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120202D photonic memristor beyond graphene: Progress and prospectsFeng, X.; Liu, X.; Ang, K.-W. 
226-Jan-20182D Photovoltaic Devices: Progress and ProspectsWang, Lin ; Huang, Li ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Feng, Xuewei ; Chen, Li; Huang, Xin ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
321-Dec-2017A Black Phosphorus Carbide Infrared PhototransistorTan, Wee Chong ; Huang, Li ; Ng, Rui Jie; Wang, Lin ; Hasan, Dihan Md. Nuruddin ; Duffin, Thorin Jake ; Kumar, Karuppannan Senthil ; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
42019A Compact Model for 2-D Poly-MoS2 FETs With Resistive Switching in Postsynaptic SimulationWang, L. ; Wang, L.; Ang, K.-W. ; Thean, A.V.-Y. ; Liang, G. 
58-May-2020A van der Waals Synaptic Transistor Based on Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 and 2D Tungsten DisulfideLi Chen ; Lin Wang; Yue Peng; Xuewei Feng ; Soumya Sarkar ; Sifan Li ; Bochang Li ; Liang Liu ; Kaizhen Han ; Xiao Gong ; Jingsheng Chen ; Yan Liu; Genquan Han; Kah Wee Ang 
63-Jan-2017Al-Doped Black Phosphorus p-n Homojunction Diode for High Performance PhotovoltaicLiu, Yuanda ; Cai, Yongqing ; Zhang, Gang ; Zhang, Yong-Wei ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
72017AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors with a low sub-threshold swing on free-standing GaN waferLiu, X; Gu, H; Li, K; Guo, L; Zhu, D; Lu, Y; Wang, J; Kuo, H.-C; Liu, Z ; Liu, W; Chen, L; Fang, J; Ang, K.-W ; Xu, K; Ao, J.-P
87-Nov-2018All-Dielectric Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption-Based Gas Sensor Using Guided ResonanceChang, Yuhua ; Hasan, Dihan ; Dong, Bowei ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Ma, Yiming ; Zhou, Guangya ; Ang, Kah Wee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
91-Jan-2019Aluminum nitride on insulator (AINOI) platform for mid-infrared photonicsDong, Bowei ; Luo, Xianshu; Zhu, Shiyang ; Li, Mo; Hasan, Dihan ; Zhang, Li ; Chua, Soo Jin ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Chang, Yuhua ; Lo, Guo-Qiang; Ang, Kah Wee ; Kwong, Dim-Lee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
109-Nov-2020An electronic synapse based on two dimensional ferroelectric CuInP2S6LI BOCHANG ; Sifan Li; WANG HAN ; Li Chen,; LIU LIANG ; FENG XUEWEI ; LI YESHENG ; CHEN JINGSHENG ; ANG KAH WEE 
1125-Jun-2022Application of Two-Dimensional Materials in Hardware Security for IoT: Progress and PerspectiveHeng Xiang ; Yu-Chieh Chien; Yufei Shi; Kah Wee Ang 
122016Black Phosphorus Based Field Effect Transistors with Simultaneously Achieved Near Ideal Subthreshold Swing and High Hole Mobility at Room TemperatureLiu, X; Ang, K.-W ; Yu, W; He, J; Feng, X ; Liu, Q; Jiang, H; Tang, D; Wen, J; Lu, Y; Liu, W; Cao, P; Han, S; Wu, J; Wang, X; Zhu, D; He, Z
1318-May-2018Black Phosphorus Carbide as a Tunable Anisotropic Plasmonic MetasurfaceHuang, Xin ; Cai, Yongqing ; Feng, Xuewei ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Hasan, Dihan Md. Nuruddin ; Chen, Li ; Chen, Nan ; Wang, Lin ; Huang, Li ; Duffin, Thorin Jake ; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Zhang, Yong-Wei ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
148-Jul-2020Black phosphorus photonics toward on-chip applicationsLi Huang ; Kah-Wee Ang 
152015Black Phosphorus Transistors with Near Band Edge Contact Schottky BarrierLing, Z.-P ; Sakar, S; Mathew, S ; Zhu, J.-T; Gopinadhan, K ; Venkatesan, T ; Ang, K.-W 
1616-Jul-2021Charge Carrier Mobility and Series Resistance Extraction in 2D Field-Effect Transistors: Toward the Universal TechniqueYu-Chieh Chien; Xuewei Feng ; Li Chen ; Kai-Chun Chang; Wee Chong Tan ; Sifan Li ; Li Huang ; Kah Wee Ang 
172007Design and performance analysis of an adaptive receiver for multicarrier DS-CDMAWang, H; Yen, K; Ang, K.W ; Chew, Y.H
1815-Nov-2018Dispersion engineering and thermo-optic tuning in mid-infrared photonic crystal slow light waveguides on silicon-on-insulatorMa, Yiming ; Dong, Bowei ; Li, Bo ; Ang, Kah-Wee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1919-Feb-2023Dynamic Ferroelectric Transistor-based Reservoir Computing for Spatiotemporal Information ProcessingNgoc Thanh Duong ; Yu-Chieh Chien; Heng Xiang ; Sifan Li ; Haofei Zheng; Yufei Shi; Kah Wee Ang 
202-May-2019Fabry-Perot cavity enhanced light-matter interactions in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructureHuang, Xin ; Feng, Xuewei ; Chen, Li; Wang, Lin ; Tan, Wee Chong ; Huang, Li ; Ang, Kah-Wee