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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A Bayesian approach to condition monitoring with imperfect inspectionsYe, Zhisheng; Chen, Nan ; Tsui, Kwokleung
21-May-2020A new data-driven transferable remaining useful life prediction approach for bearing under different working conditionsZhu, J ; Chen, N ; Shen, C
31-Dec-2013Adaptive B-spline knot selection using multi-resolution basis setYuan, Y.; Chen, N. ; Zhou, S.
46-Jul-2017Closed-Form Estimators for the Gamma Distribution Derived from Likelihood EquationsZhisheng Ye ; Nan Chen 
51-Sep-2013Condition monitoring and remaining useful life prediction using degradation signals: RevisitedChen, N. ; Tsui, K.L.
62015Condition-based maintenance using the inverse Gaussian degradation modelChen N. ; Ye Z.-S ; Xiang Y.; Zhang L. 
716-May-2015Condition-based maintenance using the inverse Gaussian degradation modelChen, Nan ; Ye, Zhisheng ; Xiang, Yisha; Zhang, Linmiao
88-Jul-2020Conditional Kernel Density Estimation Considering Autocorrelation for Renewable Energy Probabilistic ModelingShi, Yuchen; Chen, Nan 
922-Jun-2018Estimation of bearing remaining useful life based on multiscale convolutional neural networkZHU JUN ; CHEN NAN ; PENG WEIWEN 
102018Graphene Tunable Plasmon-Phonon Coupling in Mid-IR Complementary MetamaterialChen, Nan ; Hasan, Dihan ; Ho, Chong Pei ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1111-Sep-2018Joint Online RUL Prediction for Multivariate Deteriorating SystemsPENG WEIWEN ; YE ZHISHENG ; CHEN NAN 
1223-Oct-2020Large-Scale Datastreams Surveillance via Pattern-Oriented-SamplingHaojie Ren; Changliang Zou; Nan Chen ; Runze Li
135-Jul-2019Modeling and Change Detection for Count-weighted Multi-layer NetworksHang Dong; Nan Chen ; Kaibo Wang
146-Sep-2017Modeling tunnel profile in the presence of coordinate errors: A Gaussian process-based approachChen Zhang; Yong Lei ; Linmiao Zhang ; Nan Chen 
1513-Apr-2017Modelling Regression Quantile Process using Monotone B-splinesYuan Yuan; Nan Chen ; Shiyu Zhou
1625-Dec-2017Optimal Inspection and Replacement Policies for Multi-Unit Systems Subject to DegradationQiuzhuang Sun ; Zhisheng Ye ; Nan Chen 
17Dec-2011Performance analysis of queue length monitoring of M/G/1 systemsChen, N. ; Yuan, Y.; Zhou, S.
1830-Oct-2018Phase-II Monitoring in Multichannel Profile ObservationsHaojie Ren; Nan Chen ; Zhaojun Wang
192016Polarization controllable multispectral symmetry-breaking absorber in mid-infraredChen, Nan ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Ho, Chong Pei ; Hasan, Dihan ; Kropelnicki, Piotr; Alioto, Massimo ; Lee, Chengkuo 
202015Prognostics and health management: A review on data driven approachesTsui K.L.; Chen N. ; Zhou Q.; Hai Y.; Wang W.