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Xuanyao Fong

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11-Jan-2009A Design Methodology and Device/Circuit/Architecture Compatible Simulation Framework for Low-Power Magnetic Quantum Cellular Automata SystemsAugustine, Charles; Behin-Aein, Behtash; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
2Dec-2021A Fokker-Planck Approach for Modeling the Stochastic Phenomena in Magnetic and Resistive Random Access Memory DevicesDas, Debasis ; Fong, Xuanyao 
331-Dec-2013A hybrid spin-charge mixed-mode simulation framework for evaluating STT-MRAM bit-cells utilizing multiferroic tunnel junctionsFong, X ; Roy, K
41-Jan-2016A Low-voltage, Low power STDP Synapse implementation using Domain-Wall Magnets for Spiking Neural NetworksNarasimman, Govind; Roy, Subhrajit; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik; Chang, Chip-Hong; Basu, Arindam
51-Jan-2023A Semi-Supervised Learning Method for Spiking Neural Networks Based on Pseudo-LabelingNguyen, TNN; Veeravalli, B ; Fong, X 
630-Aug-2022A tree search algorithm towards solving Ising formulated combinatorial optimization problemsCen, Yunuo ; Das, Debasis ; Fong, Xuanyao 
72020Aggressive Leakage Current Reduction for Embedded MRAM Using Block-Level Power GatingAnh, Tuan Do; Fong, Xuanyao ; Li, Fei
82022An FPGA-Based Co-Processor for Spiking Neural Networks with On-Chip STDP-Based LearningNguyen, Thao NN ; Veeravalli, Bharadwaj ; Fong, Xuanyao 
91-Jan-2006Analysis of super cut-off transistors for ultralow power digital logic circuitsRaychowdhury, Arijit; Fong, Xuanyao ; Chen, Qikai; Roy, Kaushik
101-Jan-2015Approximate Storage for Energy Efficient Spintronic MemoriesRanjan, Ashish; Venkataramani, Swagath; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik; Raghunathan, Anand
1120-Sep-2023Attack Resilient True Random Number Generators Using Ferroelectric-Enhanced Stochasticity in 2D TransistorChien, Yu-Chieh; Xiang, Heng ; Wang, Jianze; Shi, Yufei; Fong, Xuanyao ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
122023Benchmarking DNN Mapping Methods for the In-Memory Computing AcceleratorsWang, Yimin; Fong, Xuanyao 
1323-Feb-2023Bilayer-Skyrmion-Based Design of Neuron and Synapse for Spiking Neural NetworkDas, Debasis ; Cen, Yunuo ; Wang, Jianze; Fong, Xuanyao 
1415-Oct-2019Bipolar resistive switching and synaptic characteristics modulation at sub-μA current level using novel Ni/SiO<sub>x</sub>/W cross-point structureSamanta, Subhranu ; Gong, Xiao ; Zhang, Panpan ; Han, Kaizhen ; Fong, Xuanyao 
151-Jan-2012Bit-Cell Level Optimization for Non-volatile Memories Using Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and Spin-Transfer Torque SwitchingFong, Xuanyao ; Choday, Sri Harsha; Roy, Kaushik 
161-Feb-2013Complimentary Polarizers STT-MRAM (CPSTT) for On-Chip CachesFong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
17Apr-2013Complimentary Polarizers STT-MRAM (CPSTT) for On-Chip CachesFong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
181-Jun-2016Comprehensive Scaling Analysis of Current Induced Switching in Magnetic Memories Based on In-Plane and Perpendicular AnisotropiesJaiswal, Akhilesh; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
1914-Dec-2018Configurable multifunctional integrated circuits based on carbon nanotube dual-material gate devicesXiang, Li ; Wang, Yuwei; Zhang, Panpan ; Fong, Xuanyao ; Wei, Xianlong; Hu, Youfan
2027-Jul-2021Connection Pruning for Deep Spiking Neural Networks with On-Chip LearningNguyen, TNN ; Veeravalli, B ; Fong, X