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Chen, G.Y.
Chen, G.Y.J
Chen, G.Y.J.
Chen, Yijun
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-2005A proteomic strategy for the identification of caspase-associating proteinsTan, E.L.P. ; Panicker, R.C.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
22014A sensitive two-photon probe to selectively detect monoamine oxidase B activity in Parkinson's disease modelsLi L.; Zhang C.-W.; Chen G.Y. ; Zhu B. ; Chai C. ; Xu Q.-H. ; Tan E.-K. ; Zhu Q. ; Lim K.-L. ; Yao S.Q. 
324-Mar-2003Activity-based fluorescent probes that target phosphatasesZhu, Q. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
44-Feb-2005Activity-based high-throughput screening of enzymes by using a DNA microarrayHu, Y.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
519-Aug-2002Antibody-based fluorescence detection of kinase activity on a peptide arrayLesaicherre, M.-L. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Chen, G.Y.J ; Yao, S.Q. 
62004Application of microarrays in high-throughput enzymatic profilingUttamchandani, M. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Tan, L.-P. ; Yao, S.Q. 
72003Array-based technologies and their applications in proteomics.Chen, G.Y. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Lue, R.Y.; Lesaicherrea, M.L.; Yao, S.Q. 
82017Autocrine hGH stimulates oncogenicity, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell-like behavior in human colorectal carcinomaWang J.-J. ; Chong Q.-Y. ; Sun X.-B.; You M.-L. ; Pandey V. ; Chen Y.-J. ; Zhuang Q.-S. ; Liu D.-X.; Ma L.; Wu Z.-S.; Zhu T.; Lobie P.E. 
915-Feb-2012Cell-based proteome profiling of potential Dasatinib targets by use of affinity-based probesShi, H.; Zhang, C.-J.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
107-Dec-2003Cell-permeable small molecule probes for site-specific labeling of proteinsYeo, D.S.Y.; Srinivasan, R.; Uttamchandani, M. ; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Zhu, Q. ; Yao, S.Q. 
114-Oct-2011Chemical modification and organelle-specific localization of Orlistat-like natural-product-based probesYang, P.-Y.; Liu, K.; Zhang, C.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Shen, Y. ; Ngai, M.H. ; Lear, M.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
12Sep-2003Combinatorial peptide microarrays for the rapid determination of kinase specificityUttamchandani, M. ; Chan, E.W.S.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
1319-Jan-2004Design and synthesis of fluorogenic substrates that target protein phosphatasesZhu, Q. ; Huang, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
1412-Aug-2013Design and synthesis of minimalist terminal alkyne-containing diazirine photo-crosslinkers and their incorporation into kinase inhibitors for cell- and tissue-based proteome profilingLi, Z.; Hao, P.; Li, L. ; Tan, C.Y.J.; Cheng, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Sze, S.K.; Shen, H.-M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
154-Apr-2003Developing a strategy for activity-based detection of enzymes in a protein microarrayChen, G.Y.J. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Zhu, Q. ; Wang, G.; Yao, S.Q. 
1619-Aug-2002Developing site-specific immobilization strategies of peptides in a microarrayLesaicherre, M.-L. ; Uttamchandani, M. ; Chen, G.Y.J ; Yao, S.Q. 
174-Oct-2004Expanded utility of the native chemical ligation reactionYeo, D.S.Y.; Srinivasan, R.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
186-Dec-2004Expanding the scope of site-specific protein biotinylation strategies using small moleculesTan, L.-P. ; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
1920-Dec-2004Improving the intein-mediated, site-specific protein biotinylation strategies both in vitro and in vivoTan, L.-P. ; Lue, R.Y.P.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Yao, S.Q. 
2030-Dec-2004Intein-mediated attachment of ligands to proteins for immobilization onto a supportLESAICHERRE, MARIE-LAURE ; LUE, YEE PENG RINA ; UTTAMCHANDANI, MAHESH ; CHEN, Y.J. GRACE ; YAO, SHAO QIN