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Guo Yongxin
Guo, Yongxin
Guo Y.X.
Guo, Y.X.
Guo Y.
Guo, Y.-X.
Guo, Y.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012135-ghz micromachined on-chip antenna and antenna arrayChu, H.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Lim, T.-G.; Khoo, Y.M.; Shi, X.
220203-D Printed Antenna Subsystem with Dual-Polarization and its Test in System Level for Radiometer ApplicationsWu, L.; Chu, H.; Cao, D.; Peng, S.; Guo, Y. 
320123-to-5GHz 4-channel UWB beamforming transmitter with 1° phase resolution through calibrated vernier delay line in 0.13μm CMOSWang, L. ; Guo, Y.X. ; Lian, Y. ; Heng, C.H. 
417-Feb-201140/50GHz diplexer design in LTCC technologyChu, H.; Guo, Y.X. ; Song, Y.L.; Wang, Z.L.
520095.8GHz circularly polarized rectennas using schottky diode and LTC5535 rectifier for RF energy harvestingChiam, T.M.; Ong, L.C.; Karim, M.F.; Guo, Y.X. 
6201260-GHz AMC-based circularly polarized on-chip antenna using standard 0.18-μ m CMOS technologyBao, X.-Y.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Xiong, Y.-Z.
7201360-Ghz circularly polarized u-slot patch antenna array on LTCCSun, H.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Wang, Z.
8201360-GHz LTCC dielectric resonator antenna arrayGuo, Y.-X. ; Chu, H.
9Mar-201260-GHz LTCC integrated circularly polarized helical antenna arrayLiu, C.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Bao, X.; Xiao, S.-Q.
10201360-GHz LTCC wideband vertical off-center dipole antenna and arraysChu, H.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Wang, Z.
11201360-GHz substrate integrated imaging guide leaky-wave antenna on LTCCCheng, Y.-J.; Guo, Y.-X. 
123-Mar-201160GHz LTCC 3D cavity bandpass filter with two finite transmission zerosChu, H.; Guo, Y.X. ; Shi, X.Q.
13201060GHz unilateralized CMOS differential amplifierBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Brinkhoff, J.; Leong, M.-S. ; Lin, F.
142013A 19.2 > 45 dB gain and high-selectivity 94 GHz LNA in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOSBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Xiong, Y.Z.; Arasu, M.A.; Je, M.
152013A 19.2 > 45 dB gain and high-selectivity 94 GHz LNA in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOSBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Xiong, Y.Z.; Arasu, M.A.; Je, M.
162015A 3-D Millimeter-Wave Filtering Antenna With High Selectivity and Low Cross-PolarizationChu, Hui ; Jin, Chen; Chen, Jianxin; Guo, Yongxin 
172012A 3-D table-based method for non-quasi-static microwave FET devices modelingLong, Y.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Zhong, Z. 
1825-May-2020A 3D-Printed Multibeam Dual Circularly Polarized Luneburg Lens Antenna based on Quasi-Icosahedron Models for Ka-Band Wireless ApplicationsCong Wang; Jie Wu; GUO YONGXIN 
19Nov-2011A 60-GHz 1-V supply band-tunable power amplifier in 65-nm CMOSBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Brinkhoff, J.; Jia, L.; Wang, L.; Xiong, Y.Z.; Leong, M.S. ; Lin, F.
202012A 60-GHz differential on-chip Yagi antenna using 0.18-μm CMOS technologyBao, X.; Guo, Y. ; Hu, S.