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11-Jan-2012Bit-Cell Level Optimization for Non-volatile Memories Using Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and Spin-Transfer Torque SwitchingFong, Xuanyao ; Choday, Sri Harsha; Roy, Kaushik 
21-Feb-2013Complimentary Polarizers STT-MRAM (CPSTT) for On-Chip CachesFong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
31-Jun-2016Comprehensive Scaling Analysis of Current Induced Switching in Magnetic Memories Based on In-Plane and Perpendicular AnisotropiesJaiswal, Akhilesh; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
41-Jan-2015Device/Circuit/Architecture Co-Design of Reliable STT-MRAMPajouhi, Zoha; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
51-Feb-2015Domain Wall Coupling-Based STT-MRAM for On-Chip Cache ApplicationsSeo, Yeongkyo; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
620-Aug-2010Dual ferroelectric capacitor architecture and its application to TAG RAMAugustine, C; Fong, X ; Roy, K 
71-May-2013Dual Pillar Spin-Transfer Torque MRAMs for Low Power ApplicationsMojumder, Niladri N; Fong, Xuanyao ; Augustine, Charles; Gupta, Sumeet K; Choday, Harsha; Roy, Kaushik 
81-Jan-2013Energy-Efficient MRAM Access Scheme Using Hybrid Circuits Based on Spin-Torque SensorsSharad, Mrigank; Venkatesan, Rangharajan; Fong, Xuanyao ; Raghunathan, Anand; Roy, Kaushik 
91-Jan-2013Exploring the Design of Ultra-Low Energy Global Interconnects Based on Spin-Torque SwitchesSharad, Mrigank; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik 
105-Oct-2012Exploring variability and reliability of multi-level STT-MRAM cellsPanagopoulos, G; Augustine, C; Fong, X ; Roy, K 
111-Jan-2014Feasibility Study of Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Based Physical Unclonable FunctionsZhang, Le; Fong, Xuanyao ; Chang, Chip-Hong ; Kong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik 
121-Jan-2014Generating True Random Numbers Using On-chip Complementary Polarizer Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Tunnel JunctionsFong, Xuanyao ; Chen, Mei-Chin; Roy, Kaushik 
131-Jan-2014Highly Reliable Memory-based Physical Unclonable Function Using Spin-Transfer Torque MRAMZhang, Le; Fong, Xuanyao ; Chang, Chip-Hong ; Kong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik