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126-Jan-20182D Photovoltaic Devices: Progress and ProspectsWang, Lin ; Huang, Li ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Feng, Xuewei ; Chen, Li; Huang, Xin ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
214-Jan-2020Aerosol Jet Printed WSe2 Crossbar Architecture Device on Kapton With Dual Functionality as Resistive Memory and Photosensor for Flexible System IntegrationLI YIDA ; FENG XUEWEI ; TANG BAOSHAN ; WANG XINGHUA ; Ang Kay Wee ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
39-Nov-2020An electronic synapse based on two dimensional ferroelectric CuInP2S6LI BOCHANG ; Sifan Li; WANG HAN ; Li Chen,; LIU LIANG ; FENG XUEWEI ; LI YESHENG ; CHEN JINGSHENG ; ANG KAH WEE 
422-Apr-2019Artificial Synapses Based on Multiterminal Memtransistors for Neuromorphic ApplicationWang, Lin ; Liao, Wugang ; Wong, Swee Hang; Yu, Zhi Gen; Li, Sifan; Lim, Yee-Fun; Feng, Xuewei ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Huang, Xin ; Chen, Li; Liu, Liang ; Chen, Jingsheng ; Gong, Xiao ; Zhu, Chunxiang ; Liu, Xinke ; Zhang, Yong-Wei ; Chi, Dongzhi; Ang, Koh-Wee
52016Black Phosphorus Based Field Effect Transistors with Simultaneously Achieved Near Ideal Subthreshold Swing and High Hole Mobility at Room TemperatureLiu, X; Ang, K.-W ; Yu, W; He, J; Feng, X ; Liu, Q; Jiang, H; Tang, D; Wen, J; Lu, Y; Liu, W; Cao, P; Han, S; Wu, J; Wang, X; Zhu, D; He, Z
618-May-2018Black Phosphorus Carbide as a Tunable Anisotropic Plasmonic MetasurfaceHuang, Xin ; Cai, Yongqing ; Feng, Xuewei ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Hasan, Dihan Md. Nuruddin ; Chen, Li ; Chen, Nan ; Wang, Lin ; Huang, Li ; Duffin, Thorin Jake ; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Zhang, Yong-Wei ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
72-May-2019Fabry-Perot cavity enhanced light-matter interactions in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructureHuang, Xin ; Feng, Xuewei ; Chen, Li; Wang, Lin ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Huang, Li ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
828-Jun-2018Gigahertz Integrated Circuits Based on Complementary Black Phosphorus TransistorsChen, Li; Li, Si; Feng, Xuewei ; Wang, Lin ; Huang, Xin ; Tee, Benjamin C. -K. ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
92017Impact and Origin of Interface States in MOS Capacitor with Monolayer MoS 2 and HfO 2 High-k DielectricXia, P; Feng, X ; Ng, R.J; Wang, S ; Chi, D; Li, C; He, Z; Liu, X; Ang, K.-W 
1011-Dec-2017Pronounced Photovoltaic Effect in Electrically Tunable Lateral Black-Phosphorus Heterojunction DiodeWANG LIN ; Huang, Li ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Feng, Xuewei ; Chen, Li ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
117-Aug-2018Tunable black phosphorus heterojunction transistors for multifunctional optoelectronicsWANG LIN ; HUANG LI ; TAN WEE CHONG ; FENG XUEWEI ; Chen, Li; ANG KAH WEE