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11-Apr-2021Corner-Promoted Focus Enhancement of Light in Conical Holes for Extraordinary Optical TransmissionGoh, SCK; Shiau, LL; Hu, L; Chen, N ; Ren, Z ; Lee, C ; Tan, CS
219-Jul-2019Leveraging of MEMS Technologies for Optical Metamaterials ApplicationsRen, Zhihao ; Chang, Yuhua ; Ma, Yiming ; Shih, Kailing ; Dong, Bowei ; LEE CHENGKUO 
328-Dec-2020Metamaterial technologies for miniaturized infrared spectroscopy: Light sources, sensors, filters, detectors, and integrationWei, Jingxuan ; Ren, Zhihao ; Lee, Chengkuo 
425-Sep-2019MIR plasmonic liquid sensing in nano-metric space driven by capillary forceShin, Kailing ; Ren, Zhihao ; Wang, Chen ; Lee, Chengkuo 
52020Nanometer-Scale Heterogeneous Interfacial Sapphire Wafer Bonding for Enabling Plasmonic-Enhanced Nanofluidic Mid-Infrared SpectroscopyXu, Jikai; Ren, Zhihao ; Dong, Bowei ; Liu, Xinmiao ; Wang, Chenxi; Tian, Yanhong; Lee, Chengkuo 
620-May-2020Recent progress in nanoplasmonics-based integrated optical micro/nano-systemsDong, Bowei ; Ma, Yiming ; Ren, Zhihao ; Lee, Chengkuo 
77-May-2021Suspended silicon waveguide platform with subwavelength grating metamaterial cladding for long-wave infrared sensing applicationsLIU WEIXIN ; YIMING MA ; CHANG YUHUA ; DONG BOWEI ; WEI JINGXUAN ; REN ZHIHAO ; LEE CHENGKUO 
82021Toward Healthcare Diagnoses by Machine-Learning-Enabled Volatile Organic Compound IdentificationZhu, Jianxiong ; Ren, Zhihao ; Lee, Chengkuo 
92-Mar-2020Vernier effect-based tunable mid-infrared sensor using silicon-on-insulator cascaded ringsChang, Yuhua ; Dong, Bowei ; Ma, Yiming ; Wei, Jingxuan ; Ren, Zhihao ; Lee, Chengkuo