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Qiu C.-W
Qiu, C.-W.
Qiu C.-W.
Qiu, C.W.
Qiu, C.
Qiu, Cheng-Wei
Qiu, Chengwei


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A novel technique for solving em problems of multilayered anisotropic spheres: A modified VWF methodQiu, C.-W. ; Li, L.-W. ; Zouhdi, S.
22010A novel transformation for exploring open cloaksQiu, C.-W. ; Han, T.
3Jul-2009Achieving higher resolution ISAR imaging with limited pulses via compressed samplingZhang, L.; Xing, M.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Li, J.; Bao, Z.
42010Achieving Invisibility of Homogeneous Cylindrically Anisotropic CylindersNi, Y.; Gao, L.; Qiu, C.-W. 
5Aug-2010Adaptive two-step calibration for high-resolution and wide-swath SAR imagingZhang, L.; Xing, M.-D.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Bao, Z.
615-Jan-2011Adaptive waveguide bends with homogeneous, nonmagnetic, and isotropic materialsHan, T.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Tang, X.
72011Affine transformational opticsBarbastathis, G.; Zhang, B.; Xu, H.T.; Gao, H.; Luo, Y.; Sun, H.; Qiu, C.W. ; Han, T.
82012All-dielectric tapered waveguide bender with homogeneous loading, arbitrary bending and simplified geometryHan, T.; Ding, W. ; Qiu, C. ; Tang, X.
9Sep-2010An arbitrarily shaped cloak with nonsingular and homogeneous parameters designed using a twofold transformationHan, T.; Qiu, C. ; Tang, X.
102012Asymmetrically coupled bus with tunable ring resonators for multiple functionalities: Fano resonance, asymmetrical transmission, and wavelength shiftingDing, W.; Qiu, C. 
112009Azimuth preprocessing for monostatic and bistatic spotlight synthetic aperture radar maging based on spectral analysis convolutionZhang, L.; Qiu, C. ; Xing, M.; Bao, Z.
1230-Apr-2007Backward waves in magnetoelectrically chiral media: Propagation, impedance, and negative refractionQiu, C.-W. ; Yao, H.-Y. ; Li, L.-W. ; Zouhdi, S.; Yeo, T.-S. 
132012Bandwidth improvement of microstrip antenna array using dummy EBG pattern on feedlineGujral, M.; Li, J.L.-W.; Yuan, T.; Qiu, C.-W. 
14Aug-2011Birefringence-induced polarization-independent and nearly all-angle transparency through a metallic filmGao, D.L.; Gao, L.; Qiu, C.W. 
1523-Dec-2013Broadband all-dielectric magnifying lens for far-field high-resolution imagingJiang, W.X.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Han, T.C.; Cheng, Q.; Ma, H.F.; Zhang, S.; Cui, T.J.
16Jan-2008Chiral nihility effects on energy flow in chiral materialsQiu, C.-W. ; Burokur, N.; Zouhd, S.; Li, L.-W. 
172015Color generation via subwavelength plasmonic nanostructuresGu Y ; Zhang L ; Yang J.K.W; Yeo S.P ; Qiu C.-W 
182006Computational study of significant semi-infinite integrals in electromagnetic and atomic interactionsQiu, C.-W. ; Li, L.-W. ; Yeo, T.-S. ; Zouhdi, S.
198-Apr-2013Controlling light scattering and polarization by spherical particles with radial anisotropyNi, Y.X.; Gao, L.; Miroshnichenko, A.E.; Qiu, C.W. 
201-Aug-2010Creating rigorous open cloaksHan, T.C.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Tang, X.H.