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Joshua Le-Wei Li
(not current staff)
Li, L.-W.
Li, L.W.
Li, L.
Li, J.L.-W.
Le-Wei, L.
Li, L.-W.J.
Li, Le-Wei


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010130-GHz gain-enhanced SiGe low noise amplifierZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Lim, T.G.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. ; Yuan, X.
220043-D closed-form Green's functions in spatial-domain in LTCC antenna analysisZhang, M. ; Ooi, B.-L. ; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
320103D TSV transformer design for DC-DC/AC-DC converterZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Shi, J.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. ; Yuan, X.
4Apr-2003A broad-band dual-polarized microstrip patch antenna with aperture couplingGao, S. ; Li, L.W. ; Leong, M.S. ; Yeo, T.S. 
519-Apr-2010A broadband and high-gain metamaterial microstrip antennaLi, L.-W. ; Li, Y.-N.; Yeo, T.S. ; Mosig, J.R.; Martin, O.J.F.
62005A compact equivalent circuit model for the SRR structure in metamaterialsWu, M.F.; Meng, F.Y.; Wu, Q.; Wu, J.; Li, L.W. 
7Oct-2007A comparative study of radio wave propagation over the earth due to a vertical electric dipoleFei, T.; Li, L.-W. ; Yeo, T.-S. ; Wang, H.-L.; Wu, Q.
82002A complete set of spatial-domain dyadic Green's function components for cylindrically stratified media in fast computational formSun, J.; Wang, C.-F. ; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
9Feb-2004A coupled efficient and systematic full-wave time-domain macromodeling and circuit simulation method for signal integrity analysis of high-speed interconnectsLi, E.-P. ; Liu, E.-X.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
102010A D-band power amplifier with 30-ghz bandwidth and 4.5-dBm Psat for high-speed communication systemZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Lim, T.-G.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. 
112007A DMTL phase shifter using insulation layer and saw-shaped CPWWu, Q.; Tang, K.; Feng, Z.-R.; Sun, F.-L.; Li, L.-W. 
122001A dual-frequency small microstrip antennaGao, S.C. ; Li, L.W. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Leong, M.S. 
135-Jul-2003A fast analysis of electromagnetic scattering by arbitrarily shaped homogeneous dielectric objectsNie, X.C. ; Li, L.W. ; Yuan, N. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Gan, Y.B. 
14Sep-2003A Fast Analysis of Scattering and Radiation of Large Microstrip Antenna ArraysYuan, N. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Nie, X.-C.; Li, L.W. 
15Mar-2006A fast combined field volume integral equation solution to EM scattering by 3-D dielectric objects of arbitrary permittivity and permeabilityNie, X.-C. ; Yuan, N. ; Li, L.-W. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Yeo, T.S. 
162001A fast full-wave spatial domain analysis of multi-port microstrip structures using closed-form Green's functionLi, J.-Y. ; Li, L.-W. ; Ooi, B.-L. ; Kooi, P.-S. ; Leong, M.-S. 
17Feb-2005A fast volume-surface integral equation solver for scattering from composite conducting-dielectric objectsNie, X.-C. ; Yuan, N. ; Li, L.-W. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Yeo, T.S. 
182007A fully integrated CMOS transmitter for ultra-wideband applicationsYuan, T.; Zheng, Y.; Ang, C.-W.; Li, L.-W. 
19Oct-2009A fully integrated ultra-low power CMOS transmitter module for UWB systemsYuan, T.; Zheng, Y.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
202006A high performance phased antenna array design and analysis using fast algorithmYuan, T.; Li, L.-W. ; Li, J.-Y. ; Yuan, N. ; Leong, M.-S.