Full Name
Qinghua Xu
Xu Qing Hua
Xu, Qing Hua
Xu Q.-H.
Xu, Qing-Hua
Xu, Q.
Xu, Qinghua
Xu, Q.-H.
Xu Qinghua
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2010A graphene oxide-organic dye ionic complex with DNA-sensing and optical-limiting propertiesBalapanuru, J.; Yang, J.-X. ; Xiao, S. ; Bao, Q. ; Jahan, M.; Polavarapu, L. ; Wei, J. ; Xu, Q.-H. ; Loh, K.P. 
26-Jun-2011A photostable near-infrared protein labeling dye for in vivo imagingSamanta, A.; Vendrell, M.; Yun, S.-W.; Guan, Z.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Chang, Y.-T.
32014A sensitive two-photon probe to selectively detect monoamine oxidase B activity in Parkinson's disease modelsLi L.; Zhang C.-W.; Chen G.Y. ; Zhu B. ; Chai C. ; Xu Q.-H. ; Tan E.-K. ; Zhu Q. ; Lim K.-L. ; Yao S.Q. 
42016A simple bodipy-based viscosity probe for imaging of cellular viscosity in live cellsSu, D; Teoh, C.L; Gao, N ; Xu, Q.-H ; Chang, Y.-T 
52009A simple method for large scale synthesis of highly monodisperse gold nanoparticles at room temperature and their electron relaxation propertiesPolavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
62008A single-step synthesis of gold nanochains using an amino acid as a capping agent and characterization of their optical propertiesPolavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
72-Jan-2013A switchable two-photon membrane tracer capable of imaging membrane-associated protein tyrosine phosphatase activitiesLi, L. ; Shen, X.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Yao, S.Q. 
8May-2011Alkylamine capped metal nanoparticle "inks" for printable SERS substrates, electronics and broadband photodetectorsPolavarapu, L. ; Manga, K.K. ; Yu, K.; Ang, P.K. ; Cao, H.D.; Balapanuru, J.; Loh, K.P. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
93-Sep-2012Alloyed (ZnS)x(CuInS2)1-x semiconductor nanorods: Synthesis, bandgap tuning and photocatalytic propertiesYe, C.; Regulacio, M.D.; Lim, S.H.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Han, M.-Y. 
103-Sep-2008Arsenic(II) sulfide quantum dots prepared by a wet process from its bulkWang, J. ; Lin, M.; Zhang, T.; Yan, Y. ; Ho, P.C. ; Xu, Q.-H. ; Kian, P.L. 
1124-Oct-2012Band-selective coupling-induced enhancement of two-photon photoluminescence in gold nanocubes and its application as turn-on fluorescent probes for cysteine and glutathioneGuan, Z.; Li, S.; Cheng, P.B.S.; Zhou, N.; Gao, N.; Xu, Q.-H. 
1228-Jul-2011Bimetallic Au/Ag core-shell nanorods studied by ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy under selective excitationYu, K.; You, G. ; Polavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
13Feb-2011Biocompatible glutathione capped gold clusters as one- and two-photon excitation fluorescence contrast agents for live cells imagingPolavarapu, L. ; Manna, M.; Xu, Q.-H. 
142013Capping-agent-free synthesis of substrate-supported porous icosahedral gold nanoparticlesWu, J.H. ; Guan, Z.; Yang, S.K.; Yuan, P.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Xu, G.Q. 
1515-Dec-2005Charge-carrier relaxation dynamics in highly ordered poly(p-phenylene vinylene): Effects of carrier bimolecular recombination and trappingSoci, C.; Moses, D.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Heeger, A.J.
1613-Aug-2012Chemical interface damping in single gold nanorods and its near elimination by tip-specific functionalizationZijlstra, P.; Paulo, P.M.R.; Yu, K.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Orrit, M.
1712-Mar-2012Colloidal nanocrystals of wurtzite-type Cu 2ZnSnS 4: Facile noninjection synthesis and formation mechanismRegulacio, M.D.; Ye, C.; Lim, S.H.; Bosman, M.; Ye, E.; Chen, S.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Han, M.-Y. 
182019Color routing at the nanoscaleXu, Q.-H. 
192018Controllable deuteration of halogenated compounds by photocatalytic D2O splittingLiu C. ; Chen Z. ; Su C. ; Zhao X. ; Gao Q. ; Ning G.-H. ; Zhu H.; Tang W.; Leng K. ; Fu W. ; Tian B. ; Peng X.; Li J. ; Xu Q.-H. ; Zhou W.; Loh K.P. 
202015Controlled preparation of Au/Ag/SnO<inf>2</inf> core-shell nanoparticles using a photochemical method and applications in LSPR based sensingZhou N. ; Ye C. ; Polavarapu L. ; Xu Q.-H.