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Zhang, Y.-w.
Yongwei, Z.
Zhang, Y.W.
Zhang, Y.
Zhang, Y.-W.
Zhang Yong Wei


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2009A computational modeling for micropipette-manipulated cell detachment from a substrate mediated by receptor-ligand bindingCheng, Q.H.; Liu, P.; Gao, H.J.; Zhang, Y.W. 
22007A molecular dynamics study of the effect of voids on the deformation behavior of nanocrystalline copperZheng, C.; Zhang, Y.-W. 
3Mar-2010A molecular dynamics study of the mechanical properties of hydrogen functionalized graphenePei, Q.X.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Shenoy, V.B.
4Mar-2010A novel general formulation for singular stress field using the ES-FEM method for the analysis of mixed-mode cracksLiu, G.R. ; Nourbakhshnia, N.; Chen, L. ; Zhang, Y.W. 
5Apr-2011A novel singular ES-FEM method for simulating singular stress fields near the crack tips for linear fracture problemsLiu, G.R. ; Nourbakhshnia, N.; Zhang, Y.W. 
615-Jan-2005A parametric study of a pressurized blister test for an elastic-plastic film-rigid substrate systemHbaieb, K.; Zhang, Y.W. 
715-Nov-2003A three-dimensional concurrent atomistic/continuum analysis of an epitaxially strained islandLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
8Sep-2009A three-dimensional finite element analysis of interface delamination in a ductile film/hard substrate system induced by wedge indentationShe, C.; Zhang, Y.-W. ; Zeng, K.-Y. 
99-Dec-2009Alignment controlled growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes on quartz substratesXiao, J.; Dunham, S.; Liu, P.; Zhang, Y. ; Kocabas, C.; Moh, L.; Huang, Y.; Hwang, K.-C.; Lu, C.; Huang, W.; Rogers, J.A.
101-Apr-2004Analysis of nanoindentation creep for polymeric materialsYang, S.; Zhang, Y.-W. ; Zeng, K.
11Jan-2006Analysis of the oscillatory behavior of double-walled carbon nanotube-based oscillatorsLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
122006Anisotropy effect on heteroepitaxial growth of self-assembled islandsLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
1315-Sep-2005Atomistic simulations of formation and stability of carbon nanoringsLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
1415-May-2006Atomistic simulations of mechanical deformation of high-angle and low-angle nanocrystalline copper at room temperatureZheng, C.; Zhang, Y.W. 
1515-Jul-2004Atomistic simulations of uniaxial tensile behaviors of single-walled carbon nanotubesLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lee, H.P.; Lu, C.
1612-May-2004Boron content dependence of crystallization, glass forming ability and magnetic properties in amorphous Fe-Zr-B-Nb alloysYao, B. ; Zhang, Y. ; Si, L. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
171-Oct-2006Characterization of mechanical properties of polymers by nanoindentation testsZhang, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Zeng, K.Y. ; Shen, L.
182006Characterization of viscoelastic behaviour of a molding compound with application to delamination analysis in IC packagesHu, G.; Tay, A.A.O.; Zhang, Y. ; Zhu, W.; Chew, S.
191-Sep-2004Co dependence of Curie temperature in amorphous Fe-Co-Zr-B-Nb alloys with high glass-forming abilityYao, B. ; Zhang, Y. ; Si, L. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
20Jul-2003Coarsening kinetics of heteroepitaxial islands in nucleationless Stranski-Krastanov growthLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.