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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Mar-2021A Silicon-Based Quantum Mechanical Tunnel Junction for Plasmon Excitation from Low-Energy Electron TunnelingWang Fangwei; LIU YAN ; Thorin Jake Duffin; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; GAO SIPING ; Wenrui Hu; GUO YONGXIN ; CHUA SOO JIN ; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS 
214-Oct-2020Cavity Plasmonics in Tunnel Junctions: Outcoupling and the Role of Surface RoughnessThorin J Duffin; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Andreea Radulescu; LI CHANGJIAN ; Pennycook,Stephen John ; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS 
38-Dec-2021Coherence Between Different Propagating Surface Plasmon Polariton Modes Excited by Quantum Mechanical Tunnel JunctionsAndreea Radulescu; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Zhe Wang; Nijhuis, C.A. 
422-Feb-2020Efficient Surface Plasmon Polariton Excitation and Control over Outcoupling Mechanisms in Metal–Insulator–Metal Tunneling JunctionsKsenia S. Makarenko ; Thanh Xuan Hoang; Thorin J. Duffin ; Andreea Radulescu; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Henri J. Lezec; Hong‐Son Chu; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS 
52021Geometric control over surface plasmon polariton out-coupling pathways in metal-insulator-metal tunnel junctionsAndreea Radulescu; Ksenia S. Makarenko ; Thanh Xuan Hoang; Vijith Kalathingal ; Thorin J. Duffin ; Hong-Son Chu; Christian A. Nijhuis 
612-Nov-2021Geometric Control Over the Edge Diffraction of Electrically Excited Surface Plasmon Polaritons by Tunnel JunctionsAndreea Radulescu; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Nijhuis, C.A. 
78-Oct-2021Optical Anisotropy in van der Waals materials: Impact on Direct Excitation of Plasmons and Photons by Quantum TunnelingZhe Wang ; VIJITH KALATHINGAL ; Thanh Xuan Hoang; Chu Hong Son; Nijhuis, C.A.