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Bharadwaj Veeravalli
Veeravalli, Bharadwaj
Veeravalli, B.
Bharadwaj, V.
Bharadwaj Veeravalli

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120052.40 - 2.48GHz bandpass filter in 0.18μm CMOSYadav, R.C.; Lee, K.S.; Bharadwaj, V. 
218-Jun-20232PCNet: Two-Phase Consistency Training for Day-to-Night Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object DetectionTan, Robby Tantowi ; Kennerley, Mikhail; Wang, Jian-Gang; Veeravalli, Bharadwaj 
32006A co-ordinate based resource allocation strategy for grid environmentsTat, B.K.B.; Veeravalli, B. ; Hung, T.; Wee, S.S.C.
42006A dynamic object allocation and replication algorithm for distributed systems with centralized controlLin, W.J.; Veeravalli, B. 
52010A matrix algorithm for RNA secondary structure predictionKrishnan, S.P.T.; Khurshid, M.J.; Veeravalli, B. 
62007A multi-agent method for streaming quality monitoring and analysis over media gridLi, X.; Jie, W.; Fu, X.; Chan, H.-M.; Ho, Q.-T.; Hung, T.; Ong, D.; Turner, S.J.; Veeravalli, B. 
7Jun-2007A multi-dimensional scheduling scheme in a Grid computing environmentKhoo, B.T.B; Veeravalli, B. ; Hung, T.; Simon See, C.W.
8Apr-2009A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for examination timetablingCheong, C.Y.; Tan, K.C. ; Veeravalli, B. 
9Apr-2009A novel distributed architecture of large-scale multimedia storage system using autonomous object-based storage devicesZeng, Z. ; Veeravalli, B. 
102011A novel security-driven scheduling algorithm for precedence-constrained tasks in heterogeneous distributed systemsTang, X.; Li, K.; Zeng, Z.; Veeravalli, B. 
11Apr-2011A novel server-side proxy caching strategy for large-scale multimedia applicationsZeng, Z. ; Veeravalli, B. ; Li, K.
122005A novel stream partitioning strategy for real-time video delivery in distributed multimedia systemsLi, X.; Veeravalli, B. 
132006A replica-conscious load balancing strategy for large-scale multimedia storage systemsZeng; Veeravalli, B. 
14May-2007A robust spanning tree topology for data collection and dissemination in distributed environmentsEngland, D.; Veeravalli, B. ; Weissman, J.B.
151-Jan-2023A Semi-Supervised Learning Method for Spiking Neural Networks Based on Pseudo-LabelingNguyen, TNN; Veeravalli, B ; Fong, X 
162003A static load balancing algorithm via virtual routingZeng, Z. ; Veeravalli, B. 
17Jun-2007A window-assisted video partitioning strategy for partitioning and caching video streams in distributed multimedia systemsLi, X.; Veeravalli, B. ; Prasanna, V.K.
182004A window-based object allocation and replication algorithm for real-time distributed database systems in mobile computing environmentLin, W.; Veeravalli, B. 
19Nov-2000Access time minimization for distributed multimedia applicationsVeeravalli, B. ; Barlas, G.
20Jul-2007Adaptive load distribution strategies for divisible load processing on resource unaware multilevel tree networksJia, J.; Veeravalli, B. ; Ghose, D.