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Loon Ching Tang
Tang, Loon Ching
Tang, L.-C.
Ching Tang, L.
Loon, C.T.
Tang, L.C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2010A Bayesian optimal design for accelerated degradation testsLiu, X. ; Tang, L.-C. 
2Oct-2011A burn-in scheme based on percentiles of the residual lifeYe, Z.S.; Tang, L.C. ; Xie, M. 
3Jan-2006A control scheme for high-yield correlated production under group inspectionTang, L.-C. ; Cheong, W.-T. 
4Apr-2002A CUSUM scheme for autocorrelated observationsAtienza, O.O.; Tang, L.C. ; Ang, B.W. 
5Mar-2011A distribution-based systems reliability model under extreme shocks and natural degradationYe, Z.S.; Tang, L.C. ; Xu, H.Y.
6Mar-2009A graphical approach for confidence limits of optimal preventive maintenance cyclesHalim, T. ; Tang, L.-C. 
71997A graphical approach to obtaining confidence limits of C pkTang, L.C. ; Than, S.E.; Ang, B.W. 
82005A graphical approach to the dual response robust design problemsLam, S.W. ; Tang, L.C. 
9Dec-1997A M/Dx/1 vacation queue model for a signalized intersectionHu, X.N.; Tang, L.C. ; Ong, H.L. 
101989A maintenance model for repairable systemsTang, L.C. ; Olorunniwo, F.O.
111-Feb-2010A Markov model for single-leg air cargo revenue management under a bid-price policyHan, D.L.; Tang, L.C. ; Huang, H.C. 
122009A model for upside-down bathtub-shaped mean residual life and its propertiesShen, Y.; Tang, L.-C. ; Xie, M. 
132011A modified Monte Carlo em algorithm for a three-parameter distributionYe, Z.; Xie, M. ; Shen, Y.; Tang, L.C. 
14Mar-2005A multiple objective framework for planning accelerated life testsTang, L.-C. ; Xu, K. 
15Feb-1997A nonparametric approach for selecting the most reliable populationTang, L.C. 
162014A piecewise constant failure intensity modelTang, L.C. ; Chen, L.P.
172010A reliability modeling framework for the hard disk drive development processTang, L.C. ; Lam, S.W. ; Ng, Q.Y.; Goh, J.S.
18Feb-2009A sequential constant-stress accelerated life testing scheme and its Bayesian inferenceLiu, X. ; Tang, L.-C. 
192002A simple graphical approach for comparing reliability trends of different units in a fleetTang, L.C. ; Xie, M. 
2018-Oct-2005A simple recovery strategy for economic lot scheduling problem: A two-product caseTang, L.C. ; Lee, L.H.