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17-Nov-2018All-Dielectric Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption-Based Gas Sensor Using Guided ResonanceChang, Yuhua ; Hasan, Dihan ; Dong, Bowei ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Ma, Yiming ; Zhou, Guangya ; Ang, Kah Wee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
21-Jan-2019Aluminum nitride on insulator (AINOI) platform for mid-infrared photonicsDong, Bowei ; Luo, Xianshu; Zhu, Shiyang ; Li, Mo; Hasan, Dihan ; Zhang, Li ; Chua, Soo Jin ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Chang, Yuhua ; Lo, Guo-Qiang; Ang, Kah Wee ; Kwong, Dim-Lee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
313-May-2019Coexistence of air and dielectric modes in single nanocavitySun, Fujun; Wei, Jingxuan ; Dong, Bowei ; Ma, Yiming ; Chang, Yuhua ; Tian, Huiping; Lee, Chengkuo 
41-Nov-2018Deterministic aperiodic photonic crystal nanobeam supporting adjustable multiple mode-matched resonancesWei, Jingxuan ; Sun, Fujun; Dong, Bowei ; Ma, Yiming ; Chang, Yuhua ; Tian, Huiping; Lee, Chengkuo 
51-Nov-2021Development of triboelectric-enabled tunable Fabry-Pérot photonic-crystal-slab filter towards wearable mid-infrared computational spectrometerChang, Y ; Xu, S ; Dong, B ; Wei, J ; Le, X ; Ma, Y ; Zhou, G ; Lee, C 
61-Jun-2021Heterogeneously Integrated Graphene/Silicon/Halide Waveguide Photodetectors toward Chip-Scale Zero-Bias Long-Wave Infrared Spectroscopic SensingMa, Yiming ; Chang, Yuhua ; Dong, Bowei ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Liu, Weixin ; Lee, Chengkuo 
72020High-Responsivity Mid-Infrared Black Phosphorus Slow Light Waveguide PhotodetectorMa, Yiming ; Dong, Bowei ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Chang, Yuhua ; Huang, Li; Ang, Kah-Wee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
825-Oct-2018Integration of 2D Black Phosphorus Phototransistor and Silicon Photonics Waveguide System Towards Mid-Infrared On-Chip Sensing ApplicationsHUANG LI ; DONG BOWEI ; Guo, Xin; CHANG YUHUA ; CHEN CHI-NAN ; HUANG XIN ; Wang, Hong; LEE CHENGKUO ; ANG KAH WEE 
919-Jul-2019Leveraging of MEMS Technologies for Optical Metamaterials ApplicationsRen, Zhihao ; Chang, Yuhua ; Ma, Yiming ; Shih, Kailing ; Dong, Bowei ; LEE CHENGKUO 
101-Sep-2020Metamaterials - from fundamentals and MEMS tuning mechanisms to applicationsChang, Yuhua ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
111-Nov-2018Mid-Infrared Slow Light Engineering and Tuning in 1-D Grating WaveguideMa, Yiming ; DONG BOWEI ; Li, Bo ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Chang, Yuhua ; Ho, Chong Pei ; LEE CHENGKUO 
1225-Jan-2021Subwavelength-Engineered Suspended Silicon Waveguide for Long-Wave Infrared Sensing ApplicationsLiu, W ; Ma, Y ; Chang, Y ; Dong, B ; Wei, J ; Ren, Z ; Lee, C 
137-May-2021Suspended silicon waveguide platform with subwavelength grating metamaterial cladding for long-wave infrared sensing applicationsLIU WEIXIN ; YIMING MA ; CHANG YUHUA ; DONG BOWEI ; WEI JINGXUAN ; REN ZHIHAO ; LEE CHENGKUO 
148-Jul-2019Thermal annealing study of the mid-infrared aluminum nitride on insulator (AlNOI) photonics platformDong, Bowei ; Luo, Xianshu; Zhu, Shiyang ; Hu, Ting; Li, Mo; Hasan, Dihan ; Zhang, Li ; Chua, Soo Jin ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Chang, Yuhua ; Ma, Yiming ; Vachon, Philippe ; Lo, Guo-Qiang; Ang, Kah Wee ; Kwong, Dim-Lee ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1518-Dec-2019Ultrasensitive Transmissive Infrared Spectroscopy via Loss Engineering of Metallic Nanoantennas for Compact DevicesWEI JINGXUAN ; Li, Ying; CHANG YUHUA ; Hasan, Dihan Md Nuruddin; DONG BOWEI ; MA YIMING ; QIU CHENGWEI ; LEE CHENGKUO 
162-Mar-2020Vernier effect-based tunable mid-infrared sensor using silicon-on-insulator cascaded ringsChang, Yuhua ; Dong, Bowei ; Ma, Yiming ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Ren, Zhihao ; Lee, Chengkuo 
171-Jan-2019Waveguide-Integrated Black Phosphorus Photodetector for Mid-Infrared ApplicationsHuang, Li ; Dong, Bowei ; Guo, Xin ; Chang, Yuhua ; Chen, Nan ; Huang, Xin ; Liao, Wugang ; Zhu, Chunxiang ; Wang, Hong; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
182018Wavelength-flattened directional coupler based mid-infrared chemical sensor using bragg wavelength in subwavelength grating structureDong, B ; Hu, T; Luo, X; Chang, Y ; Guo, X; Wang, H; Kwong, D.-L ; Lo, G.-Q; Lee, C