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Zhisheng Ye
Ye Z.-S
Ye, Zhisheng
Ye, Zhi-Sheng


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2023A Covariate-regulated Sparse Subspace Learning Model and Its Application to Process Monitoring and Fault IsolationXingchen Liu ; Juan Du; Zhi-sheng Ye 
222-Feb-2018Analysis of Field Return Data With Failed-But-Not-Reported EventsXin Wang; Zhi-sheng Ye ; Yili Hong; Loon Ching Tang 
310-Jun-2019Assessing the Effect of Repair Delays on a Repairable SystemJiaxiang Cai ; Candemir Cigsar; Zhi-sheng Ye 
46-Jul-2017Closed-Form Estimators for the Gamma Distribution Derived from Likelihood EquationsZhisheng Ye ; Nan Chen 
52015Condition-based maintenance using the inverse Gaussian degradation modelChen N. ; Ye Z.-S ; Xiang Y.; Zhang L. 
616-May-2015Condition-based maintenance using the inverse Gaussian degradation modelChen, Nan ; Ye, Zhisheng ; Xiang, Yisha; Zhang, Linmiao
75-Jun-2018Degradation in Common Dynamic EnvironmentsQingqing Zhai ; Zhi-sheng Ye 
83-Jul-2020Design of Customized Two-Dimensional Extended Warranties Considering Use Rate and HeterogeneityXin Wang; Zhi-sheng Ye 
912-Apr-2019Discussion on "Challenges and new methods for designing reliability experiments"Zhi-sheng Ye ; Qiuzhuang Sun
1031-Jan-2017Estimation of Field Reliability Based on Aggregate Lifetime DataPiao Chen ; Zhisheng Ye 
1119-Aug-2020General Path Models for Degradation Data with Multiple Characteristics and CovariatesLu Lu; Bingxing Wang; Yili Hong ; Zhi-sheng Ye 
1217-Jan-2020How Reliable Should Military UAVs Be?Qingqing Zhai; Zhi-sheng Ye 
132015Inference on the Weibull distribution based on record valuesWang, Bing Xing; Ye, Zhi-Sheng 
1416-Nov-2016Interval Estimation for k-out-of-n Load-Sharing SystemsYaonan Kong ; Zhisheng Ye 
1517-Dec-2018Interval Estimation for Wiener Processes Based on Accelerated Degradation Test DataLanqing HONG ; Zhi-sheng Ye ; Josephine Sari
1611-Sep-2018Joint Online RUL Prediction for Multivariate Deteriorating SystemsPENG WEIWEN ; YE ZHISHENG ; CHEN NAN 
171-Nov-2019Managing Component Degradation in Series Systems for Balancing Degradation Through Reallocation and MaintenanceQiuzhuang Sun ; Zhi-sheng Ye ; Xiaoyan Zhu 
188-Dec-2016Minimum Distance Estimation for the Generalized Pareto DistributionPiao Chen ; Zhisheng Ye ; Xingqiu Zhao
1924-Mar-2017Monitoring the Shape Parameter of the Weibull Renewal ProcessCai Wen Zhang; Zhisheng Ye ; Min Xie
2025-Jun-2019Nonparametric Link Functions with Shape Constraints in Stochastic Degradation Processes: Application to Emerging ContaminantsLanqing HONG ; Matthias Hwai-yong Tan; Zhi-sheng Ye