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Polavarapu, Lakshminarayana
Polavarapu L.
Polavarapu, L.


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13-Sep-2010A graphene oxide-organic dye ionic complex with DNA-sensing and optical-limiting propertiesBalapanuru, J.; Yang, J.-X. ; Xiao, S. ; Bao, Q. ; Jahan, M.; Polavarapu, L. ; Wei, J. ; Xu, Q.-H. ; Loh, K.P. 
22009A simple method for large scale synthesis of highly monodisperse gold nanoparticles at room temperature and their electron relaxation propertiesPolavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
32008A single-step synthesis of gold nanochains using an amino acid as a capping agent and characterization of their optical propertiesPolavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
4May-2011Alkylamine capped metal nanoparticle "inks" for printable SERS substrates, electronics and broadband photodetectorsPolavarapu, L. ; Manga, K.K. ; Yu, K.; Ang, P.K. ; Cao, H.D.; Balapanuru, J.; Loh, K.P. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
528-Jul-2011Bimetallic Au/Ag core-shell nanorods studied by ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy under selective excitationYu, K.; You, G. ; Polavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
6Feb-2011Biocompatible glutathione capped gold clusters as one- and two-photon excitation fluorescence contrast agents for live cells imagingPolavarapu, L. ; Manna, M.; Xu, Q.-H. 
72015Controlled preparation of Au/Ag/SnO<inf>2</inf> core-shell nanoparticles using a photochemical method and applications in LSPR based sensingZhou N. ; Ye C. ; Polavarapu L. ; Xu Q.-H. 
86-Dec-2010Enhanced nonlinear optical responses in donor-acceptor ionic complexes via photo induced energy transferMamidala, V.; Polavarapu, L. ; Balapanuru, J.; Loh, K.P. ; Xu, Q.-H. ; Ji, W. 
910-Jan-2012Enhanced optical properties of graphene oxide-Au nanocrystal compositesLee, Y.H.; Polavarapu, L. ; Gao, N.; Yuan, P.; Xu, Q.-H. 
107-Dec-2010Enhanced two-photon emission in coupled metal nanoparticles induced by conjugated polymersGuan, Z.; Polavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
1128-Apr-2011Excitation wavelength and fluence dependent femtosecond transient absorption studies on electron dynamics of gold nanorodsYu, K.; Polavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
1215-Mar-2012Graphene oxides as tunable broadband nonlinear optical materials for femtosecond laser pulsesJiang, X.-F.; Polavarapu, L. ; Neo, S.T.; Venkatesan, T. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
139-Jan-2012Huge enhancement of optical nonlinearities in coupled Au and Ag nanoparticles induced by conjugated polymersPolavarapu, L. ; Mamidala, V.; Guan, Z.; Ji, W. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
142015Mesoporous SnO2-coated metal nanoparticles with enhanced catalytic efficiencyZhou, Na ; Polavarapu, Lakshminarayana ; Wang, Qing ; Xu, Qing Hua 
15Mar-2011Monolayer graphene as a saturable absorber in a mode-locked laserBao, Q. ; Zhang, H.; Ni, Z.; Wang, Y. ; Polavarapu, L. ; Shen, Z.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Tang, D.; Loh, K.P. 
162009Nonlinear optical switching behavior of Au nanocubes and nano-octahedra investigated by femtosecond Z -scan measurementsLee, Y.H.; Yan, Y. ; Polavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
1723-Feb-2011One-pot synthesis of Cu1.94S-CdS and Cu1.94S-Zn xCd1-xS nanodisk heterostructuresRegulacio, M.D.; Ye, C.; Lim, S.H.; Bosman, M.; Polavarapu, L. ; Koh, W.L.; Zhang, J.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Han, M.-Y. 
182008Optical limiting properties of silver nanoprismsPolavarapu, L. ; Xu, Q.-H. ; Dhoni, M.S.; Ji, W. 
1928-Oct-2009Optical-limiting properties of oleylamine-capped gold nanoparticles for both femtosecond and nanosecond laser pulsesPolavarapu, L. ; Venkatram, N. ; Ji, W. ; Xu, Q.-H. 
2021-Aug-2012Plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic properties of Cu 2O nanowire-Au nanoparticle assembliesPan, Y.; Deng, S. ; Polavarapu, L. ; Gao, N.; Yuan, P.; Sow, C.H. ; Xu, Q.-H.