Thompson, Damien; Egger, David A.; Nijhuis, Christian A. 
52016A Single-Level Tunnel Model to Account for Electrical Transport through Single Molecule-and Self-Assembled Monolayer-based JunctionsGarrigues A.R.; Yuan L.; Wang L. ; Mucciolo E.R.; Thompon D.; Del Barco E.; Nijhuis C.A. 
618-May-2018Black Phosphorus Carbide as a Tunable Anisotropic Plasmonic MetasurfaceHuang, Xin ; Cai, Yongqing ; Feng, Xuewei ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Hasan, Dihan Md. Nuruddin ; Chen, Li ; Chen, Nan ; Wang, Lin ; Huang, Li ; Duffin, Thorin Jake ; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Zhang, Yong-Wei ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
72018Bottom-electrode induced defects in self-assembled monolayer (SAM)-based tunnel junctions affect only the SAM resistance, not the contact resistance or SAM capacitanceSangeeth, C.S.S.; Jiang, L. ; Nijhuis, C.A. 
814-Oct-2020Cavity Plasmonics in Tunnel Junctions: Outcoupling and the Role of Surface RoughnessThorin J Duffin; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Andreea Radulescu; LI CHANGJIAN ; Pennycook,Stephen John ; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS 
923-Mar-2020Charge disproportionate molecular redox for discrete memristive and memcapacitive switchingGoswami, Sreetosh ; Rath, Santi P.; Thompson, Damien; Hedstrom, Svante; Annamalai, Meenakshi ; Pramanick, Rajib; Ilic, B. Robert; Sarkar, Soumya ; Hooda, Sonu; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Martin, Jens ; Williams, R. Stanley; Goswami, Sreebrata; Venkatesan, T. 
102016Charge transfer plasmon resonances across silver-molecule-silver junctions: Estimating the terahertz conductance of molecules at near-infrared frequenciesWu, L; Tan, S.F ; Bosman, M ; Yang, J.K.W; Nijhuis, C.A ; Bai, P
112016Chemical control over the energy-level alignment in a two-terminal junctionYuan L.; Franco C.; Crivillers N.; Mas-Torrent M.; Cao L.; Sangeeth C.S.S.; Rovira C.; Veciana J.; Nijhuis C.A. 
128-Dec-2021Coherence Between Different Propagating Surface Plasmon Polariton Modes Excited by Quantum Mechanical Tunnel JunctionsAndreea Radulescu; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Zhe Wang; Nijhuis, C.A. 
135-Jul-2012Comparison of SAM-based junctions with Ga 2O 3/EGaIn top electrodes to other large-area tunneling junctionsNijhuis, C.A. ; Reus, W.F.; Barber, J.R.; Whitesides, G.M.
1427-Dec-2010Control over rectification in supramolecular tunneling junctionsWimbush, K.S.; Reus, W.F.; Van Der Wiel, W.G.; Reinhoudt, D.N.; Whitesides, G.M.; Nijhuis, C.A. ; Velders, A.H.
155-Feb-2014Controlling leakage currents: The role of the binding group and purity of the precursors for self-assembled monolayers in the performance of molecular diodesJiang, L.; Yuan, L.; Cao, L.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
162015Controlling the direction of rectification in a molecular diodeYuan L. ; Nerngchamnong N.; Cao L. ; Hamoudi H.; Del Barco E.; Roemer M. ; Sriramula R.K. ; Thompson D.; Nijhuis C.A. 
172015Defect scaling with contact area in EGaIn-based junctions: Impact on quality, Joule heating, and apparent injection currentJiang Le; Sangeeth C.S.S.; Wan Albert ; Vilan Ayelet; Nijhuis Christian Albertus 
1824-Mar-2014Dependency of the tunneling decay coefficient in molecular tunneling junctions on the topography of the bottom electrodesYuan, L.; Jiang, L.; Zhang, B.; Nijhuis, C.A. 
1911-Jun-2019Directional Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons via Molecular Through-Bond Tunneling across Double-Barrier Tunnel JunctionsWei Du; Yingmei Han; Hongting Hu; Hong-Son Chu; Harshini V. Annadata; Tao Wang ; Nikodem Tomczak ; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS 
2014-Dec-2020Directional launching of surface plasmon polaritons by electrically driven aperiodic groove array reflectorsLIN YUANHAI ; Thanh Xuan Hoang; Hong-Son Chu; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS