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Srikanta Sahu
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Srikanta Sahu
Sahu, Srikanta
Srikanta, Sahu
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Oct-2015Chemical Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Aβ OligomersTeoh, Chai Lean ; Su, Dongdong ; Srikanta, Sahu ; Yun, Seok Wook; Drummond, Eleanor; Prelli, Frances C.; Lim, Sulgi; Cho, Sunhee; Ham, Sihyun; Wiśniewski, Thomas M.; Chang, Young-Tae 
21-Dec-2014Dark to light! A new strategy for large Stokes shift dyes: coupling of dark donor with tunable high quantum yield acceptorsSu, Dongdong; Oh, Juwon; Lee, Sung-Chan; Lim, Jong Min; Srikanta Sahu ; Xu, Xiaotong; Chang, Young Tae 
313-Jan-2016Detection of pathogenic biofilms with bacterial amyloid targeting fluorescent probe, CDy11Kim, Jun Young ; Srikanta, Sahu ; Yau, Yin-Hoe; Wang, Xu ; Schochat, Susana Geifman; Nielsen, Per Halkjær Alkjaer; Dueholm, Morten Simonsen; Otzen, Daniel Erik Rik; Lee, Jungyeol ; Delos Santos, May Margarette Salido; Yam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Kang, Nam-Young ; Park, Sung Jin ; Kwon, Haw Young ; Seviour, Thomas William; Yang, Liang; Givskov, Michael C.; Chang, Young-Tae 
4Mar-2015Synthesis and systematic evaluation of dark resonance energy transfer (DRET)-based library and its application in cell imagingSu, Dongdong; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Kang, Nam-Young ; Yu, Xiaotong; Srikanta Sahu ; Chang, Young Tae 
52015The small molecule probe PT-Yellow labels the renal proximal tubules in zebrafishSander V.; Patke S.; Sahu, Srikanta ; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Peng Z.; Chang, Young-Tae ; Davidson A.J.